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2015 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo Overview

BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo Reliability

Year Make/Model Repair Trips Per 100 Cars Compared to all models for the same year    
2015 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo 22
30.9523809524% 30.9523809524% Fewest Trips Most Trips
see reported repairs
  82 3-Series Gran Turismos, 9.3 months of data per 3-Series Gran Turismo, average 12600 miles

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TrueDelta Reviews the Gas Mileage of the 2015 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo

2015 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo Gas Mileage: Neutral
2014 When you consider that these cars weigh over two tons and have 300-plus-horsepower engines driving through all four wheels, their middling fuel economy ratings--20 mpg city, 30 mpg highway for the BMW, 21/29 for the Mercedes--are actually quite impressive. The real-world trip computer averages weren't quite as good as the EPA ratings. In suburban driving with some traffic, the trip computer reported averages as low as 17. But with a light foot and no traffic it reported as high as 26, and low 20s were typical. Cruising on a 70-mph highway with the tach indicating 2,000 rpm the average barely topped 30. All of these readings were recorded with the outside temperature well below freezing. In warmer weather they would have been a least a couple mpg higher. The 328i Gran Turismo earns better ratings, 22/33. In my experience the fuel economy difference between BMW's four and BMW's six is larger than these ratings suggest. If fuel economy is a top priority, get the 328i rather than the 335i. Either engine is equipped with a defeatable automatic start / stop system that cuts off the engine when stopped at a light, then restarts it when you lift off the brake. This system operates much more smoothly in the 2014s than it did in the 2012s. full 2014 BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo review
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