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2015 BMW X5 Overview

TrueDelta Reviews the Gas Mileage of the 2015 BMW X5

2015 BMW X5 Gas Mileage: Neutral
2014 With either of the six-cylinder engines, fuel economy would be among the reasons to buy an X5. Even with the V8 real-world fuel economy isn't abysmal. It helps that BMW reduced the X5's curb weight by about 170 pounds with the 2014 redesign. The V8 manages EPA ratings of 14 mpg city, 22 mpg highway, the latter an improvement of 2 mpg over the 2013. The V8 Range Rover Sport matches the X5 in the city, but lags behind on the highway, with 19 mpg. In my suburban driving the BMW X5's trip computer typically reported averages in the high teens, but barely topped 20 a couple of times. Bad for a car, but not too shabby for a heavy, powerful SUV. If you're really interested in fuel economy, though, the six-cylinder xDrive35i now rates 18/27 (19/27 with newly available rear-wheel-drive), well above the 2013's 16/23 and the V6 Range Rover Sport's 17/23. (I observed averages into the mid-teens in the Land Rover, but strongly suspect that the trip computer's figures were 10-15 percent high.) The xDrive35d's diesel engine scores even better, 23/31. The same engine in a rear-wheel-drive 535d sedan proved to be both powerful and highly efficient, with observed suburban averages as high as 50. full 2014 BMW X5 review
2014 With an as-tested price of $88,475, the BMW X5 xDrive50i isn't cheap. But it is considerably less expensive than a similarly equipped Range Rover Sport Supercharged. To begin with, a few pricey options (the $1,550 active steering, a $2,600 night vision system, and a head-up display included in a package) aren't even offered on the Land Rover. Option the two as similarly as possible, and the BMW lists for $8,590 less. Adjust for remaining feature differences and the X5's advantage remains over $7,000. Stepping down to the six-cylinder engines cuts the price by over $9,000 in both cases, leaving the difference between them about the same. full 2014 BMW X5 review
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Questions about the BMW X5

  1 response   is there really many issues with bmw x5?
2014 - 2017 BMW X5

Hi All,

I love BMW 5 series and am looking at buying a used 2014 or 2015 X5. However, I read many sites that blast BMW quality, reliability, and durability. This site indicates there is an issue with the engine.

So, my question is are there really...

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