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2015 BMW i8 Overview

TrueDelta Reviews the Gas Mileage of the 2015 BMW i8

2015 BMW i8 Gas Mileage: Neutral
2014 For a hybrid to have cred, it must have very good fuel economy. Compared to conventional sports cars with similar performance, the BMW i8 rates well. When running entirely off the battery pack, the i8 rates 76 MPGe (the e for "equivalent") in the EPA's tests. The ELR rates a little better, 82, but they're in the same ballpark. When relying on gasoline, the i8 manages 28 mpg, the ELR 33. A bit of a gap, but the BMW is far more powerful. The gap widens with range on electricity. Because the i8's battery pack is less than half the size of the ELR's, it can power the car less than half as far, 15 vs. 37 miles. The largest challenge to the i8 comes from the 691-horsepower Tesla P85D, with an EPA-rated 93 MPGe and 253-mile all-electric range. full 2014 BMW i8 review
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