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2015 Mini Clubman Overview

TrueDelta Reviews the Reliability And Durability of the 2015 Mini Clubman

2015 Mini Clubman Reliability And Durability: Cons
2016 The second-generation Mini Clubman only reached dealers late in the 2016 model year, so we don't yet have any reliability data on it. The 2014-2015 Hardtop, which uses the same engines and transmissions and many of the same components, has been considerably worse than average in our reliability survey. The 2015 Volkswagen Golf with the 1.8T engine was worse than the Mini earlier, but has improved. The 2016 is still worse than the Mini. Either is much more of a reliability gamble than a Honda or Toyota. Many owners will have few or even no problems. But, if earlier Mini generations are any indication, some owners will experience horror stories. full 2016 Mini Clubman review

TrueDelta Reviews the Gas Mileage of the 2015 Mini Clubman

2015 Mini Clubman Gas Mileage: Pros
2016 EPA ratings for the two cars are nearly identical. When fitted with manual transmissions, the Mini is rated 25/34, the Volkswagen 25/35. With automatics, each does the same in the city and one mpg lower on the highway. I tended to see slightly higher trip computer averages in the Mini, but I never observed the 40 I managed on one suburban trip in the tested VW (which had an automatic transmission). Still, the Clubman (which had a manual transmission) did achieve 38 mpg on both a suburban drive to and from the library and on a highway run from the airport. Even when I drove the Clubman in a spirited fashion the trip computer average remained above 30, while the Golf SportWagen's average tended to dip below that mark when pressed. The lesser payoff from revving the Mini's engine (more about this later) could have played a role. full 2016 Mini Clubman review
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