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Questions with Acura RSX Recommendations

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  10 responses   Keep the Protege5, get an RX-8, or neither?
Ten-Year Veteran

About five years ago I briefly considered getting a Honda S2000, then a Mazda RX-8. My father then bought one of the latter. We figured that once he tired of it, I'd take it off his hands.

It took much longer than he expected, but he has now tired...
  5 responses   Safe, reliable, inexpensive, first car

I've been looking at the standards: accord, camry, jetta, s80. My yearly expenses for transit with bus and uber is about $6,000. I want to find something that will pay for itself in under 3 years. My wife will be learning to drive in this car so safety is number...
  4 responses   Responsible but fun toy

Want a fun car that is able to get up and go but is still modest on fuel consumption and can transport young children to school in a bind.
  3 responses   sporty, fuel effecient car under 20k for college

My 1991 Honda Accord coupe is breaking down on me and i am about to start college so I am looking into a new car. I will be driving alot so i need something that is reliable and fuel effecient; however, I am someone who has to have a car...

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