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Chevrolet Volt Most Common Problems

charge port door mechanism / actuator / motor
charge port (EV battery pack)
onboard battery pack charging system / module (EV, PHEV)
auxiliary coolant pump, for cabin heat
CV joint / axle / half shaft
audio / nav / infotainment control panel or head unit
battery pack charging cord (EV, PHEV)
door handle hands-free / proximity key sensor or button
window regulator, unspecified
axle nut
2   4   6   8   10   12   14   16   18   20  
Chart is based on 455 vehicles in TrueDelta's reliability survey.
These are the problems owners most commonly reported on TrueDelta's Car Reliability Survey. Usually when people say "they all have this problem," the problem in question actually affects between 10 percent and 20 percent of all cars. We aren't counting wear items like brake pads and rotors that truly do require periodic replacement on all cars.

What Our Members Are Saying about the Materials And Workmanship of the 2019 Chevrolet Volt

2019 Chevrolet Volt Materials And Workmanship: Cons
2017 4dr Hatch 149-horsepower Plug-in Hybrid
Minor inconsistencies in the finish paint. More annoyance than embarrassment. To Chevy's credit, when I completed the new car buyer's online satisfaction survey and mentioned the paint, I received a call from a very professional customer satisfaction rep within 5 days. I declined any warranty work on the paint job; don't want to invite future paint failures due to aftermarket paint touchups. Love the touch screen controls and optional leather seats, but the rest of the features and materials are pretty basic. Trunk cover is cloth with elastic hooks, no garage door opener, no rear window wiper, etc. Little things like that. full 2017 Chevrolet Volt review
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