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2011 Chrysler 300 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by ret

A member in Ontario, Canada


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Reviewed: 2011 Chrysler 300

4dr Sedan 292-horsepower 3.6L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

Why the 2011 Chrysler 300?

Powertrain performance

The 3.6 Pentastar engine in this car is probably the most surprising performance engine I have driven considering the weight and size of the 300. Looking for a 300 and unsure what engine to get? The 3.6 choice will not be regretted.

Fuel economy

I am light footed when it comes to driving and this car with the 3.6 will return very favourable fuel economy when treated as such. This car had 500 km when I purchased it and now has 1800 km and highway mileage is consistently at 7.3 L/100Km.

Interior styling

I test drove just about everything out there in the $40000 range and the 300 dashboard and the leather interior impressed me the most.


This car has more carpet (noise deadening material) attached to its wheel wells and under body than I have in my house. The only thing you hear is the tires striking the cracks in the road.

Driving position & visibility

I was a little concerned about visibility in this car coming from an suv and van but I quickly found my concerns gone.

Why Not the 2011 Chrysler 300?

Warranty, maintenance cost

I just wish Chrysler would compete with GM warranty.

Controls and instruments

Changing a rear tail light bulb is going to be a bugger on this one. I had a trailer hitch installed and observed how the installer got into the light section. Oh oh mechanic.

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