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Questions with Kia Sedona Recommendations

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  9 responses   Family vehicle, no minivans

I need something large enough to fit a growing family, and occasionally to fit adults in the back. Safety and reliability are important, though I'd also like to find something that's relatively fun to drive, if possible. Nothing too big or high off the ground. Low profile is good. The...
  5 responses   Family SUV for those who like to have fun; Good for daily commute, long trips, golf trips, and snow trips.

Have looked at the 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L, 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited, and 2015 Dodge Durango Limited and each has its highs/lows. We are a fairly tall family with both adults over 6ft and the kids (no car seats necessary) seem to be heading that way. We golf, ski, andtake...
  6 responses   Fuel efficient family hauler, fast

I am looking for a wagon or an SUV. I am willing to pay around 12k for it. I want to be able to fit about a 7' item with the seats folded down.

I want to be able to use it for daily driving duty so it has...
  2 responses   new minivan to replace current town & country

room for the kids
  1 response   Replacement car, Chrysler Van for my reliable caravan

I want a Town and Country , Voyager or Caravan with the compass in roof, air, heat, CD Cassete probably 1996 to 2006. 3.3 Flexfuel would be desirable but I can do any of the engine types. I would be concerned with high miles on the four cylinder however. I'm...
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  1 response   Go Big or be Flexible

We currently have an 02 Chevy Suburban LS for our family car. The old girl has about 190k miles and she's been great over the years. We are looking to add a third car to our family and anticipate the 02's imminent passing in the next year or two. We...

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