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Questions with Nissan Rogue Recommendations

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  9 responses   Family vehicle, no minivans

I need something large enough to fit a growing family, and occasionally to fit adults in the back. Safety and reliability are important, though I'd also like to find something that's relatively fun to drive, if possible. Nothing too big or high off the ground. Low profile is good. The...
  6 responses   New SUV - reliable but with a few more modern touches

I currently have a Honda CR-V ('09-EX model with about 140k miles). Can't lease, need to buy as I drivearound 18-20K miles a year. Looking into the following (in no particular order - all 2016 models):
  1. Honda CR-V
  2. Mazda CX-5
  3. Hyundai Tucson
  4. Toyota RAV4 (hybrid?)
  5. Subaru Forester
I like the CRV style and I'm...
  4 responses   Wife wants a new Nissan Juke

My wife would really like a new car to replace her older Honda Accord. She thinks the Jukes are really cute, and that's what she would like. I also like the looks, kind of a mini Murano. (We own a Murano and are very happy with it).

She's interested...
  4 responses   Fuel efficient family vehicle with some testosterone

I currently have two vehicles; a 2003 Saturn Vue and and 2007 Ion. I love the versatility of the Vue, so I want to stay in that segment. The vehicle will be used as my daily driver, but also to take road trips for work and play. I'd like something...
  3 responses   Comfortable,safe fuel-efficient hauler for senior driving.

My wife is 4feet11 and the kia rondo, was perfect to get in and out We are looking for somthing similar ,sowe also can take a lot of thing ,when we travelling,but the Rondo was not easy on gas..
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  3 responses   comfortable car for my mid-life crisis

Dodge Journey 2016 AWD with 3.6L 6 speed automatic transmission
  3 responses   Fuel efficiency reliability

quiet smoothly reliable fuel efficiency

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