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2007 Saturn AURA repairs by problem area

Engine (19%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (6%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (25%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (25%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (11%)

Other (10%)

Chart based on 702 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2007 Saturn AURA.

2007 Saturn AURA engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (7%)

$500 - $999 (11%)

$100 - $499 (25%)

< $100 (57%)

Chart based on 100 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2007 Saturn AURA

Engine not specified

85000 mi

US $395
check engine light tuned out to be bad gas cap, also performed 90,000 mile maintenace.  

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2007 Saturn AURA 4dr Sedan

252-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

64000 mi

US $100
TCS light back on so had to replace cylinder head. Day after catalytic converter went bad. 
50000 mi

US $200
Needed injectors cleaned 
32000 mi check computer for delay in shifting 
59200 mi

US $850
Bad solenoid switch for emission control canister 
7000 mi check engine light on - replaced cam shaft senser, cam shaft actuater, turned out to be cam shaft senser rubbing against engine block and shorting out 
93400 mi

US $750
Had to replace waterpump 
64000 mi CEL on. Diagnosed as vacuum problem in fuel system. Fuel pump above tank had to be replaced. Done under 5/100000 warranty by GM dealer (Steve Moore Chev - Charlotte, NC). 
69000 mi Failed exhaust valve in cylinder # 6. 
7000 mi Service traction light came on a couple of times. Turned out to be a faulty sensor. 
11000 mi "Service traction" light came on again. It was originally "fixed" in April and was fine for a few of months. Problem took 4 days to fix. Picked up the car on a Thursday and problem came back on the following Sunday. Scheduled another appointment. 
32000 mi Emission leak caused by faulty fuel cap. 
74000 mi Water pump leak. 
12000 mi Gear "hunting" by transmission - fixed with TCM reflash per dealer. Had to specially request this be investigated and mention the availability of a reflash. 
78000 mi

US $2295
Timing chain was stretched and off by 4 teeth. Severe timing delay had occurred and engine was on the brink of being destroyed. 
1686 mi The transmission shifted hard at low speeds. The dealership reprogrammed the transmission control module (TCM) and now the transmission works just fine. 
28000 mi Said sulfer in gas, try to use other brands of gas. Light came on the two more times CAT Converter for emissions ordered 
31000 mi Cylinder #2 misfire code causing a check engine light. Engine had a dead miss in cylinder #2. The dealer discovered a crack in the rear cylinder head. Entire cylinder head was replaced with a new complete head from GM. 
146000 mi

US $109
Stretched timing chains (2) 
63240 mi

C $200
water pump leaking 
145000 mi

US $520
Replaced oxygen sensor bank 2. Light is still on, probably another sensor. 
138000 mi

US $500
Replaced resonator had a hole in it oil pressure sender switch 
3000 mi Transmission control reflashed due to hard shifting under warranty. 
49000 mi

US $180
ESC module wire grounded (chafed wire located by center console) causing transmission downshift to low gear on highway (yea, that was fun). 
96300 mi Fuel Pump 
12000 mi Ticking engine. 
29140 mi Car bought back. Recurring problems included erratic idle, strange noises in cold temps on start up, and brake problems. 
59000 mi

US $1480
Engine service light would not reset. Software update did not solve. Timing chains stretched, all replaced. Chain guides replaced as well, slight wear. 
29000 mi Transmission shift delays. reflashed with curent software 
2000 mi Chip set for transmission was retimed 
82000 mi

US $250
Emissions issue - fuel tank pressure sensor needed to be replaced. 
2000 mi needed new rings and valves 
47000 mi Car overheated due to being low on coolant. Repair shop pressure tested system and could not find a leak. They refilled coolant and problem did not return for about a month. Dealer replace water pump under the Powertrain Warranty. 
78800 mi

US $100
Leaking oil due to a seal. 
155000 mi

US $450
Radiator hoses replaced. 
9000 mi Transmission computer software needed upgrade 
8000 mi The passenger seat belt indicator light does not reset to the off position when the passenger leaves the vehicle. 
53320 mi

C $1900
timing chain stretch causing the car to throw code p0017 
97960 mi

C $384
Engine Light Remains On. Scan for codes and found Purge Solenoid Sticking. Remove and replace Purge Solenoid During visit dealer identified PCM calibration required 
108880 mi

C $1400
Vehicle kept stalling and eventually stopped. Diagnosed as inoperable fuel pump. Fuel Pump module replaced 
3100 mi Serious transmission latency issues between gear shifts. At times it will several seconds hunting for the next gear and seems confused. Was told it was normal and not an issue and no TSB was available to reflash TCM. 
60000 mi Computers and sensors - engine, transmission, and drivetrain, repair 
101000 mi

US $704
Replaced bank one rear convertor. Replaced worn timing chains per bulletin 07-06-01-014. J0820 Camshaft timing chain replacement. 
74000 mi Check Engine Light diagnosis of Catalytic Converter Failure. New part ordered (80,000 mile warranty on the part). Excessive Carbon Buildup in fuel injector assembly. Part Cleaned. Catalytic Converter replaced under warranty, but Oxygen sensor damaged during the repair. Oxygen Sensor damaged while replacing catalytic converter. Part was ordered. Oxygen Sensor replaced; Check Engine Light no longer "on". 
106700 mi

US $489
CEL Lit: Fault Code P0442, Evap System Small Leak. Replaced Gas Cap before taking to dealer: CEL still on Dealer found Evap Canister Vent Valve stuck open. Fix was to replace the valve. Part=$30, Labor=$280 Also turned front Rotors ($120) 
38000 mi Cylinder chamber scored. Replaced cylinder housing. 
3000 mi Also had check rough idle... said idle was rough but nothing they could do. it was normal on 3.6 liter engine 
8 mi Sales dept notes service engine soon light is on. Read codes P0060, P0056, Replaced O2 sensor and bank 1 sensor 2. Battery will not hold a charge, replaced battery. 
20000 mi Transmission Module Re-Programming 
19000 mi Another "ServiceTraction" code as well as "Service Engine Soon" light during low speed driving. Engine misses and chugs, hesitates and almost stalls. Runs rough and has no acceleration. Third time, same problem. 
20000 mi 4th trip in for Service Traction/Engine light. Engine hesitates, loses power, and then light comes on. This time the engine was pulled and disassembled. The cam shaft and front cylinder head had too much play. Replaced front head, seals, bolts. Recalled. 
75000 mi

US $550
Water pump and hoses replaced due to failure of water pump seals. Coolant and power steering flush. 
1000 mi Car has rough idle. Dealer says it isnt on all models but it wont hurt anything. It idles like a Harley. 
54000 mi Check engine light. Cleared it. 
98000 mi

US $1500
Spark plugs, cooling fan and coolant replaced 
111000 mi

US $600
Replaced Bank 1 catalytic converter and O2 sensors 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4dr Sedan

224-horsepower 3.5L V6 4-speed automatic FWD

167000 mi 2 Recalls - One was fixed the other... I sold before I ever heard if the parts came in. Also repaired broken water pump. Did not repair: Catalytic Converter 
80000 mi Oil leaks Water pump leaking coolant 
69900 mi

US $42
Coolant reservoir was dripping fluid at a slow but steady rate, probably due to a very small crack, although I was unable to see it even after removing the tank. 
72800 mi

US $127
Oil filter adapter gasket leaking. 
91000 mi

US $66
Coolant was being lost fairly rapidly, accompanied by the sound of fluid flowing and sloshing around while driving. Radiator cap was found to not be maintaining pressure. Replaced radiator cap. 
92000 mi

US $57
Coolant reservoir inlet gasket cracked and was leaking. Replaced gasket. 
99000 mi

US $334
Coolant pressure cap was not maintaining pressure, causing coolant to be ejected from the overflow bottle. Pressure tested and found the cap to be defective. Replaced with OEM cap purchased at the dealer. Plastic T-connector in the cooling system cracked during an uphill drive on a hot day, resulting in total loss of coolant. Towed to dealership, replaced T-connector, refilled coolant. 
100000 mi

US $1000
Oil leak, $800. 3 gaskets replaced Spark plugs and plug wires replaced at time that gaskets were replaced as recommended, $200. 
73000 mi

US $1100
Had a coolant leak. Dealer replaced water pump and seals. Partially covered under extended warranty 
169000 mi

US $12
looked in the engine saw the wire to the female connector had a broken wire so I ordered another female adapter for the MAF/IAT sensor, spliced wires. dealers est. cost $2137.08 my actual cost $12.89 + free shipping from amazon prime. 
109740 mi

C $750
cross-over manifold gasket leak 
45000 mi Replace catalytic converter. 
99700 mi Coolant tank and connection piece replaced. Coolant tank was cracked and needed to be replaced, as well as a plastic connector that was completely rotted out and making it impossible to hold coolant. 
102500 mi

US $181
Still having coolant leaks. A connection broke and a clamp was replaced. 
105000 mi Coolant still leaking. System pressure tested and all clamps were replaced to ensure they were all holding properly. Brought to a different mechanic who did this all free of charge. 
130000 mi Head gasket issues 
33000 mi Cracked coolant overflow filler reservoir causing cooling leak. 
59000 mi

US $100
Car loosing coolant and running hot. Replaced water pump, car is still slowly loosing coolant and running hot. Took car to a second dealer, could not find problem. Escalated to Saturn Customer Assistance Center, sent me back to the dealer.  
62000 mi

US $100
Car loosing coolant and running hot. Third dealer replaced head and intake gaskets. Said coolant overflow reservoir was warped. Problem still exists, except there is now an antifreeze odor. Car is at dealer number 4. Problem is 4 months / 10,000 miles old 
69000 mi

US $100
Cruise control would not set, doors would not lock or unlock automatically, D, I & L all did the same thing, backup lights did not work. Dealer reprogrammed transmission control module. Seems to have fixed problem. New heater core eliminated coolant smell for a month; the smell is back. The temperature still fluctuates when the heater is off. Dealer tells me that some coolant smell is normal and temperature is supposed to fluctuate constantly. Saturn CAC notified. 
75000 mi

US $100
Car running hot. Dealer could not find problem, but it was easily duplicated on a 1,000 mile road trip. Car back in the shop. 
84000 mi

US $100
Car overheats and temperature fluctuates. Dealer says car is operating as designed but there may be some air in the system. Says the problem should fix itself. Problem has not gone away in 30,000 miles. 
41000 mi Noticed oil leak from under car. Took in to dealer. Replaced bad front cam seal under warranty. Took less than 2 hours. 
61000 mi

US $750
Replace leaking oil pan gasket 
144300 mi Leaking water from a bad crossover pipe or gasket. Dealer wanted 400 dollars for repairs. I did not have repaired. I add water when low. 
10000 mi Had a 'rubbing' noise when turning the steering wheel hard. Shop said it was the exhaust rubbing against the heat shield(or something like that). 
24000 mi I noticed a chirping noise upon startup. Took vehicle into the dealer. They were able to replicate the problem, but unable to find where the noise was coming from. Have to take it in again. 
27000 mi Shop was trying to determine where chirp noise came from. They changed the serpentine belt, then replaced crank shaft.  
19220 mi Was an error code on transmission computer, cleared and the doors would lock/unlock again. 
27900 mi Coolant Temp sensor conked out, pinging temp at -40 so engine was being flooded. Wouldn't start for a while, but eventually got it started and drove to dealer. Dealer fixed within couple hours by replacing sensor under warranty. 
12000 mi The temp gauge began reading higher than normal. I noticed it on a road trip. The next weekend, on another road trip it did the same, but the ambient temp was much cooler. Did not go into red, but over 1/2(normal is just below 1/2 scale) 
13000 mi The temp gauge began reading higher than normal. I noticed it on a road trip. The next weekend, on another road trip it did the same, but the ambient temp was much cooler. Did not go into red, but over 1/2(normal is just below 1/2 scale). T-stat replaced 
3000 mi Reduced eng power, service traction, traction off lights on, repaired body connector. This is 3rd trip to dealer for same problem, the 4th time these lights came on 1st time problem corrected itself. Car ran rough when lights on, onstar said car unsafe. 
29760 mi Fuel injection system replaced. 
54500 mi

US $850
replaced intake gaskets because of oil leak replaced coolant bypass gaskets-no heat when engine was at idle or at stop lights. 
56230 mi

US $290
loose rocker arm. torqued rocker arm and cleared error codes. loose rocker arm. torqued rocker arm and cleared error codes. 
129500 mi

US $225
Thermostat needed to be replaced. Check engine light had come on, and something smelled awful. 
72000 mi throddle body 
73000 mi

US $50
muffler detached from manifold. 
114700 mi

US $768
Water pump was replaced. 
60000 mi

US $1
coolant leaks near pulley. Not repaired. oil seeping through valve covers and possible other locations. Not repaired. 
61000 mi Coolant leak near pulley oil seeping through valve covers and possible other locations. 
29000 mi faulty oil level sensor 
30000 mi faulty sensor replaced, oil level indicator function is now normal 
164000 mi

US $487
Radiator separating at seams. Replaced radiator 
181000 mi Unknown persistent oil leak 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4dr Sedan

164-horsepower 2.4L I4 Hybrid 4-speed automatic FWD

5000 mi Blown fuse. Short in wiring related to the hybrid components on the car. Dealer unable to locate fault/short in likeliest wire, restrung the wire. Replaced fuse. 
15000 mi The main fuse for the Hybrid system blew again necessitating this time due to a problem in the fuse block. The service group replaced the fuse block. 
90000 mi The ECM on the hybrid system had 'gone bad' The part was covered under warranty. They installed a replacement that has been working find since. 
5000 mi Fuel measuring meter problem 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

15000 mi Low oil level warning indicator. Dipstick indicated full. After an oil change, low oil level continued to display. Parts were ordered. 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4-door

4-cylinder hybrid automatic 2WD

4000 mi Cold start hesitation/stalling almost every day after sitting overnight. Took 3-4 starts before engine would stay running. They reflashed the computer (did not fix the problem). Also returned next day (<5 min) to have tire pressure sensors retrained- flas 
5000 mi Still has Cold Start stalling. They replaced the fuel pump, but problem still occurs. Still has Cold Start stalling. They replaced MAF sensor, not fixed. Tried to blame "bad gas", drained tank, cleaned lines, fuel rail, etc, put "known good" gas in. Problem returned the next 2 days. Back in the shop. Cause still unknown. 
5000 mi Cold start stalling persists before and after this trip to service(have it on video),but not while @dealer.Saturn sent engineer.Service Mgr still claims bad gas despite common sense indicating contrary. Saturn Corp eventually agreed to repurchase vehicle. 

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