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Questions with Volkswagen Touareg Recommendations

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  21 responses   Comfortable and dependable commuter, weekend excursions on snow/mud/gravel

Looking for a new (used) car when I return from Germany - there are several months to pin down something perfect. Something that is dependable so I can count on it for daily communiting, but something with enough brawn to handle weekend excursions into mud/gravel/snow for some hiking and...
  6 responses   Crossover over medium sized SUV, pull 4000 lb. trailer, factory installed tow pkg., RELIABLE, comfortable, quiet, don't like nav, do like upgraded sound system

ELIMINATED FROM CONSIDERATION: 1.) Nissan Pathfinder (CVT transmission troubles, reliability issues); 2.) GMC Acadia, poor interior design, cramped legroom, distrust of GM; 3.) Suburban V8, too big, too costly, poor mileage, GM distrust; 4.) Chev Traverse, cramped, poor interior, 5.) Honda Pilot, boxy, has the hated joystick for controls and...
  3 responses   SUV capable of towing

Comparing 2014 VW Touareg TDI and 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel. I like how both of them drive, but don't want to have it in the shop once a month!
  3 responses   NEW SUV

Looking for a new SUV
  3 responses   Trailer hauler

VW Tourareg has been primarily narrowed down to our search. Like / need the towing.
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  2 responses   A newer Prius or a newer VW Golf TDI?

We have owned both, and like the Prius in our cold Wisconsin winters because we aren't able to use 100% biodiesel during them. Hard to beat the gas mileage, but there is a new biodiesel co-op here and the TDI gets such outstanding mpg, as good as the Prius once...
  1 response   Fuel-efficient family hauler that can tow 5000 Lbs

I'm a firm believer in diesel being the way to go. I don't need 300 hp, but 300+ Ft-Lbs of torque is much more useful. The gas consumption on mid-large SUVs is appalling.
It's a pity that the following are so expensive, though they are both good.
BMW X5 Diesel

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