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Car Searches Responded To By eabpmn

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  4 responses   reliable use car for a single woman

I bought my 1997 Nissan Sentra GXE in January 2000. I have done all of the regularly scheduled maintenance, and it has given me 17 years of reliable service. It has never left me stranded. Now it is 20 years old, and I'm starting to have unscheduled repair costs. I'm...
  3 responses   fun car used for light travel, trips to the beach, etc.

Need a convertible with a back seat for the dog.
Looking at precertified Audi....either A3 or A5
  5 responses   Comfortable safe appliance car

Hi All,
I just wrote a long paragraph that deleted when I hit"submit" bc I had an error in a box!! So i'll be briefer this time. I don't have a lot of $....A car is an appliance to me...reliability and safety most important...comfort too (middle aged). I just drove...
  1 response   fuel efficient, safe, family of 5, roomy

Family of 5, 2 dogs, Safety is concern #1, FWD so AWD, travel distances so needs to be a little roomy. Good fuel economy and reliable vehicle.
Prefer a vehicle with NO accident history.
  2 responses   RV hauler

I have looked into Ford Excursion and Ram 1500 trucks.
My requirement is to tow a Winnebago minnie 2200ss (dry weight 4,900 lbs, GVWR 7,000 lbs) in and around Colorado (think: IKE Gauntlet) in the winter.
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  8 responses   Quiet, Fuel Efficient SUV

I'm in the preliminary stages of buying a new or new-ish SUV. I have a long almost daily commute and much of my driving is on narrow, winding country roads. I'd like an SUV that is reliable, quiet, smooth and fuel efficient. I also need something that handles well in...
  3 responses   Young lawyer, small town, reliable.

I'd like something that is classy but not too flashy, reliable and durable so it wont drain me from unexpected repairs. Something somewhat unique would be nice. I'm interested in Mazda/Infiniti/Lexus and I prefer good driving dynamics. Bluetooth/Sunroof/Moonroof are wants but not needs.
  5 responses   5 door wagon or hatch, family 3 + pet. (med. dog 50lbs)

Currently driving Elantra touring 2011 - would like to replace with simular spec vehicle.

Need good stiff seats that sit up right (neck injury), good foot room all seats

Subaru: crosstreck, impreza, outback, forester. (ok, not overly impressed.)
  3 responses   Fuel efficient, biking, camping car

We have a 2003 ford focus wagon (manual, 2.0L). We love it. It averages 37 mpg on the highway at 75-80. City mpg is around 28. On a bad tank of gas (lots of city driving)we get 30 mpg. The cargo area is volumous! We can fit 2 mtn bikes...
  7 responses   next car

Have 2 growing boys who are inolved in sports. Would like a comfortable vehicle big enough to have a friend ride with them and to be able to stow away their sports equipment. Have a 2007 Kia Rhondo now that I love but has over 100,000 miles and I fear...
  1 response   1996 honda accord

Looking for a well cared for 1996 accord. Would prefer an lx or ex. Was my wife's favorite car when we were first married years ago. located in west palmb beach, fl.
Looking for something in good shape, no rust is necessary. Smooth transmission and engine are top priorites...
  2 responses   Horse Trailer Truck

I'd like to buy a truck in the next year that can haul a two-horse trailer. Fuel economy is a concern, but I don't plan on this being my everyday vehicle. Would an F-150 be big enough? Are Silverados as good as the equestrian magazines make them sound?

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