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2007 Hummer H3 repairs by problem area

Engine (33%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (19%)

Brakes and Traction Control (13%)

Suspension and Steering (11%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (18%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (1%)

Chart based on 85 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2007 Hummer H3.

2007 Hummer H3 repair cost distribution

$2500+ (10%)

$1000 - $2499 (10%)

$500 - $999 (30%)

$100 - $499 (48%)

< $100 (3%)

Chart based on 40 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2007 Hummer H3

Engine not specified

Hummer H3 in Florida, United States
Nov 2010 - Jun 2011
Dec 2010

47000 mi
Driver door switch was corroded "doors" DIC would not turn off nor would interior lights extinguish. removed door switch, cleaned contacts and coated with a light coat of WD-40. Works perfectly now. Took 1 hr and checked all doors. 

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2007 Hummer H3 4dr SUV

242-horsepower 3.7L I5 5-speed manual AWD w/low range

Hummer H3 in Massachusetts, United States
Mar 2010 - Dec 2016
May 2011

57000 mi

US $400
Rear brakes replaced and tires rotated, synthetic oil change, vehicle in great shape, very reliable, best vehicle I have ever owned 
Dec 2011

66000 mi

US $180
Rear U joint failed ten days out of five year warranty, had my local shop change both U joints on shaft, one that failed is greasable, non failed is non greasable, same job would have cost $580.00 at local dealer with truck just 10 days oow 
Jun 2012

70000 mi

US $138
OEM battery died, side walls were bulged out, plates failure 
Dec 2012

78000 mi

US $325
Master window control driver side failed, driver window would not work and power door locks would not work 
Jan 2013

78000 mi
Parisitic discharge from battery drain.If car not driven daily, battery will die on start.Thought problem would resolve after master window switch replaced.On battery number 3, warranty replaced twice.Will try to find drain this weekend. 
Feb 2013

78000 mi
Seat trim was causing parasitic drain on battery. It was cracked and constantly pressing down on the power seat button. Realigned the plastic trim and screwed it into place, the drain on battery was resolved. 
Jul 2013

82000 mi

US $300
Servo valve in sensor showed engine light, design change made a $100 part cost $200 with $100 installation. 
Nov 2013

87000 mi

US $650
Driver side front wheel bearing with TPM retails over $400 for part $650 with oil change and tire rotation (5) 
Jan 2014

88700 mi

US $300
Emergency brake cable frayed and was not releasing, put on helper spring, still would hang up, plastic handle broke off, had to replace handle and cable and cross cable 
Mar 2014

90000 mi

US $600
Passenger side front wheel bearing with 7 year warranty 
Sep 2014

95000 mi

US $807
Radiator needed to be replaced as well as a u joint. 
Mar 2016

110000 mi

US $977
Brakes, Rotors, Mud flaps installed, oil change and tires rotated 
May 2016

110000 mi

US $350
Changed brakes and rotors 
Dec 2016

115000 mi

US $170
Leaking boot driver side 
Hummer H3 in California, United States
Apr 2014 - Jun 2016
Mar 2015

118000 mi

US $55
Water Pump leaking (bearing) 
May 2015

121000 mi

US $1384
Leaking out of the output transfer case seal, and clutch slip. 
Feb 2016

135300 mi
HVAC recall. Burning smell and melted the connector that went to the resistor in the HVAC. It is now a recall for all Hummer H3s. 
Hummer H3 in Virginia, United States
Jun 2014 - Nov 2014
Sep 2014

50000 mi

US $850
Due to a poorly designed sunroof draining sust leaks caused sensors to get wet and tripped the warning lights to ping ABS and stability system errors. 
Hummer H3 in Indiana, United States
Apr 2012 - Apr 2012
Apr 2012

75000 mi

US $5000
transmission went out, limped in 
Hummer H3 in California, United States
Feb 2015 - Dec 2015
Mar 2015

67000 mi

US $2600
Cylinder number 5 misfiring, valves stuck. Entire block needed rebuilt. This is a common problem with this engine and GM is ignoring. 
Hummer H3 in Colorado, United States
- Apr 2008
Apr 2008

15000 mi
Complete clutch replacement due to rough shifting, performed under warranty. Problem resolved. 

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2007 Hummer H3 4dr SUV

242-horsepower 3.7L I5 4-speed automatic AWD w/low range

Hummer H3 in South Africa
Aug 2013 - Dec 2016
Jul 2014

88620 mi
Transfer case chain. 
Dec 2015

109740 mi

R 150
Transmission oil pipe chafing against the exhaust manifold, causing oil leak. Pipe replaced. 
Feb 2016

112840 mi

R 180
Thermostat replacement. 
Mar 2016

115320 mi
Torque Convertor circuit open and Input Turbine Speed Sensors (P0716 and P0717 Powertrain codes). 
Jun 2016

119660 mi
Front Differential gears failure. New Front Differential installed. 
Hummer H3 in Kentucky, United States
Aug 2013 - Dec 2015
Feb 2014

66000 mi

US $200
May 2014

72000 mi

US $400
All brake pads and [E-brake shoes ( really not needed)] 
Oct 2015

95700 mi

US $538
new parts and main repairs done myself 
Hummer H3 in Oregon, United States
Jul 2012 - Jun 2016
Sep 2013

74000 mi

US $270
wiring harness for dash ac/defrost/heat fan burned out and had to be replaced. 
Feb 2015

86000 mi

US $3899
catalytic converter bracket broken. Bolts broken off in head. replaced head and catalytic converter because bracket and converter are one piece. 
May 2016

98300 mi

US $9000
replaced power steering pump replaced radiator replaced engine, $6000 
Hummer H3 in British Columbia, Canada
Jun 2014 - Mar 2016
Jun 2014

99200 mi

C $300
Kept shutting down while driving, traction control failing, service stabilizers 
Oct 2014

107440 mi
Traction control failed 
Nov 2014

111440 mi

C $850
broken water pump 
Hummer H3 in Illinois, United States
Aug 2012 - Oct 2013
Oct 2013

68000 mi

US $50
Engine Light On; vehicle running sluggish 
Hummer H3 in Montana, United States
Sep 2010 - Jun 2011
Oct 2010

57300 mi
dic displays (doors) even though they are all shut  
Hummer H3 in Hawaii, United States
Mar 2013 - Dec 2015
Jun 2013

62000 mi

US $2850
Complete cylinder head replacement. Top engine tear-down and reassembly. Due to engine misfire fault code and rough idle concerns. Poor acceleration after long haults at stop signals. 
Dec 2014

85000 mi

US $250
At 90000 miles Radiator's plastic top tank seams started leaking coolant and loss of cooling system pressure. 
Jul 2015

93300 mi

US $5000
Poor engine cylinder head design at manufacturer. Engine studder and misfire at idle while in gear with foot on brake.Replaced cylinder head w/ new and problem returned after appx. 4000 miles. 
Dec 2015

100000 mi

US $350
HVAC system Heater temperature would not adjust to hothe settings. A very poor design of the sunroof water drainage system allows trapped water to enter the vehicle's interior,often leading to excessive moisture retention underneath the carpet and ultimately causing mold and stale odors inside cabin. 
Hummer H3 in Nevada, United States
- Jul 2008
Jul 2008

7500 mi

US $400
Only 7,500 mile check up, alignment, and front torsion bar adjustment. 
Hummer H3 in New Jersey, United States
- Oct 2007
Oct 2007

15000 mi
tire pressure monitor light on. 
Hummer H3 in Florida, United States
Mar 2014 - Dec 2016
Jul 2015

58300 mi

US $1290
Water pump replacement Expansion valve replacement 
Mar 2016

67000 mi

US $1200
Radiator split apart and had to be replaced 
Hummer H3 in British Columbia, Canada
Sep 2012 - Dec 2016
Apr 2013

80600 mi

C $200
iner cv boot ripped open replaced cv axle with new. 
Hummer H3 in Indiana, United States
Aug 2009 - Jun 2011
Jun 2010

59000 mi
Exterior door handles breaking. The part that does not move has broken of of both passenger doors and the drivers side rear door over the past year. I have reattached with glue. Silaprene seems to work the best. 
Hummer H3 in Ontario, Canada
Nov 2009 - Oct 2013
Oct 2011

61980 mi

C $350
U joints on drive shaft had to be replaced 
Sep 2013

74400 mi

C $300
replaced front rotors and pads 
Hummer H3 in Texas, United States
Apr 2009 - Jul 2013
Dec 2009

23000 mi
They replaced the lower steering shaft. It was a known problem on the 07's per a TSB.  
Jul 2011

39700 mi
Check engine light on. Small evap leak found. Smoke test. Dealer replaced vent solenoid and gas cap. Retested, no leaks found. 
Dec 2011

45000 mi
Fuel gauge will read completely empty after filling up, or low after fill up. Once vehicle is turned off it will show correctly. This has happened at least 10 times since March 2011. 
Hummer H3 in Kansas, United States
Dec 2008 - Jun 2011
Nov 2009

23000 mi
power outlet fuse was blown 
Hummer H3 in Texas, United States
Jan 2009 - Aug 2011
Apr 2009

47000 mi
Bad ball joint. Taken to dealer on first trip and he said there was no problem. Had Firestone do another alignment and they said once again that I had a bad ball joint! On second trip to dealer, they acknowledged problem.  
Jul 2009

55000 mi
My torque converter went out. Grinding sound while in gear and stopped. 
Aug 2009

56000 mi
Short in horn contacts at steering wheel. Dealer fixed by pulling on horn pad 
Jun 2011

82000 mi

US $600
Overheating replaced radiator. 
Hummer H3 in Pennsylvania, United States
Apr 2011 - Apr 2012
Nov 2011

70000 mi
Radiator went bad, and the Hummer dealer replaced it and flushed the cooling system for free.. Wright Hummer in Wexford PA is the best dealer I have seen that takes customer service serious.. They are #1. 
Hummer H3 in Pennsylvania, United States
Nov 2010 - Dec 2016
Oct 2011

36700 mi
hard idle, replaced stock air intake with k/n air intake, also added g force power chip. idle now better, gas mileage up 6 to 7 m.p.g. 
Oct 2013

48000 mi

US $780
Right side wheel brg. And hub assy. Broke.play as much as 2 " in wheel and tire when on lift. Rotate tires found problem.hummer drove as though there was nothing wrong,,wow. 
Jun 2014

52000 mi

US $786
Cracked wheel bearing,passenger side. 
Jul 2015

60000 mi
Relay and connector burned up, safety recall no parts to repair as of yet. Repaired myself for $35.00 only 2 speeds on motor, not four. A/c works good. Waiting for parts to fix the right way. 
Sep 2016

68000 mi

US $1100
Drivers side wheel bearing,belt,rear brakes,alignment inspection,rear shocks. 
Hummer H3 in Florida, United States
Jun 2012 - Dec 2015
Jan 2013

46000 mi

US $325
Needed pads. 
Feb 2013

47500 mi
Catalytic converter was replaced. 
Jul 2013

60500 mi

US $240
Can position sencor. Front axle replaced. Boot ripped. 
Aug 2013

62000 mi

US $285
Sun roof drains plugged. 
Feb 2015

98000 mi

US $400
Ball joint 
Oct 2015

109000 mi

US $417
No power on acceleration. Sluggish. Still dealing with it. 
Nov 2015

109000 mi

US $777
Loud rattling. Replaced motor mounts and transmission mount. 
Dec 2015

109000 mi
Starting to have transmission issues. 
Hummer H3 in Arizona, United States
Dec 2008 - Jul 2009
Jan 2009

25000 mi
An occasional flicker noticed in the NAV screen 
Hummer H3 in New York, United States
Jul 2010 - Sep 2013
Jul 2013

86500 mi
Ruptured Flex Brake Hose to front right brake disc. Fluid leak/lost pressure and brakes 
Aug 2013

88000 mi

US $415
Right/Front Axle Seal Leaking where axle enters differential 
Hummer H3 in Kansas, United States
Dec 2012 - Dec 2015
Jan 2013

61000 mi

US $3000
Cylinder Head is bad. Needs to be completly replaced. Tire Pressure Monitor damaged. 
Hummer H3 in Michigan, United States
Sep 2012 - Jul 2013
Jan 2013

70300 mi

US $600
Catastrophic water pump failure 
Apr 2013

75700 mi

US $200
All 4 U-Joints went bad 
Jun 2013

77000 mi

US $100
Lower radiator hose and thermostat 
Hummer H3 in North Carolina, United States
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013
Jul 2013

58000 mi
Master cylinder failure - have to REPLACE Engine 

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2007 Hummer H3 4-door

4-cylinder automatic AWD

Hummer H3 in New York, United States
Jan 2010 - Jun 2011
Feb 2010

58000 mi
This is 2nd trip since 10/09 when engine blew at 53,000 mi. In Feb engine light came on. Car is still not running well difficult to get return call from GM. 

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