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  1 response   Reliability SLK
2001 - 2018 Mercedes-Benz SLK

Hi, I love this little convertible and am interested in a used. Any year 2000-2017, manual transmission.

Does anyone find this a reliable car?
  0 responses   Reliability
2014 - 2017 Volvo XC60

Can anyone say how reliable is a AWD AUTOMATIC transmission 2.4 diesel Volvo XC60 /2014.
I refer mostly to powertrain/ gearbox and engine issues.
Thank you!
  2 responses   review of a car
2017 - 2018 Land Rover Discovery

HOw does this new modal compare with the LR4?
  2 responses   glk reliability
2009 - 2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK

I can't find reliability results for the 2012 model. Anyone who can offer insights into this specific year?
  9 responses   engine reliability
2005 - 2008 Toyota Corolla

is the reliability good on a 2006 corolla?
Looking for a warranty? Get a quote.
  13 responses   is a 2015 honda crv a good car for a senior 80 yr old lady, want good fuel efficiency
2015 - 2016 Honda CR-V

is this offer good fuel mileage mostly city driving, is repair history good
  1 response   Upholstery stains so easily!
2013 - 2015 Honda Civic

I don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill, but my 2015 Honda Civic with grey cloth upholstery is so unattractive in the compartment for the simple reason that anything, everything, stains it! A drop of water from the rain leaves a stain on the seat! Spoke to...
  3 responses   2012 Range Rover Supercharged reliability?
2010 - 2012 Land Rover Range Rover

I own a 2012 Range Rover Supercharged. It's seems to be very well care for with only 26k miles. Pristine in every way. I just wanted to find out if any one has owned this iteration can shed some light on the overall reliability and durability of the model.
  6 responses   reliability
2015 - 2018 Dodge Challenger

Any reliability / build quality issues during ownership, specifically 392 AT8. Also, snow handling ability for non-GT models, specifically 392 AT8.

  3 responses   XT steering
2014 - 2018 Subaru Forester
A member in Ontario, Canada

I have a 2018 Forester XT. I've noticed since I've gotten it that when driving down the road, the steering will suddenly pull to one side. Especially if I come out of a gentle curve, like an on ramp, and straighten out, it'll then pull to one side a bit,...
  3 responses   Good or Not Good?
2011 - 2013 Toyota Corolla

Owners of 2011 Toyota Corolla LE pleased or displeased with car for any reason?
  2 responses   What do you think about this vehicle?
2011 - 2016 Infiniti M

Does anyone know anything about this cars reliability, cost of ownership, etc..? I've decided to move on from the FX and thought that this may be a better choice? What do you think?
  1 response   Transmission kicks every once in a while
2010 - 2011 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 2011 Camaro LT1 with the V6 motor. The transmission kicks every once in a while but shifts fine. It is a light kick. It only has 66,000 miles. Could it be a sensor of some sort or just needs a flush. Anyone experience the same thing?
  2 responses   Tires
2010 - 2012 Cadillac SRX

What other tires can I put on my 2012 SRX performance vehicle other than Michelin's that are quite and noise free
  2 responses   What do you think about this vehicle?
2009 - 2011 Infiniti FX

  2 responses   Any problems with Volvo S60 R-design?
2011 - 2013 Volvo S60


I am in the market for a used 2012-2013 Volvo S60 R-design AWD and would like to know if any owners have had any issues that they have experienced with this type of car. I have never owned a Volvo before and the one I am considering...
  3 responses   accord hybrid real MPG?
2013 - 2017 Honda Accord
A member in Kansas, United States

What are people getting on long highway runs over 100 miles, and average MPG also?
What repairs have you done other than basic maintance?
  2 responses   Changong 19 inch rims to 17 inch rims
2013 - 2015 Mazda CX-5

I have a Mazda CX 5 with 19 inch rims.

I want to change to 17 inch with tyres with 7mm more diameter and 20 mm more width to improve gravel road handling and improved road ride comfort, ie softer feel.
  4 responses   Need advice on a great, reliable sedan!
2013 - 2015 Honda Civic

Hi everyone! My old girl (2000 Hyundai accent) finally gave out on me, she has lot of miles (160k) and has done well, but I think its time to let her go. I\\\'ve been researching the past few weeks on different car possibilities and am in dire need of advice!...
  4 responses   How's the cost of ownership?
2013 - 2015 Lexus RX
A member in Guam

I\'m looking at a pre-own 2013 Lexus 350, 6 cylinder, for sale and it is in excellent condition with about 32k miles on it. My question to current owners is, what is the annual cost of ownership for this vehicle and what kind of gas mileage have you experienced for...
  2 responses   Past Experiences
2010 - 2012 Ford Fusion
A member in Kentucky, United States

What kinds of problems are common with the 2012 Ford Fusion?
  2 responses   Significant Repairs
2005 - 2008 Toyota Matrix
A member in Texas, United States

major repairs required
  4 responses   reliability
2017 - 2018 Acura MDX

consumer reports list the 2018 mdx as worse in reliability Why?
all other years it has been very reliable
  3 responses   reliability
2008 - 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Is the 4.7 liter a good engine?
  3 responses   Are Toyota CVTs reliable?
2014 - 2016 Toyota Corolla

I'm thinking of buying a 2016 Corolla that was a former rental.

Toyotas are supposed to be one of the most reliable brands around, but CVTs have a bad reputation for not lasting very long and being very expensive when they fail. most of the comments I've seen say...
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