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  0 responses   Reliable AWD car or crossover

Looking for opinions on the most reliable AWD car available. Font mind going back to 2007. Price max is around $11000. Interested in either mid-full size car or crossover .

So far I've come up with the CR-V and RAV4. Thoughts on Subaru legacy, Passat, or forester?
  0 responses   JaxiGreek45

Maintained fluids regularly...??
Any Accidents ???
Any rust?
City miles or highway miles?
How many owners?
Smoker or Non Smoker?
Cleanliness inside and outside?
How are tires?
Any major repairs??
What repairs have been done so far on vegicles entire history???
  2 responses   New Company Car

Looking for a comfortable car that is also fun to drive. I currently drive a 2011 Ford Taurus. Moving to a new job where I will receive a car allownace.
  2 responses   Grand Cherokee vs. Liberty

Are Jeeps still reliable vehicles that can go the distance? I've always loved the look of the Grand Cherokee, no matter which model year it was, and I'm beginning to also like the look of the more compact Jeep Liberty (2008-12 model only). How satisfied are people with the durability...
  2 responses   Suggestions for Small Luxury SUV - AWD

I am looking for a compact luxury SUV that is reliable and doesn't cost too much to maintain. I live in New England area, so features like AWD is important to deal with driving in snow/winter weather conditions.
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  6 responses   Entry Level European Sedan

Considering an A4, Passat or even the new VW Arteon. Looking to buy in 2018, but just starting the research now. Thoughts or suggestions on a nice family sedan that isn't terribly expensive and good quality. We do quite a few roadtrips a year and commuting to and from work...
  1 response   Large SUV

New style Chevy Tahoe or comparable GMC or Cadiac
  2 responses   Go the distance 200,000+ miles

Best bang for your buck car to last 200000 miles Family sedan good gas mileage can fit two car seats.
  2 responses   how is Buick Regal 2014

I am looking at some regal 2014 on sale. It has a lot of feature and comparable good durability from consumer reports's review. So what are the con and pro for the car and why Idid not see many regals on the strret it seems regal is not a popular...
  6 responses   Reasonable repair costs, SUV, good acceleration, used

I'm trading my Mercedes E 550 fully loaded sedan (2008) because I need something less expensive to maintain. I have a grandson I like to haul around and want to take on vacation.
I am considering the Suburu Outback because it seems like it is reliable, will hold value and...
  12 responses   Fun, fast (ish), AWD car to satisfy the frustrated racer in me (that still has to haul a family)


Looking for fun, sporty car that's:
1) AWD
2) Manual
3) has descent horsepower (above average), turbo is fine
4) I'd _like_ to get > 20 mpg
5) 4 door sedan, hatch, or wagon
6) good reliability

This is my "oh shit I'm almost 50 and have...
  2 responses   Trading my subaru, what compares but is more fuel efficient and on the small side (no SUV)

I have been driving a subary legacy since 2004 (bought new); love the feel and handling of the car but am looking to downsize to something more efficient and less expensive on maintenance. I do not travel as much as I did when I purchased the car and have less...
  3 responses   2017 Car Buy

Looking for a luxury SUV, 5-7 seats, as daily commuter that can deal well with snowy/icy days.
  6 responses   reliable car that is not expensive to repair, has a lot of interior room so you could sleep in the car comfortably

I am looking for a car that is reliable and not expensive to repair. I want a car with a lot of interior room so I could sleep comforbly in my car. I had a 1993 base model Dodge Caravan that I loved. I do not want a lot of electical...
  2 responses   not for walking

I am looking for a midsize, walking alternative solution.
  3 responses   Big Family Hauler

Looking for a faimly hauler and tow vehicle to complement our minivan. We have the need to seat 7, with enough room for overnight bags. We are considering the Expedition EL and the Suburban. The largest tow load is 4 ATV's in an enclosed trailer, about 7000lbs max. I know...
  4 responses   MDX transition

Leaving a 08 MDX that, in manual mode with 300hp hustles quite well. SHAWD is pretty good. Ferrying around 9 and 6 year old children who will be tall (I'm just over six feet), rear leg room is important. Don't think I need the utility I once did: Great Dane...
  4 responses   '17 VW GLI as replacement for '12 TDI Sportwagon?

Very sad to sell back my 2012 TDI Sportwagon. It's been a great car. The six-speed is fun to drive. For a wagon, it handled well. Great panoramic sunroof was a bonus. Heavily considering replacing wagon with a new GLI. Seems to be the closest replacement so far. Drove the...
  1 response   Retired sporty

I like the Camaro style. Would not object to a convertible.
  1 response   fun

bluetooth, smaller suv
  2 responses   Small Crossover

it needs to take a beating
  2 responses   Diesel Sedans (not a VW)

Best choices are the BMW 328d, Benz 250 Bluetech, may consider Cadillac ATS or the Audi A6.

Your thoughts fellow TDeltas.
  2 responses   Reliable car for seniors

Favorable experience with Honda CRV (leaning toward another) and Toyota Camry (2000 going bad). Subaru is interesting to me.
If additional car is too expensive, we will seriously consider being a single car couple.
  1 response   Fuel efficient family hauler

Sonata, blind side, remote start, heated seats, rear camera
How reliable and trade in value
  2 responses   Small pickup or Suv

I need something that I can carry tools around in. I like to camp, kayak, and surf, so room for gear and roof racks would be nice.Need at least an extended cab, but would prefer a quad cab. Not looking for a full size Pickup. I drive a F-150 with...

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