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  1 response   All purpose/all weather city dweller w/highway hauling needs

Moving from a smaller city to Chicago, we would like to reduce our fleet...swapping our older Honda Accord and Jeep Patriot for one new, all-purpose vehicle. One which gives us 4WD/AWD for winter use in town, that's also small enough to comfortably parallel park, and with enough utility/space to haul...
  1 response   2017 search

Considering a Subaru Outback or similar. We have a dog. Like to be able to haul 8 for boards.
  5 responses   Retirement Vehicle For Active Life

Have owned several SUVs over many years from Chevy Blazer to most recently Nissan Murano. Retirement looms so looking for a lifestyle vehicle to transport me to fishing holes in summer and mountains in winter. Ideal vehicle would have good on road cruising capability for long trips, reasonable gas consumption...
  1 response   next car

I need a car that will let me drive all around the bay area (on average I travel 100-200 miles every weekend), that is easy to park in a city and is reasonably priced.
  1 response   New car

Mazda cx5
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  3 responses   Fuel-efficient hauler for musician, acoustic bass and gear

Looking for a fuel-efficient, vehicle for active musician, frequently hauling multiple instruments including an acoustic bass as well as bulky gear.
?Good mileage for mostly highway miles
?Easily loaded through the back, or sides ie. hatchback
?Roomy as well
?Road noise can't be tooloud.
?Safety a...
  3 responses   City car and weekend trips

My wife and I live in New York City. We had a car but we sold it last summer. Well, we miss having a car. We like to get out of the city and go on weekend trips and long road trips in the summer. Beyond that, I see us...
  5 responses   Fuel efficient, fun, safe, comfy car for tall, out of shape man

We are finally ditching a 10-year-old Civic that I've hated since we got it because of its cheap interior and exterior. It is also too low-slung and tight for my tall, stiff husband.

I am looking for something roomier that is still in the compact category for budgetary reasons....
  0 responses   Safe for my previous cargo (my baby) and reliable

I've been looking at the Nissan Murano 06-08. But open to Jeep or GM. I need something safe and reliable for my 11m old and to tow 3k lbs. Reliable, smooth and a good reputation is a must with no more than 130k miles. I would appreciate honest feedback. Thank...
  2 responses   Fuel-efficient daily commuter, reliable and cheaply maintained. 1000KM/Week!

Im looking for a car that is super reliable, great on gas and doesnt cost a fortune to maintain. I drive roughly 1000KM / 620Mi each week to commute.

I currently have a 2011 Jetta TDI, which was great for all of this. However with the uncertainty of VW's...
  0 responses   Low maintenance, good fuel economy, mid-full suv

Looking for an SUV with good fuel economy and low maintenance that can last me for a few years.
  2 responses   New baby, new car.

Me and my wife are looking for a second car for her and our New born to get around in. I'd prefere the second car have great gas mileage we currently have a Jeep and while its fun the gas is a nightmare. She was looking at Hyundai sant fe's...
  1 response   City runner

Fuel-efficient; Fun, comfortable car for myself; Safe, inexpensive to moderately priced car. Very reliable and dependable that easy and comfortable to get in and out of. Plan to keep this car for a long time.
  9 responses   The Hunt for the perfect(or near) SUV

The Right Car for Me | TrueDelta
Would love a premium branded SUV with as many bells and whistles money can buy within my budget of 45-46K. I need a reliable brand but can make some compromises.
Acura RDX - Infotainment is horrible - Would have bought this otherwise
  1 response   Thinking about either a 2008 Ford Edge or a 2016 Dodge Gran Caravan... what do ya\'ll think?

Thinking about either a 2008 Ford Edge or a 2016 Dodge Gran Caravan, it'll be replacing the Scion xb, which at 430000 miles is reaching end of life.
  1 response   Affordable Luxury

Economical, luxury, daily driver
  1 response   powerful sporty luxury on a dime

is there a car that like this
  0 responses   6'4" 55 year old looking to replace 2008 Toyota Avalon

I'm a 6'4" 55 year old looking to replace a 2008 Toyota Avalon that has 198,000 miles. I've enjoyed the Avalon, specifically, it is a Touring model (stiffer suspension) and no sunroof. The 3.5 L V-6 is a great engine, enough power with decent gas mileage. I've kind of been...
  1 response   fun, comfortable 2 door car

Debating between the camaro and challenger. Wanted to get some ideas or tips on both. For the challenger i test drove the sxt plus model 2016 and that seemed pretty good. Also the camaro seemed to have better handling than the challenger and not so big in comparison to the...
  0 responses   Fun car to drive with all wheel drive....

Fun car that is stylish with all wheel drive and performance.
  3 responses   Any other 2-SUV families?

This is a kicking-tires question...

I've often thought about trading in my car for something I actually like. I have a standard Impreza with 70000 flawless miles on it. The car is solid but I don't really enjoy driving it, and my 4-person family doesn't like it, so we're...
  0 responses   fuel efficient, safe, family of 5, roomy

Family of 5, 2 dogs, Safety is concern #1, FWD so AWD, travel distances so needs to be a little roomy. Good fuel economy and reliable vehicle.
Prefer a vehicle with NO accident history.
  1 response   Comfortable & a little sporty family sedan,

Looking for a good looking, nice riding/sporty ride. Seats 4 comfortably and would be good for my long commutes and business trips. Thinking about a Mazda 6 or VW Passat. Any thoughts?
  1 response   RV hauler

I have looked into Ford Excursion and Ram 1500 trucks.
My requirement is to tow a Winnebago minnie 2200ss (dry weight 4,900 lbs, GVWR 7,000 lbs) in and around Colorado (think: IKE Gauntlet) in the winter.
  3 responses   Something to satisfy my itch for a sporty car, but with good reliability and reasonable price point

I've driven a Tahoe for the last 3 years and can no longer fight the itch to get into something sporty and more fun. My main concern is: If I want something that fits what I'm looking for in a performance oriented coupe or sedan, but also is decently reliable/durable...

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