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  1 response   Small SUV with smooth ride

Considering CRV, CX5, RAV4. Would like a smooth ride, leather, heated seats and slider. I have had a RAV4 for many years, but I don't think the quality is there like it used to be. I would like as much luxury as possible for my budget. Real leather, not faux.
  1 response   Next family sedan

I feel like I want sporty styling but in the end that won't be as important as ride comfort, low noise, good performance/handling and overall reliability. I love the styling of the 2016+ Kia Optima but am a little leery of 2016's because first year of a redesign.
  2 responses   Wife's Next SUV

My wife is in themarket for a new car. Her main concerns
  1. Ride height. She currently drives a Pilot
  2. leather.
  3. Cargo Space
  4. Reliability
  5. Car Tech (blue tooth, nav etc)
Added plus would be ventilated seats.

Some we are looking at are the

Dodge Durango Toyota Highlander ...
  3 responses   What car should I buy next?

Must be Japanese only, prefer Toyota. Must get at least 30mpg combined fuel economy. Nothing smaller than Toyota Echo. I must be able to find replacement parts easily and for cheap price ( Autozone, O'Reilly is good, having to go to the dealer only when I need replacement parts is...
  2 responses   vehicle for my daughter

Need a car for my daughter to drive to school,work, etc... Only planning to keep the car for a year or two, depending on where she goes to college. Looking for recommendations...
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  3 responses   High MPG aggressive highway car yet safe

Hi All,

I'm looking for a car that is very safe with excellent MPG that can handle the super aggressive highway driving that is Chicago. Commuting 12 miles on local highways every day and doing 120 mile round trips into Indiana twice a month on highways there that can...
  5 responses   upscale, comfortable suv/crossover to ferry clients and my kids around town

Want quiet, creature comforts, safety features & smooth ride (but not like a pillow soft). Prefer luxury or near-luxury brand.
  4 responses   I am getting older and need to get rid of my 2011 hardtop BMW convertible. Since I am looking for safety features, would you purchase a Honda CRV or a Subaru Limited? Thanks

Looking at compact SUV's
Looking for safety features.
Honda and Subaru both have good safety features.
I liked the way the Subaru handled, however, the Honda has a turbocharged engine.
  5 responses   Semi-luxurious, yet still reliable. Buying used. Price range from $7-8.5k.

Looking to buy a car for college/post-college. I have two more years then I'll be working full-time. I need a car that'll get me to and from school/work (~15min drive) daily. I was looking at a BMW, but the reliability is pretty low. Currently drive a '02 Camry, but I'm...
  4 responses   safe

i am weighing pros and cons of forester limited vs mazda cx5 grand touring.
what would you recommend.?
  3 responses   Safe, inexpensive, fit my keen (had replaced 6 months ago)

My main concern that it is easy to move in and out of the driver's seat for my new metal kneel.
the second is safety by new technogy on helping safety driving
  3 responses   Colorado help

Is the Chevy Colorado a reliable vehicle? I drive about 30000 miles a year and have owned several Toyotas which have been rock-solid. I love the new Colorado but am scared it will not be reliable?.Thoughts
  5 responses   SUV

Safety reliability affordability interior and exterior styling
  6 responses   replacement for Chevy Traverse

I am considering replacing my Chevy Traverse with a 2017 Ford Explorer. I am concerned with 2 things:1) smaller interior size of Explorer, and 2) reliability of Ford Explorer. Any information on either of these concerns will be appreciated.

Any suggestions for a similarly priced SUV? My husband is...
  7 responses   New pickup

8so thebHonda Ridgeline a good choucechoice &
  5 responses   Ski Patroller needs Subaru upgrade

I meant to write I want a small SUV not a truck based vehicle.
  6 responses   SUV

Lexus NX
Land Rover Evoque
  2 responses   porsche 911 convertable sick shift light interior black or blue

Iam looking to replace my current 911 porsche cab. its a 2000 and I want a newer car. Hassel free and a stunning, beautiful, clean title. Freeof accidents or damage. Deal breaker black interior, i want cream or light leather seats. also must have stick shift not tip tronic, and...
  8 responses   Undecided between a odyssey or sienna. To me the odyssey looks built better compared to the sienna. I\'ve owned several toyotas in the past and have proven very reliable but not sure with the hondas. One thing about the odyssey I do not like is

Undecided between a odyssey or sienna. To me the odyssey looks built better compared to the sienna. I've owned several toyotas in the past and have proven very reliable but not sure with the hondas. One thing about the odyssey I do not like is that it has...
  2 responses   Fuel-efficient commuter fun drive

I prefer a manual transmission and like the car to be fun enough to drive to make the commute tolerable.
  5 responses   Fun, Comfortable, can haul a bike/kayak/snowboard

Considering 5cars, each with their own pros and cons. Mazda
Touring 2.5
(Stylish, NA, Premium Interior)

2.0i Premium 5-Door

Civic Hatchback
(Cheap, big)

(Cheap, Full Feature)

Golf GTI
(Fast but $$$...
  2 responses   College Performance Sedan

I'm looking for a entry or upper level used luxury sedan with decent performance, a comfortable ride, and nice style. My previous vehicle was a 2003 Audi A6 3.0 Quattro, which was totaled when a driver T-Boned me at an intersection (less than a block from my house)....
  2 responses   college student

heated seats
cd player
  12 responses   Fun, comfortable CUV for empty nesters

Looking for similar car to Acura RDX, which we have disqualified for personal reasons.
  3 responses   comfortable car for wife

- rear vent ( kids have motion sickness)

- quitness

- sturdy ride


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