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  0 responses   Student get around car

Looking for a vehicle for my 21 year old son. I'm not super knowledgeable when it comes to cars, but I want to make a best effort to get him something reliable and safe. Cars I've been looking at so far are Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Mazda CX-5.

  1 response   smallish crossover, not too expensive

I'm replacing my 2014 Chevy Captiva Sport. I like the size, height, and room for hauling stuff. I hate the underpowered engine and general sensation of driving a a thirsty, noisy tin can.

Ease of entrance is important. Due to various physical ailments. low types like sedans are bad....
  1 response   Reliable, somewhat engaging, reasonably priced, and efficient.
Tim P

After 11 years with my 2012 Mazda 3 with a manual, I sadly hit a deer. I'm currently dealing with insurance, but a broken headlight (although the bulbs still work), dented fender and hood was deemed a total loss. I hope to fix it myself and eventually get a rebuilt...
  0 responses   Fuel efficient reliable All Wheel Drive inexpensive

Reliable because it will have high miles. Fuel efficient
  0 responses   SUV or truck that can take on Colorado Rockies roads

Our current adventure vehicle is a front wheel drive Honda Pilot. It's a great car that cannot make it up more severe terrain. We drive on a lot of logging roads and dirt / gravel / rock roads with an incline to get to hiking, dispersed campsites, firewood gathering, etc....
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  1 response   VERY RELIABLE

I've been a stay at home mom since 2017 however I now have a 1yr old and NEED to get us out of our living situation asap so I'm really looking for a Toyota Camry or ANYTHING TOYOTA except a Corolla (too small) and to be honest I'd love a...
  0 responses   sporty medium size wagon with manual transmission: e.g. Saab 9-3 SportCombi, Jetta, Volvo V50, Chevy HHR,

Manual transmission. Power. Potential for sporty suspension/handling. 70+ cu. feet of storage with rear seats folded down. I would settle for a large wagon, but prefer medium to smallish size.
  0 responses   sporty medium size wagon with manual transmission: e.g. Saab 9-3 SportCombi, Jetta, Volvo V50, Chevy HHR,

Manual transmission. Power. Potential for sporty suspension/handling. 70+ cu. feet of storage with rear seats folded down. I would settle for a large wagon, but prefer medium to smallish size.
  2 responses   Fuel efficient, comfortable, 10K-12K, not too small

I like an attractive car with cool paint colors and a fancy interior. I'm not going to get that with what I have to spend. I am currently in a 2007 Explorer that was great until it wasn't. Head gasket, valve gasket, and weird light issues on the inside (due...
  1 response   Selecting my next ride

I am looking for a RELIABLE small/midsize truck that will fit in my garage, to run errands in town, is capable to tow some relative light loads, has a smal radius of curvature to enable parking, has safety features particularly the blindspot view monitor and adaptive cruise control. It can...
  1 response   Null

  2 responses   Fuel-efficient AWD family hauler

We're looking for a car with AWD, good MPG (real user reported fuel economy >27mpg) big enough cargo for our family trips, and some daily commute.

With used and new car prices being so crazy these days, we're trying to find a good value reliable used car that'll give...
  1 response   Fun, manual trans, wagon or sedan, good power, efficiency

I'm looking for a reliable, fun to drive, strong performer, AWD, sedan or wagon, greatly prefer a manual trans and a used car.

I like BMWs but in the last 5-10 years they have gotten heavy and overloaded with technology. I have a 2020 M340ix. It handles well, comfortable,...
  1 response   Wagon or mid-size SUV

A wagon or mid-size SUV. Reliability a must. Heated, supportive seats for long trips (My 07 VW Passat wagon is my current benchmark). Decent gas mileage. A decent radio that accepts phone/bluetooth connectivity.
  1 response   Next car

Reliable. Radio. Headrests not intrusive, too much tilting forward (have had complaints about that). Good gas mileage.
  1 response   Second Car

Have a Subaru Outback. Have looked at used Prius, Prius V, or related fuel efficiency car. Looking used, have considered Branded Title, not sure. Only really need a second car so my spouse has transport to drive to work one day a week, and to go to yoga, walk the...
  1 response   Next sedan

Interested in trading down from an Audi A4, which I have loved, but want to spend less $.
  1 response   7 or 8 seat reliable SUV that can go over 200k miles

I need a reliable, older (2011 or newer)7 or 8 seat suv that will get 200k or more miles. The vehicle will be used for rideshare and will be driven an average of 25k miles per year. I am leaning toward the 2012 Hyundai traverse but the data is very...
  1 response   fuel efficient , station wagon for camping, maybe I'll remove rear seats. around 5-7000

I have considered:
Ford Fusion
Subaru Legacy
Saturn Vue
  1 response   Ridgeline

Looking for used EX Ridgeline. Not sure between 2nd generation transmissions. Heard lots of negatives about Honda transmissions in general and mixed reviews between the 6 vs new 9 speed. Any thoughts?
  2 responses   Reasonably efficient, reliable, pleasant sedan/hatchback

We currently have an old Toyota pickup with 300 something miles. Original thought was to replace it but that's not an option right now. It's getting tired, but we will keep it for snow days and hauling.
We'd like a reasonably nice riding and handling car with a bit of...
  1 response   Fun wagon

Volvo V60 equivalent
  1 response   front bumper higher off the ground

  1 response   Do-it-All Compromise

In short, we need a minivan with about 8 inches of ground clearance and allwheel/four wheel drive. Cargo space and interior utility are priorities, along with mid to low 20s combined mpg.

We have used both our old Sienna and current Odyssey minivans well, but we've hit their limits...
  2 responses   sporty WAGON

My wagon has got to have a manual transmission, and not be too heavy/large. A Jetta GLX (VR6) would be more desirable than a V6 Passat, for example. Though I would prefer a smaller/lighter car, I want at least 50 cu. ft. of cargo volume (with rear seats down). I...

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