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Car Searches Responded To By NormT

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  13 responses   NEW SUV which one? RAVE 4 xlt.. EDGE xle..Escape xle...Equinox LT...Outback premium..Crossteck limited..Mazda 5..We thought the New Honda was loud..

WE like Ride...Quiet...good visability...First time SUV...our old cars are Buick Park Avenues...we like great breaks and want all of the safety sonar alerts etc....we do not need sport ride...but like a good tight feel...we want to stay away from Big expensive wheels..the Basic 17 inch or 18 if it's the...
  6 responses   New, safe, compact and a tad bit more fun second family car

I have following current shortlist for my second car. I'll be driving it while my existing car goes to wife.

1) VW GTI / Elantra GT Sport
Close to my heart, a bit more fun in the list. GATI is costlier as I prefer to go with top end...
  5 responses   Second Car - Compact SUV with Passenger Lumbar
One-Year Veteran

I am planning on replacing my second car, a Saturn Aura over the next year. My main vehicle is a Lexus RX350 and quite frankly, it has spoiled us. One piece of equipment that is difficult to find is power passenger lumbar support. Many cars offer driver side power lumbar,...
  12 responses   Freeway Commuter With Comfortable Seats

I am currently driving a 110 mile daily commute in Southern California in my 2012 Fiat 500. I was hoping to get into a Tesla because of their autopilot feature on the freeway. However the autopilot does not work all that well at this time so I am going to...
  9 responses   GTI long-term?

Need help choosing a reliable and FUN compact hatch or sedan. GTI, Civic SI, Focus ST top the list. Manual transmission is a must. I plan to keep it 10 years and give to son as first car. Dark horse in the running is Golf Sportwagen S 4motion. Any thoughts...
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  11 responses   a nice sedan of a particular exterior size

I'm looking for a nice-ish sedan for my next car. Probably one of the top trims if its a standard brand, or a more value-oreinted luxury model/trim. The kicker is that I'm looking for that car to be around 180" in length. My driveway is 190" long so I'd like...
  2 responses   Suburu Crosstrek Reliability - 2016+, engine, oil consumption

Oil consumption reviews on the web are concerning.
Has Suburu fixed or mitigated this issue? Frequency still above norms?
Extended warranty cover this adequately?
  9 responses   Reliable last ride

Ease of getting in and out. Reliability. Fuel economy 25mpg or better. Have looked at Subaru Forester,Outback,Nissan Frontier,Chevolet Colorado,Hyundai Tucson. Not sure if I want a truck or suv. The Frontier price was good. I liked the Forester but price seems high.
  7 responses   Seeking Fun-AWD car & Take it to Ski trips.

I am currently seeking to purchase a new vehicle either a 2017 Subaru Legacy Sport White (with a Remote Engine Starter) or a 2018 Subaru Legacy Limited White (with Black interior & Remote Engine Starter).
Although, I am uncertain about the Reliability of either vehicle. Others have told me...
  14 responses   Please tell me why I shouldn't buy a 2017 Mazda CX 5?

I have test drove many different SUV's over the last few months and feel that the 2017 Mazda CX 5 GT is the nicest. The interior instantly stood out and the ride felt really good. Is there anything I should know, before making my final decision?
  3 responses   awd for winter

what would you consider to be the most reliable and trouble free suv
  8 responses   small suv go haul feed, large woman, so a comfy seat, not one that curves too much, possible awd

a vehicle that is safe, but not too hard to climb up in. I need plenty of room to carry stuffy, feed and hay. I had a sienna and loved it, but it was totaled and now my kids are grown. I'm a fat woman, so I need a comfy...
  13 responses   Fit vs Soul

i am looking at a '15 Kia Soul + (46k) and a '13 Honda Fit Sport (71k). Love the Fit handling and accereration; love the Kia front seat storage and bluetooth. (Kia 's not bad for handling and speed either.) The Honda has been meticulously serviced; the Kia was owned...
  8 responses   Large active family hauler

We are a family of 6 who are frequently on the go. I would like a vehicle that will last me a long time--I drive them until they fall apart. 2nd and 3rd row comfort is exceptionally important. I would like to be able to tow our pop-up camper or...
  8 responses   Retirement vehicle

Want reliability, economy& comfort.
interested in Prius plug in hybrid & Subaru XV but don't know which is more suitable for me. Would be interested to know other alternatives .
  9 responses   Replacing a 2010 Infiniti EX35

I want a compact crossover luxury SUV. I have loved my car but it lacks the newer safety features. Also, it drives me crazy that there is no trunk release or button to open the trunk. You literally have to walk up to it and open with the handle on...
  3 responses   Mid sized SUV, best product for 10 years of ownership.

A family SUV that is solid, reliable, well made. I keep my vehicles for a long time, I'd like one that holds up for the long haul.
  15 responses   Reliable Compact SUV; Good handling and comfortable


I'm looking for a used compact SUV around/under 20k. Think Honda CR-V / Ford Escape size. I would like it to be a car that is known to be reliable.

Some things that are important are that it iss comfortable, has good handling, is something that...
  2 responses   looking to buy

sunroof, heated seats, bluetooth, tow package
  20 responses   awd convertible that is fast under 100k and not a porsche 911; yes i turned 60 3 days ago

i want a bmw m2 convertible awd but they are not and might not be made .. not a bmw m235 or m240 not the same car... debating an audi tt rs convertible if it exists; convertible is the hard part
  4 responses   Luxurious, safe and dependable midlife crisis hauler!

Greeting and a Happy New Year!
I am considering a Lexus LX 570 vs Lexus GX460 vs a Mercedes E350 Wagon.
If anyone of you have had the opportunity to live with any of the above cars, let me know their quirks, any raves or rants, overall maintenance issues /...
  6 responses   slighly-fancy feeling sedan, good mpg

I'm looking for a car that's slightly stylish, lots of safety features, and good MPGs that my family won't be embaressed driving in. I currently own the last generation impreza hatchback, and my kids and wife hate being in it. I don't like it for its CVT, loud interior and...
  4 responses   Diesel (bio?) with 4wd and M/T under $12k

I'm looking for a 2nd car for our family of 4. My wife has a 2006 Highlander Hybrid to commute to work. I bike to work. We have two boys, 4 and 2.

I need a vehicle once or twice a month, but most importantly I'm looking for a...
  22 responses   Luxury feeling midsized SUV without breaking the bank

Looking for that luxury feeling without breaking the bank. I've been looking at a 2015 Audi Q5 with ~50k miles on it, listed at $29k, absolutely in love with the look and feel of the car, but feel I might be overlooking a more cost-concience option that would provide similar...
  3 responses   Diesel Wagon for Allan

Hi Allan here, I'm almost 72 and retired contractor, now teaching Yoga around the Bay Area in San Francisco. Just sold back my 2011 VW Golf TDI (loved it) because of the emissions. And am now looking for a diesel wagon, would like the BMW 328d use- 14 or 15,...

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