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Car Searches Responded To By NormT

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  2 responses   Tool cart

I mostly need secure storage for my tools, and reliable transportation to and from work. Would like power windows and remote entry. Would at least like to have limited slip.
  9 responses   Best Guess Out Of Three

I have narrowed down my used car choices and would like crystal ball opinions on which would be the longest lasting and least repair costs.

Infiniti G25 but still unclear the difference between the X and Journey
2011 Honda Accord
2012 or 2015 Toyota Avalon

Any opinions will...
  10 responses   medium size station wagon for long road trips

comfortable, quiet and powerful for long road trips.
  4 responses   Midsize SUV for Tall guy

Looking for Midsize luxury, near luxury SUV. 6'4", 50 yr. Old. Don't like doing deep knee bends getting in and out of a vehicle. Like thigh support, especially on long drives. I have looked at 2014 BMW X5. Like interior, worried about maintenance cost and reliability. 2014 Acura MDX, front...
  11 responses   Dependable SUV or passenger car with power front passenger w/lumbar and heated second row seats

I am looking for a dependable, quiet vehicle that can comfortably seat 4, and preferably has a large cargo area for the occasions that I need to fit awkard sized items in the rear, or luggage and coolers for long trips. It is only my wife and I, and believe...
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  40 responses   Sporty dog mom who road trips

I lost my diesel A3 because of the mileage cheating ,swithched to a mini clubman--hate it--too small too gadget-y ..looking for something that will fit 2 50lb dogs in the back but is still well designed but is reliable and will last me for 5-10 years. Am i crazy? would...
  3 responses   Middle aged Dad- teenagers. Fun to drive, AWD, hatch with ground clearance for snow and camping.

Oldest is taking over my Rav4 soon, always liked it and the cargo space and ability handle most off-road needs.
Want something more fun to drive (manual would be great) but need to still have the cargo space and AWD with some ground clearance. Reliability a must.

? Hatch...
  14 responses   Middle aged Dad- teenagers. Fun to drive, AWD, hatch with ground clearance for snow and camping.

Oldest is taking over my Rav4 soon, always liked it and the cargo space and ability handle most off-road needs.
Want something more fun to drive (manual would be great) but need to still have the cargo space and AWD with some ground clearance. Reliability a must.

? Hatch...
  14 responses   2013 & 2014 Outback questions. Buying today, hopeful

Hi folks, I am replacing my 2012 Outback that was in an accident. I am looking at 2013 &14 limited models. One of the is a 3.6 witha 5 speed regular tranny. Looking for advice on the 3.6 vs. the 2.5 engine and going with the regular tran over a...
  14 responses   Reliable luxury, single mom, 2008 bmw 328i driver, RWD

I currently have a 2008 BMW 328i RWD tech and premium packages. Love it. But I have 174K mi. I prefer RWD. Do not want hybrid or diesel. I have a 4yo son, so booster/car seat in back is essential and I prefer interior that isn't cloth. Important features for...
  5 responses   2019 Edge

Reliable, comfortable, safety features, quiet, great handling. Leader right now is a 2019 Edge
  25 responses   New, Modern Sedan

Looking for a vehicle to replace my 2012 Suzuki Kizashi SLS. I am looking for a compact or midsize sedan with most of the bells and whistles. I am a GM fan, but just can't bring myself to buy a Cruze or Malibu (too boring). If the Buick Verano were...
  33 responses   used 6-7 seat, AWD wagon style

Hello. We currently have a 2008 Taurus X AWD with 130K on it. My wife and daughter compete to drive it. We are looking for a similar car for my wife to drive. Located in South Dakota, so winter driving is about half of the year. AWD is necessary, so...
  14 responses   2017 Ford Edge Limited 39,000 miles or 2016 Rave 4 limited 23,000 miles

Thinking about waitng to check out the 2019 New vehicles EDGE and Rave 4. Smooth quiet wet handling AWD Dependability.

Having a hard time choking on new car and used car prices...looking at something a year or 2 old at least a 2016 we like Blis cross traffic alert..big...
  4 responses   Replacing a Star

Looking for something to replace a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner with 275,000 + miles! Adore the old car, but it's time. Have driven what feels like everything! Nothing "wow's" me. Want fuel efficiency/ low emissions (make up for my 4 Runner sins); good visibility; 4 wheel drive; a bit of...
  18 responses   Safe, reliable crossover with great visibility

Looking for a late model, used crossover/wagon sixed vehicle that can fit a decent amount of cargo (new baby gear), has good safety ratings, and is easy to see out of. Also want something very reliable = Japanese brands in my mind, with decent gas mileage. I'm used to cars...
  6 responses   Fun, fuel-efficient

I may be experiencing a mid-life crisis. But now that the kids are out of school (and their tuition payments are behind me), I'd like to reward myself with the car I should have had when I was about 15 years younger. That said, I have something of a practical...
  11 responses   Need Help Choosing Next Vehicle

I am in the market for a new 2018 vehicle and have pretty much narrowed it down to 3. I'm looking at the Camry XLE, Hyundai Tucson SE or SE Plus, or Honda CR-V LX. I would like to give the CR-V EX a chance, but it seems there have...
  40 responses   Fun, reliable, 4 door sedan with AWD and 6 cylinder motor.

I'm currently driving an Audi Q5 3.0T APR Stage 1, and I'm in the market for a sedan that has similar performance. I'm looking at 2016 model years CPOs of Audi A6, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS 350, and Volvo S90. Reliability, handling, and performance are important, and I appreciate your...
  8 responses   Fuel-efficient family daily compact SUV; towing a pop-up camper on the weekends

Looking for a car that I will drive to work every day, but also can hold my husband and two sons who are all (or will be) about 6ft tall and two 60lb dogs. And will tow a pop-up camper (~3500lbs) on the weekend. I want the smallest size and...
  4 responses   Safe, reliable car good in the snow

I am a current Ford owner looking for a new car. I like the 2018 Nissan Rogue, but have heatd that Nissans can be costly to repair, and US World News only ranks this car as having average reliability. Can anyone comment on this car's reliability and repair costs?
  27 responses   7/8 Seater SUV

Looking for a reliable 7/8 seat family car SUV that rides well. I like the Mazda CX9 but realize the Highlander and Pilot are generally more reliable. (Test drove Highlander and found it lacking in any "pep.") Probably go with a 2018 to get new safety features.

Any thoughts...
  22 responses   van replacement

  31 responses   First time owner looking for a long term commuter/hunting vehicle

Finally looking to get my first car, hoping to keep it for the next 7-10 years if new and possible. Just looking for something safe and reliable. Will be used mostly to commute less than ten miles daily but would like enough off road capability and ground clearance for bumpy,...
  6 responses   dirt road traveler

I live on a farm down a gravel road. The road has tree debris from time to time, floods from time to time, and we are the last on the state maintenance list for snow removal. Currently, I have an AWD Acura sedan that handles everything fine as far as...

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