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Car Searches Responded To By NormT

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  4 responses   Subaru Forester 2018 or Mazda CX5 diesel 2018

Should I purchase a 2018 Subaru Forester or 2018 Mazda CX5 diesel?
  6 responses   fuel efficient and reliable

Automatic with great mpg and lower miles. Used for daily commute, and looking for longevity.
  9 responses   Fuel efficient family car with occasional need for 3rd row seating.

We currently own a Toyota Sienna and it has been awesome! It has 215,000 miles on it now and we are looking to purchase something newer. My wife drives almost 30,000 miles a year so fuel efficiency is very important. We considered a Prius V but feel that it won't...
  6 responses   Reliable; All Wheel Drive; Mid to Larger size;

I have looked at the Toyota Tacoma - The front seats seemed poorly designed and lacked comfort; I liked the size for parking - Liked the 4X4 - Great resale value - I had some concerns after talking to an owner of a 2016 Tacoma that he had some issues...
  7 responses   Fuel efficient comfortable safe inexpensive

considering a Honda Civic, a toyota corolla & VW Jetta and am a bit concerned about the relaibility of the Jetta. Are my concerns well founded?
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  3 responses   my toy

i'm looking for a chey equinox a treverse or a dodge durango
  8 responses   Durable, reliable grown-up car

I'm in the process of opening my own firm, and I know perception matters at least some for my clients. That being said, I don't want (or need) something flashy, just something that reads grown-up and professional.

Durability and reliability are the most important things to me, followed...
  11 responses   RDX vs MKX

I am looking at CPO RDX and MDX, my preference being a bit larger than smaller. I plan to keep it well over a decade and will put less than 6K miles annually on it. I am coming out of a 2011 Jeep Wrangler 6 speed.

Must haves:
  5 responses   Volvo XC90

I am looking for a vehicke to take on long trips rather then renting cars. I want soemthing dependable and large enough to fit my extra large dog kennels with luggage in the cargo and possibly using one of the seats folded down in the second row.
  3 responses   comfortable and reliable car for my retirement

2018 Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5 is what I have been looking at
  2 responses   Convertible

I'm looking at 2017 Stingray convertibles. I'm wondering if it's better to get a loaded Camaro instead of an entry-level Stingray.
  4 responses   fun comfortable car for my retirement

I want a fast luxery car that looks good and isquiet inside with lots of options.If it does not look good or feel good i will not buy it.I have looked at Cadillac cts.It was boring and felt a little clostafobic.I did not like anything about the car even though...
  9 responses   Smaller SUV good mpg must have moderate bad road capabilities

My wife's Ford Escape has been plagued with issues and we are looking for something in a similar size class to replace it. We live on a dirt road with ruts, rocks and mud, sowe need something with good off road manners. We frequently head to the mountains on gravel...
  3 responses   Performance Commuter Sedan

Looking at a preowned sedan that has some performance aspects to it yet realiable enough to make it to 120k miles. I drive 110 miles a day for work in NJ.

Past cars: 2000 Maxima, 2004 TL-S, 2013 328.

driven: Mazda 6 (too slow) and q50.
  5 responses   Small with lots of storage

I currently have an 08 PT Cruiser. Looking for something with comparable length and storage. Can't be much longer or have less cargo space.
  4 responses   used luxury suv

Mercedes 450 GL

BMW x5

Audi Q7

Audi Q5


  3 responses   fuel efficient reliable

I am currently in a 1999 jeep cherokee. Would like something just as reliable.
  10 responses   Small SUV with smooth ride

Considering CRV, CX5, RAV4. Would like a smooth ride, leather, heated seats and slider. I have had a RAV4 for many years, but I don't think the quality is there like it used to be. I would like as much luxury as possible for my budget. Real leather, not faux.
  2 responses   Next family sedan

I feel like I want sporty styling but in the end that won't be as important as ride comfort, low noise, good performance/handling and overall reliability. I love the styling of the 2016+ Kia Optima but am a little leery of 2016's because first year of a redesign.
  2 responses   Wife's Next SUV

My wife is in themarket for a new car. Her main concerns
  1. Ride height. She currently drives a Pilot
  2. leather.
  3. Cargo Space
  4. Reliability
  5. Car Tech (blue tooth, nav etc)
Added plus would be ventilated seats.

Some we are looking at are the

Dodge Durango Toyota Highlander ...
  5 responses   What car should I buy next?

Must be Japanese only, prefer Toyota. Must get at least 30mpg combined fuel economy. Nothing smaller than Toyota Echo. I must be able to find replacement parts easily and for cheap price ( Autozone, O'Reilly is good, having to go to the dealer only when I need replacement parts is...
  2 responses   vehicle for my daughter

Need a car for my daughter to drive to school,work, etc... Only planning to keep the car for a year or two, depending on where she goes to college. Looking for recommendations...
  3 responses   High MPG aggressive highway car yet safe

Hi All,

I'm looking for a car that is very safe with excellent MPG that can handle the super aggressive highway driving that is Chicago. Commuting 12 miles on local highways every day and doing 120 mile round trips into Indiana twice a month on highways there that can...
  5 responses   upscale, comfortable suv/crossover to ferry clients and my kids around town

Want quiet, creature comforts, safety features & smooth ride (but not like a pillow soft). Prefer luxury or near-luxury brand.
  4 responses   I am getting older and need to get rid of my 2011 hardtop BMW convertible. Since I am looking for safety features, would you purchase a Honda CRV or a Subaru Limited? Thanks

Looking at compact SUV's
Looking for safety features.
Honda and Subaru both have good safety features.
I liked the way the Subaru handled, however, the Honda has a turbocharged engine.

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