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  4 responses   Tall family, needs something like 2016 Tahoe, but don\'t need to tow anything

I'm 6'5" with long legs & my family is tall as well. I liked the 2014 Tahoe LTZ that I testdrove, but head & leg room fell just a little shy of what would work for me. The newer models (e.g. 2016) have the right sized interior, but are a...
  3 responses   Looking for a replacement to my Volvo

Looking for a car to replace my 2006 Volvo S60 which was totaled by an inattentive driver who plowed into the car behind me at a stoplight.

I prefer a car with good acceleration and handling but also need room to haul kids and clients. Can't spend more than...
  5 responses   Looking to try and save some money

Currently i have a 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia and while it is amazing i need to try to be smart and get something more economical. I was looking at getting a new Grand Cherokee but i kind of was looking for somehting cheaper than that. Something like 20k OTD would...
  10 responses   Long trip comfort with leg room

I am looking for a comfortable car for long trips (200-400 miles). We have an electic car that covers about 80% of our driving. For longer trips we take my 2006 Scion xB. The wife complains because it is loud. Because we only put 2-3000 miles a year, I'm not...
  2 responses   Fun, reliable and fuel efficient car with cargo space

I haven't owned a car in 10 years (been getting around by bicycle). My body is starting to complain, so I'm looking for a daily-ish driver to get me around town (Austin, TX), out on occasional camping trips, and maybe a long road trip or three (family in Seattle).
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  6 responses   Looking for a good daily driver

My wife's lease run's up on her MDX and we are going to downgrade a bit, so i am giving her my Tahoe (Family trip car) and i am looking for a pickup truck. Preferably under 100k miles and 22k (should be able to find something) but given the choice...
  13 responses   Manual transmission wagon, truck or SUV for outdoorsy family

Hey, we have a new SUV or wagon or truck purchase coming up for my family. We used to own a Jetta Sportwagen (automatic version) and are now seeking to head back to a manual transmission vehicle. We love manual transmission driving and feel like it's a now or never...
  11 responses   Fuel Efficient 4-Door with Room for Car Seats.

I would like a car that is incredibly reliable, fun-to-drive, and isn't a Toyota Prius. I would love an electric car, if possible, to save on gas. I need it to be able to fit car seats in the back if needed; at least two car seats. I have looked...
  2 responses   Ford Transit Connet cargo.

New or Certified, no accidents. I loocking for a transit connet cargo, no sure between 2018 or 2019.
  38 responses   compact or smaller car, something that is good on highway and comfortable when driving for more than an hour.

Basically, a good highway car that will last a few years. I can drive a manual but not inclined towards it. only two things that are really needed are Bluetooth and cruise control. Have test drove Toyota Corolla IM, Honda Fit, VW Golf and the Mazda 3. the Honda Fit...
  40 responses   Sporty dog mom who road trips

I lost my diesel A3 because of the mileage cheating ,swithched to a mini clubman--hate it--too small too gadget-y ..looking for something that will fit 2 50lb dogs in the back but is still well designed but is reliable and will last me for 5-10 years. Am i crazy? would...
  14 responses   Middle aged Dad- teenagers. Fun to drive, AWD, hatch with ground clearance for snow and camping.

Oldest is taking over my Rav4 soon, always liked it and the cargo space and ability handle most off-road needs.
Want something more fun to drive (manual would be great) but need to still have the cargo space and AWD with some ground clearance. Reliability a must.

? Hatch...
  13 responses   Inexpensive suv for teen

Zip code is 48044.
  14 responses   2013 & 2014 Outback questions. Buying today, hopeful

Hi folks, I am replacing my 2012 Outback that was in an accident. I am looking at 2013 &14 limited models. One of the is a 3.6 witha 5 speed regular tranny. Looking for advice on the 3.6 vs. the 2.5 engine and going with the regular tran over a...
  6 responses   Porsche Opinion?

Hi Guys, considering leasing or getting a 2015 -2017 Porsche Cayenn S E-Hybrid CPO. Would like to get opinions on it before I take the plunge. Been on the Porsche forums and it looks like the facelifted model is the preferred choice but also lot of people also prefer the...
  5 responses   diesel, 4 door, vw, safe

must be german or japanese
  5 responses   new bumper

In 2012 traded in my jeep patriot for a subaru outback. Outback was just totalled in accident and I am back to looking at jeeps. I LOVED my Subaru, but I also loved my Patriot! 4x4 is a must, however 70% of driving is around town, so I would like...
  14 responses   Reliable luxury, single mom, 2008 bmw 328i driver, RWD

I currently have a 2008 BMW 328i RWD tech and premium packages. Love it. But I have 174K mi. I prefer RWD. Do not want hybrid or diesel. I have a 4yo son, so booster/car seat in back is essential and I prefer interior that isn't cloth. Important features for...
  5 responses   2019 Edge

Reliable, comfortable, safety features, quiet, great handling. Leader right now is a 2019 Edge
  25 responses   New, Modern Sedan

Looking for a vehicle to replace my 2012 Suzuki Kizashi SLS. I am looking for a compact or midsize sedan with most of the bells and whistles. I am a GM fan, but just can't bring myself to buy a Cruze or Malibu (too boring). If the Buick Verano were...
  27 responses   used 6-7 seat, AWD wagon style

Hello. We currently have a 2008 Taurus X AWD with 130K on it. My wife and daughter compete to drive it. We are looking for a similar car for my wife to drive. Located in South Dakota, so winter driving is about half of the year. AWD is necessary, so...
  14 responses   2017 Ford Edge Limited 39,000 miles or 2016 Rave 4 limited 23,000 miles

Thinking about waitng to check out the 2019 New vehicles EDGE and Rave 4. Smooth quiet wet handling AWD Dependability.

Having a hard time choking on new car and used car prices...looking at something a year or 2 old at least a 2016 we like Blis cross traffic alert..big...
  4 responses   Replacing a Star

Looking for something to replace a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner with 275,000 + miles! Adore the old car, but it's time. Have driven what feels like everything! Nothing "wow's" me. Want fuel efficiency/ low emissions (make up for my 4 Runner sins); good visibility; 4 wheel drive; a bit of...
  18 responses   Safe, reliable crossover with great visibility

Looking for a late model, used crossover/wagon sixed vehicle that can fit a decent amount of cargo (new baby gear), has good safety ratings, and is easy to see out of. Also want something very reliable = Japanese brands in my mind, with decent gas mileage. I'm used to cars...
  3 responses   Safe, reliable car with adequate cargo space and good fuel economy

I'm trading in a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport that just had to have the engine replaced. I want a safe car that I can depend on for 10 years with low maintenance cost.

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