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  31 responses   Want another hybrid, but they seem to be either disappearing or not offering really great mileage

I lease a 2013 Honda Civic hybrid. I'd get another, but Honda has discontinued it for 2016. I get about 35 MPG driving in D.C. traffic. I'll need to get a new lease this year.
  • The only other Honda hybrids are the Accord (which is probably outside my price range)...
  26 responses   Quirky and fun economy hatchto last 10 years+

Hey everyone,
I'm considering selling my 10 yo Ford Focus ZX5- I have loved, loved this car but it is getting to the age that a few things are wearing. It has been roomy, fun, fuel-efficient, and still looks good after all these years. It's been perfect.

I'm looking...
  24 responses   Fun, good acceleration and handling, relatively quiet when cruising, reliable in compact or smaller mid size automobile

New or used is okay. New priced up to low 30s, or late model used, mid 20s. I am a single person so I do not need an extremely practical car but I do want one that is functional in rain and snow. I plan on owning one car. My...
  21 responses   Comfortable and dependable commuter, weekend excursions on snow/mud/gravel

Looking for a new (used) car when I return from Germany - there are several months to pin down something perfect. Something that is dependable so I can count on it for daily communiting, but something with enough brawn to handle weekend excursions into mud/gravel/snow for some hiking and...
  20 responses   Sporty Coupe that will not break the bank

I'm attracted to the 2010-2011 Nissan ALTIMA COUPE, 2.5 litre, I would also consider the 3.5 litre, more fun but I hear its a bit thirsty. I really like the styling of the Altima Coupe and it seems to get a very good reliability report from car mags and websites....
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  17 responses   Small, nimble, fun (as in lean in to the curves) car for petite woman with dogs & a desire to drive a stick/manual again

I moved from the California Bay Area to Western Massachusetts a year ago with several dogs and a 2011 Ford Flex Limited. When I lived in the Bay Area, I worked for a wonderful animal shelter and routinely transported dogs (up to 8 including 2 dog crates) between Gilroy and...
  17 responses   a drivers car for fun and travel for retired seniors
Stan P.

Looking for a sport touring roadster for seasonal use. Have driven sporting vehicles most of my life and value good handling and reasonable performance. My current go car is an 05 Passat TDI which is the best overall vehicle I have ever owned. My warm weather car is an 03...
  15 responses   half empty nest car

We are approaching our 60's. Our boys left the house and left a 60 lbs Springer Spaniel behind. Our yearly milage dropped from 20K to about 12K thanks to the lack of soccer and boyscout activities. I imagine we will now fly more and rent but still do day trips...
  14 responses   Comfortable, reliable car with some creature comforts

I'm looking for a reliable, comfortable to drive car that will last me 5-7 years. I currently drive a 2004 Mercedes-Benz C Class, which has been and still is a great car. However, the older I get, the more I want something with a smoother ride, especially going over bumps...
  13 responses   My FIRST car! Reliability/low cost-to-own a must

Looking to buy my first car! I'm on a shoestring first-job budget too, but happily have enough saved to buy outright (with help from family). My main concerns are reliability and lifetime cost-to-own, specifically maintinence/repair costs, and to a lesser extent MPG. I'm hoping to find a car that'll last...
  13 responses   First car out of college - thinking about a TDI

I currently own a beat up 2004 Hyundai Elantra GT and am looking for something fresh. Fortunately I've acquired a good job so I can afford to invest in a car that will last sometime, but I don't want to find myself in a long term loan as I am...
  16 responses   Looking For better ingress and egress from my next car.

Love my 14' Mazda 6 with one exception, ingress and egress is awful for someone older or overweight. No matter how I adjust the seat I have to fall in to the car to get in most of the time and getting out is a chore too. Still,...
  12 responses   Small/medium size family hauler - fun, inexpensive, good to look at it

Our requirements are:
- good space for a small family with at least 5 seats
- 1/2 child seat capacity
- rearview camera is a must, love to have all around view
- like sporty looking cars specially in red color :)
- climate control
- love to have moon/sun...
  11 responses   Replacing a 2012 VW Tiguan

I currently have a 2012 VW Tiguan and am not real happy with it. "German Engineering" seems to have failed here. I leaks, squeeks, has wind noise and the ride is a bit harsh.
I have looked at a few different models including the Ford Escape, the Honda CRV, and...
  11 responses   Wagon or Hatch with great handling and turbo for the Rockies

I've offered some advice here so I thought I'd ask for opinions too. I'm a car guy- used to do all my own work when such was possible. Cars owned were BMW 335i (current), Audi S4 Avant, VW Passat 1.8T, Passat VR6. All bought CPO with long warranties. I live...
  11 responses   Hot Hatch with a Lux touch

I'm moving to California and looking at some hot hatch options. I currently drive the 2013 Jetta Hybrid and am happy with the performance and fuel economy, but the battery really hampers trunch space so I am now looking for hatch back options.

Currently I have my eyes on...
  11 responses   Replacement for Nissan Maxima SE - sports sedan with a little bit of luxury without breaking the bank

I love my 2002 Maxima SE - great drive (handling, speed, pickup) sporty, luxurious, roomy, comfortable. Multi-purpose for family and business. What's a good option something similar to this?
  10 responses   Keep the Protege5, get an RX-8, or neither?
Ten-Year Veteran

About five years ago I briefly considered getting a Honda S2000, then a Mazda RX-8. My father then bought one of the latter. We figured that once he tired of it, I'd take it off his hands.

It took much longer than he expected, but he has now tired...
  9 responses   German all wheel drive with enough rear seat room for 6 foot and growing teen

Current cars looked at so far are Audi A6 Quattro and BMW x5. VW, and audi q5 rear seats seem too small.

Used is preferrable to keep cost reasonable. I'm pretty handy and can tackle a lot of repairs, have done fwd axles, o2 sensors, cam position sensors,...
  9 responses   Winter friendly car

Subaru Impreza 2010 (used) -- front seat felt cramped, and there was no rear window wiper. Does anyone know if more recent models have the rear wiper?
  9 responses   Family vehicle, no minivans

I need something large enough to fit a growing family, and occasionally to fit adults in the back. Safety and reliability are important, though I'd also like to find something that's relatively fun to drive, if possible. Nothing too big or high off the ground. Low profile is good. The...
  9 responses   To VW or not?

Let the debate begin. I am extremely pulled between purchasing a VW Jetta GLI or Honda Civic SI.

My big 2 needs for my car are (1) 4 door (2) 6 Speed

I would also like to keep it under 28K which leads me to the above 2...
  9 responses   Wanted: a "Ralph Nader" car -- safe, sensible, reliable, efficient, green

Reject anything with poor or mediocre safety rating or mpg < 25.
Must seat at least 5, 7 preferred. Convertible cargo space preferred; we move furniture, bikes, and landscaping materials (dirt).
Looking for excellent reliability, prefer excellent mileage.
Current car is 2006 highlander hybrid w possibly bad inverter. Just...
  9 responses   SUV with safety forefront to protect my baby

Has to be safe! Pregnant wife, this will be our family hauler.

Looking for good snow handling.

Style and features are important, I want a nice ride to replace the dinky Hoondai I've had for ten years. I want an SUV that will be my ride for 15...
  9 responses   Extra vehicle for winter driving

I'm looking for a used 4WD or AWD SUV as an extra vehicle. I will be moving out to the country and we do get some snow. Roads are very narrow and curvy, so I need 4WD or AWD. I want something reliable and I want to spend around $15K.In...

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