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This could something as simple as a slightly loose untorqued drain plug. Could also be a valve cover gasket.

oil leak but oil is full, runs good

Thanks for your quick response... yes I did take it back right away and they were a little perplexed and sighted a few possibilities... fuel injector, cam solonoid, EGR, timing chain.... I am taking it back in in two days, and again thank you.


They did something wrong. Have no idea what it is, but sounds like fuel isn't feeding properly when it's first started. Why you haven't taken it back to the people who did it is an even bigger question. They messed it up, make them fix it. Something may be loose, but it's likely an electrical or computer issue. They may need to reflash the computer module.

Whatever it is, whoever worked on it is responsible to make it right.


Member3676, thank you very much. Your 10 cents feedback is much more than a dollar!!!!! Appreciate it.

Looking For a Luxury Family Hauler

For smooth ride over potholes, gosh, I think Lexus might hold the lead there . I recommend that you test drive both the MDX and Lexus. Lexus in particular will let you take a car for 24 hours . Just ask and show ID ! They are very generous.

For seat comfort, we are all different. I am 5'5" and weigh around 138 . If you are a 6 foot male at around 200 pounds, you will experience things differently. It seems to me that the Lexus seat started to bother me after 30 minutes or so, but it is a vague memory , so you should check for yourself.

Quality of materials , i think the reviewers give it to Lexus . I think Lexus is prettier inside . Nice wood or fake wood and accents. I do know that MDX gives you more room shoulder wise and between the driver and passenger. The leather has worn very well on my 2009 MDX. My son and daughter in law bought it from me so I see it every so often. My new MDX is midnight blue and a very pretty vehicle on the outside and neat and functional on the inside.

As to bathrooms - well, I presume that all the Lexus dealerships are similar. You have to go into the dealership and go into the bathroom ! Awesome ! I wanted to linger ! LOL Oh and the free donuts and fresh fruit ! Let's just say I was impressed !

One last comment as to ride. Once I was driving on I5 going to Seattle. I reached to do something with the radio or CD player and looked up and had come very close to a car on my left side. I made the classic mistake of jerking the wheel to the right and then back to the left . The MDX was bouncing but it stayed true and I did not lose control. Oh, I was going around 70 or 75 miles per hour. My MDX was equipped with the all wheel drive system and I give it credit for keeping me safe in those seconds. I would never get just a front wheel drive. But then, I am here in the Pacific Northwest and with the heavy rains and snow, it is really a very necessary item.
If you live in Southern California, you probably don't feel that you need it .

Good luck ! Go test drive those cars ! Take the Lexus for 24 hours. I think Acura will do the same,but talk to them. I was always certain of what I could tolerate after an hour or two and never asked for longer.

Looking For a Luxury Family Hauler

Thank you for the responses, Member 3676! The info you provided is very helpful.

I realize that in general Lexuses are more comfortable. But the availability of 3rd row is the reason I am considering an MDX.

I just sidetracked when I included RDX in the mix, which I shouldn't have.

To make both lives easier, could you you please pick your choice for the following:

1. Smooth ride thru a bad road with full of potholes, broken patches of asphalt/concrete (MDX or RX350)
2. Seat comfort during long drives (MDX or RX350)
3. Quality of materials like seats, dashboard, buttons etc. (MDX or RX350)

I do not understand what you mean when you said "Lexus has prettier bathrooms ! LOL"

Thanks again.

Looking For a Luxury Family Hauler

This is my 10cents worth ! I have owned two MDX's . For me anyway, it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love that there is plenty of power at any speed and of course, any midsized to large SUV gives you the better visibility and feeling of at least being competitive in size out there on the road.

I have two relatives who own the RDX and I recently spent time testing the RDX when researching for my current vehicle . The RDX offers the advantage of being a bit smaller and thus is more maneuverable in parking lots or in the city. I got interested when Acura gave the RDX the 6 cylinder engine. HOWEVER, that being said, I backed away from the RDX because after I had been in the seat after about 15 or 20 minutes, I started getting uncomfortable . I think they skimped on the cushioning,which is a deal breaker for me. The MDX seat is comfortable even after a couple hours in the seat. That is something to consider.

I spent some time with the Lexus RX. and I wanted to love it . I really did ! One of my girlfriends test drove the Lexus RX and loved it , so each to their own. The lexus handles beautifully and is a smooth ride. I just find it boring ! The Acuras are just more fun ! And that is just personal opinion !

Both Lexus and Acura will treat you like a Queen or King ! Lexus has prettier bathrooms ! LOL

One thing you might consider inquiring about - I bought a 2016 MDX and had two safety features added, as of course the two I wanted were on the accessory list ! But they are well worth it . One is a beeper that when you back up and get within a certain distance of something behind you, the beeping starts and goes faster as you get closer . It also " sees " things moving , like a car, that you might not see, and it beeps when you are in Reverse. If you can get it, well worth the money. The other is a sensor that alerts you to a car in your blind spot. I am not good about backing up and I am not good about seeing someone on my right side ! I nearly captured 3 cars in the time I had my first MDX and all on my right side ! If you get the RDX , that should be less of a problem . Maybe Lexus comes standard with those two features !

Good luck, you are looking at three great makes of vehicles ! They all get about the same mileage. I average around 21 mpg.

Looking For a Luxury Family Hauler

I would suggest you test drive a CERTIFIED 2014 E63 or E63S sedan. Mercedes has a fantastic warrantee for certified cars. AMG's depreciate rapidly and you can find E63's within your price range. As the owner of an E63S station wagon, I can attest that they are very comfortable for long drives and are a ball to drive. The ride is definately "European" and not "billowy" like some other carsbut that I find the car very comfortable in both in-town and on highway trips. The 2014+ models are AWD which also has advantages in winter or wet driving. I get 17-18 mpg in daily in-town driving (and I don't driveit easy)and 21 mpg on the highway (fully loaded).

New Company Car

One car you may want to consider is an infiniti sedan. I used to race Corvettes (and still have 2), but my daily driver is a 2006 Infiniti M35X. I bought it used, it has been a very reliable car, has good pickup, is quick, very luxurious, and gets 20mpg. The newer ones get better mileage because they put 6 speeds in them, mine is a 4.
It is automatic, but you can go into manual mode to "play", but in traffic, auto is so much better.

Get an "X" model, it is AWD and has a very secure feeling on wet/snow roads. Just something else to look at.
I have 140k on mine and the engine/tranny don't show any sign of slowing down... Lots of creature comforts like leatherheated/cooled seats, sunroof, premium sound system, and has a big trunk. It just looks way better than many of these other cars too, in my opinion.

Good luck.

Fun, fast (ish), AWD car to satisfy the frustrated racer in me (that still has to haul a family)

If this was my choice there would be one.

Volvo V90 wagon. An Uber cool large luxury wagon that you have to special order to get (And might I add fly to Sweden recieved!) Volvo typically have the best seats. Prices are alunder $60k

If it must be a sedan the same car is available as the S90. Still cool but not Uber cool.

My 2nd choice would be the Volvo V90 Cross Country. A raised Version of the V90 - you should be able to find this on dealer lots.

If you wanted a SUV check out the Mazda CX-9. It's well under your budget and have the sportier drive than most

New Company Car

I wouldnt buy the Jeep Liberty. I maintain the fleet vehicles for my place of employment and compared to the Tacomas and Silverados we also use, the Jeeps are constantly in need of pricey repairs. We've had to change out a gasoline tank anda transmission in oneunder 100k miles, another had its axle bearing go out in 25k miles (it was covered under warranty), one's transmision cooler lines rusted out in about 80k miles, and three of them shake violently when started. Neither Searsnor the dealerhave been able to fix the problem yet. I wouldhighly suggest going with a different make.

Grand Cherokee vs. Liberty

Actually interested in getting the Grand Cherokee for the next lease besides a Touareg . if you are buying to own long term, Would highly recommend the MAX Care warranty especially if you go for the Lifetime package. It covers the vehicle with unlimited mileage as long you are the original owner. Been lurking on the Jeep Forums and there is a Brand (Jeep Loyalists) following for the Grand Cherokee. MY16 and up gets the updated Pentastar 3.6.

Grand Cherokee vs. Liberty

I am still driving my 2003 Passat with 95,000 miles. I really appreciate this solid,comfortable and good handling car with lots of room. Station wagonswith their good visibility are hard to find in the US now. Car companies are selling big fat SUVs to please the ladies.

Member Vehicle Review

Another difference with the Inscription: unlike the regular S60, it's made in China, one of the first cars to be imported from there. This makes a difference for some people.

Entry Level European Sedan

As mentioned above, the S60 is closer in size to the A4 than the Passat. But it's worth noting that the S60 now comes in two sizes (as of 2016)- the standard S60 and the S60 Inscription (which is 3-inches longer, with all the space going to rear seat legroom).

Entry Level European Sedan

The review is of the RX 350, which is the big seller on this side of the Atlantic. I think it only mentions the 450h once, as a possibility for those who want better fuel economy.

2016 Lexus RX 350 Review

This will be my last Nissan for awhile, to be Honest, I hate the CVT,but the wife likes the Murano, lol. Also considering the VW Touareg besides the GC. That thing is built like a tank. My Mom has a 2012, and so far just recommended maintenance and no issues to be frank. The key factor to German vehicles is maintenance. I'm familiar with the VR6, it'as actually durable. I like driving it more than my Murano lol, refined,quite and anice ride.

We had a 2013 Passet SEL VR6 and that thing is fast; in my opinion needs a AWD drivetrain to put that power to the ground.

Reasonable repair costs, SUV, good acceleration, used

The category's best-seller for most of the past 8 years has been the Audi Q5. I could cite many reasons why, but the essence comes down to balance. It does everything well, nothing poorly, and is available with a wide range of powertrain options to suit any need.

I'll second the suggestion of the Acura RDX, and add the Lexus RX350 as a good option as well...

Suggestions for Small Luxury SUV - AWD

Thanks for all the inputs! I will keep the S60 in mind when test driving for sure.

Entry Level European Sedan

VW Arteon looks to be a great choice when it comes out next year. Of course buying a car in it's first year can sometimes be a dice roll as far as reliability. It does ride on the excellent MQB platform which the Golf, TT and A3 currently use. The U.S. spec Passat shifts to the MQB platform in 2018, so it should be less bland once the change is made.

I love the A4, but it is a bit smaller on the inside than the Passat, if that matters to you. Interior is beautiful and handling will probably be nicer. It has a proper longitudinally mounted engine and arguably a nicer AWD system than the MQB based cars. These cars are also substantially more expensive than the VW's.

While not German, Volvo has certainly stepped up it's game as of late, and I agree that the S60 should at least get a test drive. It might be a tad less sporty than the German's but for long distance cruising, Volvo's interior comfort and seats are legendary. It's dimensions probably compare to the A4, which is to say smaller than the Passat.

Entry Level European Sedan

I agree with Mabe, that finding a car that has been on the market for a few years is helpful, so the kinks will be worked out. Also, turbo chargers can sometimes be problematic at high mileage, so perhaps consider a naturally aspirated car. A used Camry or Accord might fit the bill well.

The key to high mileage cars is staying on top of maintenance. Don't prolong service intervals or use improper fluids.

Driving habits play into this as well. Be easy on the car during the first 5-10 minutes of driving so the oil can properly warm up before increasing rpm's. Hint: most dash thermostats measure coolant, which warms up much quicker than the oil. Take it easy on the brakes and coast up to lights in stop and go traffic.....

Go the distance 200,000+ miles

Consumer Reports has the 2017 Audi A 4 at the top of the list, by far, in the segment.

Entry Level European Sedan

The Lexus NX 200t gets excellent reviews and it starts around $36k. It's a given that reliability and maintenance costs will be excellent.

The Acura RDX is also a very good choice. It's backed by Honda reliability and shares a V6 with many other Honda/Acura models, so it can be serviced reasonably. Definitely worth a look.

I have a lot of affection for the Volvo XC60. The XC60 is typical Volvo (safe, immensely comfortable) and it's a solid performer in winter weather. The best bet is a 1-2yr old CPO model.

Suggestions for Small Luxury SUV - AWD

I suggest taking a look at the Volvo S60 before making any final decisions. They feel as solid as a bank vault and you will not find better seats in any other car at any price! Volvo's CPO program is rated as one of the best and has great warranty coverage.

Entry Level European Sedan

I highly recommend taking a look at the Toyota Sequoia before making a final decision. IMO, they've taken the Tahoe/Yukon formula and made it even better.

If you decide to go with one of the GM models, I think the Tahoe is the best value (and the best looking also). You're just paying for the 'upscale' look and features on the GMC and (especially) the Cadillac.

Large SUV