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You didn't specify which Audi you had in mind and whether it's pre-owned or new. Overall Audi parts are expensive and finding a good qualified mechanic is challenging (having two VW Touaregs and an RS5 I know ...).

What car are you replacing and what do you want this car to do?

would you you buy this car if you were me

I have had the following Audis: 2007 Q7, after 100,000 miles I incurred heavy maintenance costs, managed to get good value in a trade for a used 2012 Q7, almost 2 years old with about 19,000 miles. I kept it until it hit 45,000 miles, was problem free until they had to replace the panoramic roof (under warranty--no cost). The roof never leaked but developed an annoying yet hardly noticeable noise. I traded it for a new 2016 Q5, which now has 22,000 miles. It was problem free until very recently they had to replace one fuel injector. Not sure what caused that, but it was covered under warranty. I was able to keep driving it but this instance made me think again I do not want to be without warranty coverage.

I really like the Audi's, would like to keep my current Q5 for a few years but will probably sell or trade it just before the warranty runs out. You really get spoiled.

If you opt for a used Q5, I suggest buying a certified with the additional warranty. I did evaluate an Acura before buying my first Audi. I prefer the drivability and interior and exterior of the Audi but would bet the Acura is more reliable. Hondas are boring but they run, largely problem free. Acura's should be similar. I must say, we have always loved our Audi's.

Good luck. Btw, big fan of Wisconsin!

Audi Reliability?

I have a 2012 Q5 3.2 Prestige. I am the second owner. I've owned it for about a year an a half and I've had a few repairs done. It currently has 50,000 miles on it. The power mirrors were making noise so had to have those replaced. There was an awful noise coming from the trunk cover moving around so they had to go in and felt the body. The noise disappeared. To have the bigger engine I have been very happy with the gas milege. I get 18-20 mpg in the city. I was getting alot less in my VW Tiguan. My only major complaint is the MMI system. It acts up alot and they have replaced it once already. Sometimes it won't tell me the song info, the music (satellite radio)cuts in and out way more then other car I have owned, and every now and then I'll get in the car and start it up and music/static will blast out of one of the back speakers. I can turn the car off and leave it parked for a little while and try again and it'll be normal again. The system appears old and outdated...and although the newer Audi systems look a little better then minethey are still behind other cars I think. With all of that being said I still love the car and don't regret my purchase. I'm going to go get a used 2018 as soon as more of them start hitting the market.

Audi Reliability?

How about an Acura RDX or MDX? Both have ample space in back, and the seats in both are VERY comfortable...

Reliable, fuel efficient SUV

Audi's CPO program is one of the most generous in the industry, so a CPO A5/S5 cabrio could be a great choice. The car's looks are the icing on the cake!

Another option might be a used Mustang convertible - the current model is well done overall. You might want to considering adding an extended warranty if you went this route...

fun car used for light travel, trips to the beach, etc.

Maybe a Mazda CX-5 Pre-owned. Try to test drive it first as NVH on earlier Mazda's are bit high on that category. The new 2017 CX-5 is much improved. Also the Pathfinder/QX60 twins. Test drove both the new ones (2017) but prefer the QX60 due to its better interior quality and refimement and Highly comfortable front seats, quiteness and smooth ride. The Pathfinder is value for the money. Also easy ingress on the front.

I know it a 3 row SUV but space won't be an issue if that is one of your requirements and gets decent Mileage in the Hwy.


Reliable, fuel efficient SUV

You should definitely avoid the Chevy Aveo and Mini Cooper. The Aveo is just a terrible car that is probably falling apart and the Mini Cooper is a fun car but it is unreliable.

Fuel-efficient small commuter car

The best advice this old guy can give and many will not like is DO NOT BUY A USED 4 Banger, get a V-6, plenty of nice ones in your price range with 50-60k miles on them. Parts are plentiful and cheap on them and a V6 will last longer too, you can easilly get another 100K on all the cars suggeted.

Goodluck on what ever you decide.

Can only spend $6,000 to $8,000

As an owner of two Prii, I've learned that they do not hold up that well after 250k miles. I have almost 250k miles and I replaced the hybrid battery last month for $2500. It's a great car that gets high MPG and it lasted for 250k miles without any problems, but high mileage ones will have expensive repairs in the near future (like the HV battery, hybrid inverter pump, etc.). I replaced my entire A/C system for $3k earlier this year, too. If they were not taken care of, they will be problematic. I love my 2005 so much I bought a 2016, but I suggest a 2010 Two or higher. You'll be fine if you buy one at around 150k miles. It'll last you maybe 50k-100k miles without major problems.

I find that if you want a newer car, but don't want to spend much, look at a Kia. The Kia Forte is a solid car, but take a test drive because owner satisfaction was very low from 2010 to 2013.

Don't buy the Smart ForTwo (bad reliability, it's a piece of junk made by MB), Mini Cooper is even worse at reliability, THE FIAT 500 IS THE LEAST RELIABLE NEW CAR ON THE MARKET according to Consumer Reports.

I like the VW Golf, but older ones may have spotty reliability. The Honda Fit is a safe choice. Same for the Yaris, but the Fit is a better choice involving fun. The Scion xD is reliable, but it's a pretty bad, unrefined driving experience. Mazda 2 is also good. Mazda 3 even better but more expensive (which means higher mileage in your budget). Good luck and don't forget to tell us your choice! :)

Can only spend $6,000 to $8,000

The answer to the question how many miles will x car last is... It depends. Clearly some models have better reliability that others and every brand has good and bad models, but how it was used and maintianed by previous owners

Here are my tips

1. Use the reliability data available to you, to identify which model to consider. Don't just use the brand perceptions as many do to make decisions. I use this site andhttp://www.dashboard-light.com/

2. For the best value Hit them where they ain't - look for models that are not popular - i.e. smaller cars vs crossovers, Minivans vs 3 row SUV's etc, or models from dead brands (that still have protection i.e. Mercury, Saturn etc)

3. Think about your future needs - If you plan to keep a car for say 5 years - do you expect your requirements to change - Will you family grow? Will you likely change jobs and have a longer commute?

4. When you find a car learn as much about it's history and condition as possible. Carfax is a start, but and absolute must is an independant inspection - or at least a friend who knows what ot look for. I prefer to by from private indiviuals as they will know the history. Most dealers / auctions distroy any history records under "privay concerns". Find out where the vechile was previously owned and if possible try to figure out where it was serviced - contract the dealer / garage to see it they can provide you the records

In terms of your spec above consider...

Toytoa Prius - I brought a 2010 (gen 3) last year from my neighbor for just over $6K. THe milage was ~ 140K but drives like new - these are renound for going 250K miles without too much issue. It's a boring but easy drive. They are supprising spacious inside and easily get 45 - 50 mpg. Gas price is low ans so Hybrids are less popular right now.

Kia Fotre . A 2011 - 2012 is right around your price point. You could also look for a kia soul - Look for the 2nd generation

For an off the wall idea What about a Smart Fortwo - you can get a 2014 / 2015 with balance of the factory warranty for well under $6K

Another area is larger cars like Chevy Malibu or 2nd gen Mazda 6 a 2010 model is in your price range.

I hope this helps

Can only spend $6,000 to $8,000

No one has mentioned Chevy Aveo or Mini Cooper. Are those worth considering?

Fuel-efficient small commuter car

The Ford Focus and Fiesta are notorious for transmission failures. Definitely not those or the Beetle. The Versa is a really chintzy car with average to below average reliability. The Yaris is reliable, but not nice in any way. I best car you mentioned was the Prius. I have a 2005 with 250,000 original miles and a 2016 that I love. I just replaced the battery in the old one for $2,200. That's the downside to used Prii. They are reliable until the battery eventually fails. The Prius is fast enough for almost anyone. I drive mine really hard and I haven't had any powertrain problems except for recalls. I get 42 MPG in my 2005 and 57 MPG in my 2016. :) The driving experience is much better on my 2016 than my 2005, so keep that in mind when wanting a fun car. The Honda Fit's a great car. It's a fun car to drive, but listen for road noise. It can get annoying, but most cars in this price range are like that.

The Mazda 2 is a great car that no one has mentioned! It's fun and has good MPG and reliability The Mazda 3 is also a good choice.Good luck!

Fuel-efficient small commuter car

Also leasing 2015 TDI. Golf Sportwagen. Got the $8500 discount. Good.

In the shop for 'reduce oil pressure'
warning after only 1,000 miles. Not so good.

Verdict still out on whether this was/is/will be a good car to lease or own.

Golf Sportwagen TDI - difficult to give up

Late with a response, but...
I can not recommend the Land Cruiser strongly enough. I have owned three, series 62, series 100 series 200. I have also owned a Lexus GX and a Toyota 4-runner. The Lexus Gx was the weak sister of the group. I won't go into the problems with the GX, but I will tell you of the strenghts of the LC. 100K miles and I replaced only the tires and a intake manifold. Zero issues. Reliability beyond belief. If it were not for the lockout hubs I would have held onto it. The series 100 anothe totally reliable vehicle. Sold it at 125k miles while I never, never had a malfunction or maintainence issue with the vehicle. No repairs of any kind. The vehicle only received standard maintenance and a set of tires at 68K miles. The series 200 currently has less than 15K miles and seems to be in the mold of the !00 series. Its KDSS , kenetic dynamic suspension system is in a class of its own. Outstanding stability with car like performance on the highway. Off road (think snow too) the combinations of gearing and terrain selections will keep the vehicle going and going and going.
If budget is important look for a used 100 series or early 200. They are worth a national search and rescue effort.

A long haul vehicle

The 2006 is the start of a major redesign. That said, the first model year of a redesign is almost always the least reliable when the manufacturer works out the bugs. The 2005 will probably be a little more reliable. But the 2006 is a newer fresher car. Don't get an 01 to 04 MDX because those have major transmission issues (I've been through that). 2006 reliability issues mainly have to do with the navigation/head unit failing. 2005 had faulty alternators. They are pretty great cars even though I made it sound bad. I'd go with the 2006 MDX.

Thoughts on 3 used 7 passenger vehicles

Thanks for the feedback. I'm actually leaning more towards a 2006 or 2005 acura mdx. It seems that after 2003 they fixed a lot of issues. What do you guys think? The 2007s are nice but start to get outside my price range. Mazdas and rust seem to go hand in hand. Lol.

Thoughts on 3 used 7 passenger vehicles

Thank you Norm , will probably follow that direction. Not really afraid to own European makes. Been driving Japanese cars since I was a kid and want something different for a change.. :)


Jaguar Ownership Long Term?

We enjoy our 2015 GMC Terrain (Equinox) as the back seat slides back for when people sit there or forward for we have the dogs in the backseat or hauling cargo and want to keep the seats up.

Safe for my previous cargo (my baby) and reliable

Since your in Canada and see more snow and respectively see more road salt, I'd stay away from rusting Mazdas. The Ford might be a better choice

Thoughts on 3 used 7 passenger vehicles

Skip the Japanese , go for the German/Britsh! If you are handy and can search the respective car forum , I'd say go and drive the vehicle that'll want to drive with good dynamics.

Jaguar Ownership Long Term?

A minivan is the best for light duty, kennel hauling. check out the Chrysler Pacifica.

2017 search

Those middle sized CUVS might be a little small for a family plus hauling all their stuff . if mileage driving will be low I'd look on swap lease for a Tahoe or the like. With 21-23 mpg on the highway plus AWD available plus unlimited towing of U-Haul trailers.

Or move up a CPO/swap lease Mercedes GL.

All purpose/all weather city dweller w/highway hauling needs

If you follow the question asked about the same time someone had a Kia/Hyundai and ran it onto the ground in 10 years or so. They were not the best car made and have to provide a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty today to intice buyers. So if you are looking for something to go 200,000 miles or more I'd look else where.

Suv maze

There were $10,000 discounts on new 2017 Buick Envsions when we were shopping them. You'll get the luxury and quiet ride of a premium German brand but at a nicely discounted price of $25-26K dollars.

The best Mid-sized SUV....??...

I have asked about bent wheel(s), tire(s), and brake rotor, they claim all are good. Hopefully Acura engineering can give them a solution today.

Vibration in steering wheel