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isnt the accord sport or the v6 for example a very sporty german like sedan?

Economical Sporty Sedan

Look at a CPO Buick Envision. We had a 2016 Prem ll with 2.0T abd torque vectoring AWD and it was quiet, yet fun to hustle when needed. You may be able to get a brand new 2019 or 2020 Envision for around $30K and it'll have more options than the Lexus NX and RDX V6 for thr price.

small SUV, good MPG, premium

The Buick Encore handles great for a small SUV and is easy to park. It is one of the quietest in the segment and segments below it and should yield almost 40 mpg at 60 mph.

Reliable, fun car for highway driving

The Honda is not recommended by Consumer Reports today. I'd look at Pacifca Hybrid with an extended warranty instead


Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable

I would look at the No. 1 rated large crossover SUV by Consumer Reports: Buick Enclave.

SUV with long front legroom

The Buick Encore would be a great option and has available AWD. Keeping the speed at 60 mph on long drives we were able to see almost 40 mpg. The Encore is narrow and has a short wheel base so it is very easy to park.

It has a touch of class and won't look like a cheap economy car either.


Look at 2013 and later models that have passed small offset deicer's crash test for the latest in safety at your price range.

safe reliable car for wife

No need to spend that much when you can get a premium, non-economy cuv like the Buick Encore for around $18,000 with AWD.

comfortable, latest safety techs for 70 yr old and easy informtainment unit

The new Honda SUVs are ones to not over pay for. Pretty much goes for all modern Japanese as they are not the extra they are charging.

Would Edmunds Editors Buy a CR-V?

Carlos Lago, Manager, Feature Content, and, Yes, That Carlos Lago
"Yes, as in it's the compact SUV I feel safest recommending to most people. It has the most strengths of the segment and requires no caveats. For me personally, it'd probably be a tough choice between the CR-V and the CX-5." Nays Ron Montoya, Senior Consumer Advice Editor
"I would not buy a CR-V. Honda's infotainment system is a deal-breaker for me. It's buggy and slow, and I don't like that the tuning knob is missing. I'm not an SUV guy, but I'd probably buy a Kia Sportage. I like the tech, the way it looks, and it would likely be a few grand less expensive than the Honda." Josh Sadlier, Director, Content Strategy, and V12 Mercedes-Benz Owner
"No. The CVT is intolerably slow to respond, and the interior feels surprisingly cheap and hollow for a current Honda product. I have no problem recommending it as a new car given its strong resale value and high versatility factor. But to own and drive myself? Couldn't do it." Travis Langness, Reviews Editor and #VanLife Influencer
"No. I'd get the CX-5. It's just so much better-looking." Will Kaufman, Content Strategist and News Editor and Me
"No, if I were shopping for a compact SUV I wouldn't buy a compact SUV anyway. They're trying too hard to be cars, and cars are still better at it. I'd get a Honda Passport because it's a proper not-car that also doesn't have the unnecessary third row that's sure to get you shanghaied into perpetual carpool duty. "This is my game and I can cheat if I want." Noncommittal People Pleasers

Mike Schmidt, Senior Manager, Vehicle Testing Operations, and Waffle Enthusiast
"No, I wouldn't buy one because I think it's too small for my two-kid lifestyle. I much prefer a midsize 2+1 row SUV.

2.4 L Reliablilty - Specifically Oil Dilution


As you are finding out Subaru's are expensive to maintain. Your best bet for lower maintenance cost is to avoid the dealerships. An independent shop may not even recommend the seal replacement if it is just weeping slightly.

A second opinion is needed in this case.

camshaft leak& front cv joints need replaced

The Buick Envision is similar size and is rated higher by Consumer Reports. You can get a full loaded Prem ll for middle $30's and offers similar warranty through 2019 models.

Reliability and inssurance cost

From an email: "Have changed to either a 2019 Accord Touring 2.0 or a Toyota Avalon XSE.Thinking the Toyota will be more reliable as uses the 3.5 V6....also over all the Toyota will last longer....Honda is still good but Toyota is better in longer term ownership?"

The Toyota will likely be more reliable if kept until its more than a decade old. But the Accord drives much better. I compared the two a couple of years ago, though 1.5T vs. 2.5.

Which one & why

Totally agree with Michael. The truck market is changing in 2020-2021 with both Ford (2021) and GM (20200 launching new vehicles, and Ford will be offering for the first time a hybrid truck returning 23-24 mpg on average. You may be able to get a truck much cheaper now with the glut of used cars on the market at this time. Good luck.

Reliable pickup for dump runs and camping

Nissan has improved their CVTs but the torque converter still seems to fail, but now it is just over 100,000 rather than as prematurely as before.

Honda has had some problems with their turbo engines which is highly unusual with them but it is a new technology they have been adopted more widely recently to replace the higher output V6 on models.

Neither car is highly unreliablle but right now don't expect to get beyond 120,000 out of either car without a major repair as stated above. I needed AWD so I went with Subaru but you don't need that so ignore that option (living on a mountain with snow, it gets us home all the time and now has just over 100,000 after 6.5 years with no problems at all).

Which one & why

Surprised to see no one mention the new Toyota Prius with AWD. While the rear wheels are battery driven only (and won't work if the battery is fully drained) it otherwise has AWD like the Toyota RAV4 mentioned above. Best of all, because it is not selling nearly as well as the SUV, it is heavily discounted even though it is brand new. Otherwise agree with everything written above - RAV4 is a good SUV, Honda CRV hybrid is also a good pick, and the gas Mazdas as well.

Fuel-efficient or Hybrid Daily Commuter

Just bought my wife a new Mazda CX-9. Only bought new because of rebates and financing. You can get a 2017-2019 AWD used or certified for less than 30K. She really likes it but the third row is only good for younger kids. We had a CX-7 and it was getting cramped when eveyrone piled in.

Family car. Luxury SUV or Off-roading SUV?

I agree with Dan and Michael, RAV4 Hybrid if you want a hybrid or CX-5, CR-V, or regular RAV4 if you don't need the gas mileage.

I would highly recommend at least test driving the RAV4 Hybrid or even waiting out on the RAV4 Prime, which seems like a slam dunk for Toyota. 300 hp in a small SUV with 40 miles of EV range is awesome. Then the car turns into a regular hybrid after that, so you can fill up the gas tank as well and get a normal range.

The CX-5 feels more sophisticated and more luxurious. It handles better, but also has less interior room and gas mileage isn't stellar. If the RAV4 Hybrid or Prime didn't exist, I would probably get the CX-5 if I was in your place.

The regular gas RAV4 is loud on the inside, but otherwise a good crossover.

The CR-V has the most space on the inside. They also have a CR-V Hybrid, but I would only buy that if you do a lot of city driving because highway mileage is not great. The RAV4 hybrid is much better executed and has proven reliability.

One thing to note with the RAV4 Hybrid and Prime is that the AWD system is not have a mechanical connection from the front to rear wheels. It has an electric motor in the back that Toyota did not tune to put out enough power. So if you drive in a lot of deep snow, keep in mind the CR-V hybrid and other gas models have better AWD systems. It's good enough for 90% of people though.

Fuel-efficient or Hybrid Daily Commuter

The new Nissan CVTs are not as bad as the old ones, but I expect them to still be the weakpoint in their cars. Their CVTs also just ruin the driving experience for me. Their cars would be pretty good if they had reliable traditional automatics.

I would buy the Accord 2.0T hands down. It will likely be more reliable, but also is nicer to drive. If you are considering the Maxima, consider the 2020 Altima 2.0T as well. Several journalists say they would take it over the Maxima because it is more modern and has similar or more interior room than the Maxima.

As for the motor reliability, I think the 3.5 V6 and 2.0T will be similar. Honda doesn't usually make an unreliable engine (except some people might point out the 1.5t oil dilution).

Nissan has massive incentives on their cars too. I'm not sure you can get a 2.0T Accord in your budget.

Which one & why

If you don't feel the need for the fuel efficiency of a hybrid, the Mazda CX-5 could be a good fit. More stylish with a more upscale interior. It does have a tighter interior than the Honda and Toyota, though.

Fuel-efficient or Hybrid Daily Commuter

I prefer the styling and handling of the Accord, and its conventional transmission. Nissan has tuned its CVTs to feel more and more like conventional transmissions in casual driving, but in aggressive driving they still sound and feel like CVT-based drivetrains.

I'd personally prefer the Accord with a manual transmission.

The main advantage of the Nissan is that it is somewhat more upscale and distinctive. How attractive it is depends heavily on your personal taste.

I'd expect the Honda to be more reliable in the long run. Up to 100,000 or even 120,000 miles I'd expect few problems from either.

Which one & why

Have you checked the MPG section of the site? We could have data on this truck there. Also check fuelly.com.

PU wanted

You have a large number of criteria, but happily there are quite a number of vehicles that might fit! The kicker is "...unique styling cues, something that looks good on the road." since that is in the eye of the beholder.

Fortunately for you US News & World Report has done a lot of the homework for you here:https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/all-wheel-drive-cars-with-the-best-gas-mileage

I think the vehicle that ticks off all the boxes (with the possible exception of unique styling cues since there are lots of them on the road) is a 2020 Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid. Also, you might find the cockpit a little tight for you.

When reading RAV-4 reviews, one sees a moderate amount of complaints / bad press for the 2020 RAV-4. But a discerning eye will pick up that most or the complaints are for the gas engine car rather than the Hybrid. The one thing that seemed to jink both the ICE & Hybrid model is the difficulty in filling the gas tank due to a design flaw in the fuel filler. That apparently is being resolved and models currently being produced are or soon will have the redesigned filler. So you might want to avoid models produced prior to June 2020.

The 2020 Honda CRV-Hybrid is also ubiquitous and excellent. It won't quite match the RAV-4 mileage (at least on the highway), but has more space than the RAV-4 both in the cockpit and cargo area.

The internet is loaded with professional reviews for the both of these vehicles.

I highly recommend Alex on Autos reviews. He is very detailed and value oriented.

He liked the RAV-4 Hybrid so much he purchased one for himself.https://alexonautos.com/2019-2020-toyota-rav4-hybrid-the-best-compact-crossover


And if you like a debate try this review:https://alexonautos.com/hybrid-vs-hybrid-2020-cr-v-vs-2020-rav4/

Interestingly in the debate, Alex says if had it to do over again, he would get the Honda over the Toyota! But that is just him. Please let us know what you pick!

Fuel-efficient or Hybrid Daily Commuter

IMO - in short:

For heart: Mazda6
For brain: Camry
Balanced: Accord

the best family sedan: Honda accord vs Mazda6

My Automatic Transmission has been slipping--It then started to get stuck in gear, last time 4th, so it would crawl from stop. I was able to video it while driving in town on a Sunday, hardly anyone on road.. it stuck in 4th gear, unable to manually change gears, the EBD and Electronic Stability lights came on as well. Dealer did pull code C224308Gear fault and DIagnostic B28VACA234190724016I. Per KIA tech line, replaced transmission range sensor. Car seemed to drive normally. I was looking to trade in after that becase scared AND THEN...

Accelerating to get onto freeway car went into neutral, rpm's flew up. but not accelerating. glanced at gear shift, it was in drive. Truck was behind me I pulled to right as truck peeled to left. Car suddenly jumped into gear. I pulled off freeway traumatized. Car drove home normally. Took to dealer, who was not able to duplicate PROBLEM or pull any codes. I DROVE WITH TECHNICIAN who acknowledged was not shifting smoothly some hhesitation. Left in shop, got call from service advisor no trouble found, no codes pulled and couldn't duplicate trouble. I told him I had called KIA and gave case number. Because they had repaired about 30 days earlier, I refused to take home as still life threatening issue. Far as I was concerned intial repair failure. The service manager did work with me, KIA and he insisted KIA's Tech Support get involved. 3 months later with car in shop, KIA Tech authorized transmission replacement at 57,851 miles.

Warranty is great, not so great when you have to insist, not take 'NO' as an answer. I hired an attorney because I'm terrified will happen again with grandkids. I'm on verge of tears anytime I drive it. KIA did settle after another 4 months.

SO warranty is a 'PRO'. If not for the transmission issue, ride smooth, acceleration when operational decent for 4cyl, gas mpg NOT as advertised. I averaged 20-23 mpg. I drive conservatively.

TrueDelta Car Review

Michael said this wasn't completd .. I finally got back in here with his help.
Love my car .,.

still under 100k miles .. in the 67k area. That's it. Now living in North Carolina.

TrueDelta Car Review
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