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Real-World Gas Mileage

Find out the real deal: MPG for how and where you drive.

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About TrueDelta's Gas Mileage Survey

"Government estimates" often won't match real-world gas mileage. Welcome to the solution. Thanks to real drivers sharing real information, you'll learn what fuel economy and MPG to actually expect from a car, SUV or minivan based on how you drive and the roads you typically drive on. TrueDelta's Gas Mileage Survey is the only survey to ask car owners about driving style, terrain, A/C use, driving speed, and other factors that can dramatically affect gas mileage. It doesn't get more thorough than this.

Members can filter real-world gas mileage results by the most important factors.

Note: Members who log in from countries that use the metric system input fuel economy information and view results in L/100km.

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