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Real + Differences = TrueDelta

In science, the Greek letter delta (Δ) represents a difference. Instead of just providing vague comparisons, TrueDelta clarifies the real differences between vehicles. You can count on this site for innovative solutions to the confusion faced by car and truck shoppers when trying to choose a new vehicle from the hundreds available.

Car Reliability

  • Promptly updated four times a year
  • Exclusive members-only preview of next quarter's update as responses come in
  • Actual repair frequences, not just dots, to indicate how large differences actually are
  • "Nada odds" report the percentage of cars with no repairs in the past year
  • "Lemon odds" report the percentage of cars with 3+ repairs in the past year
  • Repair frequencies, "nada odds", and "lemon odds" results for only powertrain and chassis repairs
  • Cars continuously covered from the day they go on sale until they turn 15 years old
  • Descriptions of all reported repairs posted to the site
  • Continuous, prospective survey instead of instance-baed, retrospective survey
  • Free access to everyone who helps provide information

Real-World Fuel Economy

  • Incorporates driving mix beyond overly simplistic city-highway dichotomy
  • Adjusts for driving style (heavy feet can make a big difference)
  • Adjusts for driving conditions (cold weather and AC uses an also make a big difference)

Why (Not) This Car?

  • Pinpoint the reasons to buy or not buy a particular car, relative to all key competitors
  • May explicitly include at least one key competitor, for a clear reference point

Car Pricing

  • Select features, not trim levels and option packages
  • Configure two models with one feature selection, for a very quick apples-to-apples comparison
  • Tabulate value of features not shared by all cars in the result for a feature-adjusted comparison
  • Members can specify their own feature values

My Next Car?

  • Ask our members for suggestions based on priorities, needs, driver types, and other categories
  • Quick links to all of the site's information for the cars members suggest