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Car Searches Responded To By colin42

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  17 responses   analysis hell - can't pick a damn car (sportyish, comfortable, features for $, reliability, sedan, coupe or hatch) warning I wrote an essay apparently

So, I've been utilizing this site quite a bit recently in my seemingly never ending personal torture chamber that is my car related indecision.

My Fiance's and I's car was totaled several months ago. We've been without one for about 2 months now, making due with public trans and...
  4 responses   Fuel-efficient, low-maintenance, affordable

I am looking for a car that is safe, and has a good chance of being low maintenance and not requiring frequent repairs, with good gas mileage, especially considering that I do a lot of city driving. I do not care if it looks cool, I just want something that...
  5 responses   Can only spend $6,000 to $8,000

As I look at cars online, I'm seeing lots of options at $9000 under 50,000 miles. ( I'm looking at Yaris, Fit, Golf, Mini Cooper, Mazda2, Mazda3.) But if I drop down to $6000-7000, everything is well over 100,000 miles. Brings up lots of questions -

- what is...
  1 response   12 pasanger van


12 pasanger
  5 responses   New Company Car

Looking for a comfortable car that is also fun to drive. I currently drive a 2011 Ford Taurus. Moving to a new job where I will receive a car allownace.
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  3 responses   Small pickup or Suv

I need something that I can carry tools around in. I like to camp, kayak, and surf, so room for gear and roof racks would be nice.Need at least an extended cab, but would prefer a quad cab. Not looking for a full size Pickup. I drive a F-150 with...
  5 responses   Reliable, efficient, safe sedan, coupe or hatch for under $12k

Helping my nephew look for a used car. Needs to be reliable above all, but also safe and get good MPG. Daily commute is about 30 miles round trip plus general other running around duties and the occasional 2-3 hour trip out of town. Has $2k to put down and...
  8 responses   post-Volvo future?

We've been buying a new, bottom of the line Volvo station wagon with a manual transmission every ten years for three decades. Our 2007 V70 just had its first significant reliability-related repair. This is our one and only vehicle, so we're shopping for its replacement. We need something reliable, something...
  9 responses   Fun/stylish, low-maintainence cost - used car for teen driver

Mostly looking for a hatchback.

What makes or breaks it:

- Stylish ala Mini Cooper or Fiat
- Fun to drive ala Mini/Mustang/Miata
- Low maintainence costs over the next 20K-30K miles
- Spacious hatch boot to transportat least one suitcase

  8 responses   Quiet, Fuel Efficient SUV

I'm in the preliminary stages of buying a new or new-ish SUV. I have a long almost daily commute and much of my driving is on narrow, winding country roads. I'd like an SUV that is reliable, quiet, smooth and fuel efficient. I also need something that handles well in...
  3 responses   Daily driver SUV

I want an SUV with 4wd. I want it to be reliable enough to drive everyday and take the beating of the normal use. I want 4wd for the occasional snow or ice storms. I may tow with it. I like the looks of ford explorers and jeep grand cherokees....
  3 responses   Economical Heavy Duty Family Hauler

I am a carpenter and thus need a vehicle that can contain all my tools while I commute back and forth to work(over 100 miles daily). I am also very tall and large and have family members who are the same. Fortunately, my family size is only four and I...
  3 responses   Young lawyer, small town, reliable.

I'd like something that is classy but not too flashy, reliable and durable so it wont drain me from unexpected repairs. Something somewhat unique would be nice. I'm interested in Mazda/Infiniti/Lexus and I prefer good driving dynamics. Bluetooth/Sunroof/Moonroof are wants but not needs.
  4 responses   College Car

I'm looking for a stylish, yet affordable first self-bought car. Will be using it mostly for commutes to college/work and running errands. It would be great for it to be semi-luxurious like a relatively old BMW (02-04) or something like that, but will also take a more recent Corolla or...
  3 responses   Inexpensive, Reliable saden for bad roads

  1. Saden for my business travels to some villages with bad roads
  2. Not interested in SUV.
  3. Example, like a Mercedes Benz C class 2000 to 05
  4. Great on gas
  5. Heavy, Reliable, Durable and Comfortable.
  3 responses   Love a lean, accident free, no maintenance or any other problems

Leather, backup camera, bag, heated and memory seats, safety sensors. Love black , pearl white, dark gray exterior. Just need an incredible deal without having 10000"k plus miles or being out priced. Need to have lowest offer you will give to me that can pay cash for $20 (I will...
  3 responses   Inexpensive car for a daily 20 minute commute and regular errands within same distance.

I have been doing some basic research today and notice a regular trend toward recommending Toyota's, Honda's and Nissan's. I am just curious if anyone is aware of other cars are great used buys and what mileage levels should be considered as reasonable.

My Honda Accord 2003 had 174K...
  2 responses   2015 Mitsubishi Outlander reliability/problems/warranty

Hi everyone. I am looking for a third row SUV with good miles/gallon must most importantly I am looking at the 2014- 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander reliability/maintance cost and warranty. Any thoughts are really appreciated.

  3 responses   Family and 16 foot boat

Currently I drive 2005 GMC Envoy XL with the 4.2L straight 6 cyl engine. I like the size, comfort and performance of the Envoy. I don't like the frequency of repairs that I have to do to keep it going. Every week something else breaks down. I do most ofmy...
  3 responses   Looking for a Used Mini Van for Long Road Trips and Short Daily Commute

Looking for a Used MiniVan for a short Daily Communte, Day Trips, and Long Road Trips. Must seat 6 with alot of cargo storage.
Will likely be upgrading in 3-4 years so resale should be a selling point.
We will be driving this car cross country so reliability and comfort...
  2 responses   All around good practicle car

Basically looking to replace my 2006 Mazda 6 wagon with something the offers similar interior space, goof reliability and decent fuel economy (25 mpg combined or better). I need space in the back for both luggage and our black lab. I would prefer a stick shift but the wife is...
  4 responses   Mercedes

Mercedes favorite car
  2 responses   honda accord

Used honda accord, or toyota camry. lower mileage, good condition.
  5 responses   Reliable, haul kids & dog, fuel-efficient

I have had a 2004 Accord sedan for 12 years, and loved it. Now I need something with more cargo space for a dog and kid equipment. I liked that my Accord was fuel-efficient, reliable, and responsive. I don't like tall or large SUVs because I am small (barely 5'3")....
  6 responses   I need a car or SUV big enough to transport an electric mobility scooter in the back but small enough for a female with leg disabilities to be able to get in and out of comfortably. Need something reliable and reasonable. Have been looking at Jeep Gr

Must hold electric mobility cart in back
Must be automatic transmission
Must be easy to get in and out of (not too small, not too large)
Must be reliable and not be a finicky car

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