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Car Searches Responded To By jasonmreece

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  5 responses   reliable, fuel efficient (like compact size)

Looking for a used car for college student
  5 responses   Suv maze

looking for the bells and whistles without breaking the bank. We generally keep our cars for 200,000 miles or till it won't go anymore. Reliability is a must. Looked at the RAV4 and CRv but disappointed in the features for the money. To get the bells and whistles we arrive...
  6 responses   Fuel-efficient small commuter car

I drive 25 highway miles to work in a Toyota Echo and wish they still made it! Looking for similar size, 4-door or hatchback. Key factors are price and fuel efficiency. Need to stay under $10,000 and would like something that isn't hugely expensive to repair. What I've seen so...
  6 responses   Retirement Vehicle For Active Life

Have owned several SUVs over many years from Chevy Blazer to most recently Nissan Murano. Retirement looms so looking for a lifestyle vehicle to transport me to fishing holes in summer and mountains in winter. Ideal vehicle would have good on road cruising capability for long trips, reasonable gas consumption...
  8 responses   Fuel efficient, fun, safe, comfy car for tall, out of shape man

We are finally ditching a 10-year-old Civic that I've hated since we got it because of its cheap interior and exterior. It is also too low-slung and tight for my tall, stiff husband.

I am looking for something roomier that is still in the compact category for budgetary reasons....
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  9 responses   Sheila's next vehicle

Looking for a mid size or smaller SUV for winter driving in MN that has room for hauling totes of vending goods. I am not a big fan of crossovers simply because of their appearance-kind of a strange blend of SUV, station wagon and mini van. I prefer an SUV...
  7 responses   VW Alltrack SE

Currently own a new 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport but the vehicle is just too darn big. Got it to do some hauling and home remodel stuff but now realizing that 99% of is use is a commuter and town vehicle. I have always wanted to own a VW Sportwagen...

Currentlu looking to buy next fall. I used to have a Mercedes Benz GLK 350 2014 which I sold 2 months ago. I liked it very much and would buy a new one if only they still made them. I do not like the current MB line.

I am...
  4 responses   Daily Commuter that's safe and durable

This is a second car for the family. My wife has the main car used for errands and running the kids to school and sports practice & games. I mostly need something sturdy that I can mostly use for my commute, but as a back up for the errands, kids,...
  3 responses   New small SUV

I currently have a 2006 Forester (not driveable- needs new engine at 157k miles). I always thought I would get a new forester, however I did have many issues with the head gasket and oil consumption (most recently). I am hesitent to go with Subaru again as it seems they...
  2 responses   responsive drive, comfortable,

I want a comfortable commuter car that will haul dogs and other things. It needs to have enough power to go up hills quickly. I am spoiled and like fine...
  5 responses   New Company Car

Looking for a comfortable car that is also fun to drive. I currently drive a 2011 Ford Taurus. Moving to a new job where I will receive a car allownace.
  3 responses   Suggestions for Small Luxury SUV - AWD

I am looking for a compact luxury SUV that is reliable and doesn't cost too much to maintain. I live in New England area, so features like AWD is important to deal with driving in snow/winter weather conditions.
  8 responses   Entry Level European Sedan

Considering an A4, Passat or even the new VW Arteon. Looking to buy in 2018, but just starting the research now. Thoughts or suggestions on a nice family sedan that isn't terribly expensive and good quality. We do quite a few roadtrips a year and commuting to and from work...
  3 responses   Large SUV

New style Chevy Tahoe or comparable GMC or Cadiac
  8 responses   Reasonable repair costs, SUV, good acceleration, used

I'm trading my Mercedes E 550 fully loaded sedan (2008) because I need something less expensive to maintain. I have a grandson I like to haul around and want to take on vacation.
I am considering the Suburu Outback because it seems like it is reliable, will hold value and...
  7 responses   Fun to drive in NJ, an area with mostly straight roads and on ramps. Reliable, Manual transmission, Be able to take 4 persons and their luggage, great stereo

Would like a car with: a manual transmission, 170-330 horsepower, decent handling, reliable, practical ( hatchback would be nice). Great stereo. Less than $25k. i love to drive and I love to shift too.

I like the new GTI: great motor and handling, practical hatchback, good stereo...
  8 responses   Reliable and safe suv/crossover with good resale value

Currently I own a Toyota Highlander 2015. Now looking for another used 5 seater suv/crossover/wagon. I will be using this for daily commute (approx 60 km per day). As I live in Alberta, Canada so need something reliable and safe for winters. Things that I am looking in next vehicle...
  7 responses   Comfortable mid-size care, good handling. Senior driver.

I've liked my Maximas (1997 and 2011). But I am looking for a slightly smaller car than my 2011. Good handling, quiet, good stero, simple controls.
  3 responses   Strong medium sized hatchback

I really like the Honda Fit except for a small lack of power. Can anyone suggest something similar or larger, with a bit higher performance? I like the Fit's driving feel (it could be quieter, but no big deal) except for having to rev the engine so often. Doesn't need...
  5 responses   Crossover

Crossover or SUV with 6 cylinder engine and factory tow hitch and tow wiring harness. Am looking at Subaru Outback 3.5R Limited and Lexus RX350. Long time, very well satisfied Lexsus ES owners. No history/experience with Subaru.
  4 responses   Hyundai Sonata vx Mazda 6

I am looking at year old used lower mileage rental cars. Locally there are decent availability for 2016 Mazda6 and 2016 Hyundai Sonata. Reliability and minimal chance of future expensive repairs are of major concern, as I would like to keep this car until 120,000 miles. Now looking at cars...
  4 responses   Manual hatchback w/ premium audio and manual transmission (and power driver's seat a BIG plus)
Advice Giver

I'm posting this for a friend because I want to make sure I've covered all the potential options for him. He wants to lease a 5-door/Hatchback with a manual transmission, upgraded audio system and (because he's 5'6") he prefers a power driver's seat.

The two cars currently on...
  7 responses   Which Kia Sorento to Buy?

Time to retire the 2003 Honda Odyssey minivan because repairs are getting expensive, our kids are getting older, and the oldest goes to college next year. Not quite ready to give up on the third row since we occassionally carpool and take road trips. I'd like to upgrade to AWD...
  3 responses   6 passenger vehicle

I am looking for a car that comfortably seats 3 teens, mom, dad and a dog. Not interested in a 3rd row. I'm trying to replace a Taurus Wagon which is growing old, but otherwise a perfect vehicle for us.

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