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Car Searches Responded To By Dnslater

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  2 responses   Sports Car

2016 or newer Corvette Grand Sport or Z06. If used, would like something that has been somewhat modified. Aero kit, muffler, etc. Competition seats not necessarily a must.
  9 responses   Smaller SUV good mpg must have moderate bad road capabilities

My wife's Ford Escape has been plagued with issues and we are looking for something in a similar size class to replace it. We live on a dirt road with ruts, rocks and mud, sowe need something with good off road manners. We frequently head to the mountains on gravel...
  5 responses   Small with lots of storage

I currently have an 08 PT Cruiser. Looking for something with comparable length and storage. Can't be much longer or have less cargo space.
  5 responses   What car should I buy next?

Must be Japanese only, prefer Toyota. Must get at least 30mpg combined fuel economy. Nothing smaller than Toyota Echo. I must be able to find replacement parts easily and for cheap price ( Autozone, O'Reilly is good, having to go to the dealer only when I need replacement parts is...
  8 responses   Undecided between a odyssey or sienna. To me the odyssey looks built better compared to the sienna. I\'ve owned several toyotas in the past and have proven very reliable but not sure with the hondas. One thing about the odyssey I do not like is

Undecided between a odyssey or sienna. To me the odyssey looks built better compared to the sienna. I've owned several toyotas in the past and have proven very reliable but not sure with the hondas. One thing about the odyssey I do not like is that it has...
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  6 responses   Retirement Vehicle For Active Life

Have owned several SUVs over many years from Chevy Blazer to most recently Nissan Murano. Retirement looms so looking for a lifestyle vehicle to transport me to fishing holes in summer and mountains in winter. Ideal vehicle would have good on road cruising capability for long trips, reasonable gas consumption...
  2 responses   New car

Mazda cx5
  8 responses   Fuel efficient, fun, safe, comfy car for tall, out of shape man

We are finally ditching a 10-year-old Civic that I've hated since we got it because of its cheap interior and exterior. It is also too low-slung and tight for my tall, stiff husband.

I am looking for something roomier that is still in the compact category for budgetary reasons....
  3 responses   Fuel-efficient daily commuter, reliable and cheaply maintained. 1000KM/Week!

Im looking for a car that is super reliable, great on gas and doesnt cost a fortune to maintain. I drive roughly 1000KM / 620Mi each week to commute.

I currently have a 2011 Jetta TDI, which was great for all of this. However with the uncertainty of VW's...
  3 responses   New baby, new car.

Me and my wife are looking for a second car for her and our New born to get around in. I'd prefere the second car have great gas mileage we currently have a Jeep and while its fun the gas is a nightmare. She was looking at Hyundai sant fe's...
  4 responses   Any other 2-SUV families?

This is a kicking-tires question...

I've often thought about trading in my car for something I actually like. I have a standard Impreza with 70000 flawless miles on it. The car is solid but I don't really enjoy driving it, and my 4-person family doesn't like it, so we're...
  3 responses   Something to satisfy my itch for a sporty car, but with good reliability and reasonable price point

I've driven a Tahoe for the last 3 years and can no longer fight the itch to get into something sporty and more fun. My main concern is: If I want something that fits what I'm looking for in a performance oriented coupe or sedan, but also is decently reliable/durable...
  2 responses   Best 7-passenger vehicle for family driving vacation

Looking for a vehicle to use for family vacation with 5 adults and 2 children and their luggage. Will consider van, SUV, or minivan.
  4 responses   Large reliable sedan with leather seats, FWD or AWD, under $22K, under 35K miles, more reliable than my DTS or the E350 I had before it.

I love a land yacht! Isolation from
the road is good for me. I also need a little bit of customer cache (not necessarily a luxury brand). I absolutely can't stand the repair costs and reliability issues I've had with my Cadillac DTS, or my MB E 350 before it.
  9 responses   Sheila's next vehicle

Looking for a mid size or smaller SUV for winter driving in MN that has room for hauling totes of vending goods. I am not a big fan of crossovers simply because of their appearance-kind of a strange blend of SUV, station wagon and mini van. I prefer an SUV...
  7 responses   VW Alltrack SE

Currently own a new 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport but the vehicle is just too darn big. Got it to do some hauling and home remodel stuff but now realizing that 99% of is use is a commuter and town vehicle. I have always wanted to own a VW Sportwagen...
  9 responses   New or Used Ultra High performance sports car comparable or better than F-Type R

My 16 Ftype R is a lemon and it's time to move on. I am looking for a vehicle that can do 0-60 under 4 seconds, has excellent looks, fantastic dealer support and is modifiable when I want to put on performance parts (dealer support at that point would be...
  8 responses   Entry Level European Sedan

Considering an A4, Passat or even the new VW Arteon. Looking to buy in 2018, but just starting the research now. Thoughts or suggestions on a nice family sedan that isn't terribly expensive and good quality. We do quite a few roadtrips a year and commuting to and from work...
  4 responses   Go the distance 200,000+ miles

Best bang for your buck car to last 200000 miles Family sedan good gas mileage can fit two car seats.
  13 responses   Fun, fast (ish), AWD car to satisfy the frustrated racer in me (that still has to haul a family)


Looking for fun, sporty car that's:
1) AWD
2) Manual
3) has descent horsepower (above average), turbo is fine
4) I'd _like_ to get > 20 mpg
5) 4 door sedan, hatch, or wagon
6) good reliability

This is my "oh shit I'm almost 50 and have...
  6 responses   reliable car that is not expensive to repair, has a lot of interior room so you could sleep in the car comfortably

I am looking for a car that is reliable and not expensive to repair. I want a car with a lot of interior room so I could sleep comforbly in my car. I had a 1993 base model Dodge Caravan that I loved. I do not want a lot of electical...
  5 responses   MDX transition

Leaving a 08 MDX that, in manual mode with 300hp hustles quite well. SHAWD is pretty good. Ferrying around 9 and 6 year old children who will be tall (I'm just over six feet), rear leg room is important. Don't think I need the utility I once did: Great Dane...
  5 responses   '17 VW GLI as replacement for '12 TDI Sportwagon?

Very sad to sell back my 2012 TDI Sportwagon. It's been a great car. The six-speed is fun to drive. For a wagon, it handled well. Great panoramic sunroof was a bonus. Heavily considering replacing wagon with a new GLI. Seems to be the closest replacement so far. Drove the...
  8 responses   post-Volvo future?

We've been buying a new, bottom of the line Volvo station wagon with a manual transmission every ten years for three decades. Our 2007 V70 just had its first significant reliability-related repair. This is our one and only vehicle, so we're shopping for its replacement. We need something reliable, something...
  2 responses   Safe

reliable suv cargo space awd

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