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Car Searches Responded To By AcuraT

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  2 responses   Fuel efficient, comfortable, 10K-12K, not too small

I like an attractive car with cool paint colors and a fancy interior. I'm not going to get that with what I have to spend. I am currently in a 2007 Explorer that was great until it wasn't. Head gasket, valve gasket, and weird light issues on the inside (due...
  1 response   Wagon or mid-size SUV

A wagon or mid-size SUV. Reliability a must. Heated, supportive seats for long trips (My 07 VW Passat wagon is my current benchmark). Decent gas mileage. A decent radio that accepts phone/bluetooth connectivity.
  1 response   Next car

Reliable. Radio. Headrests not intrusive, too much tilting forward (have had complaints about that). Good gas mileage.
  1 response   Next sedan

Interested in trading down from an Audi A4, which I have loved, but want to spend less $.
  1 response   7 or 8 seat reliable SUV that can go over 200k miles

I need a reliable, older (2011 or newer)7 or 8 seat suv that will get 200k or more miles. The vehicle will be used for rideshare and will be driven an average of 25k miles per year. I am leaning toward the 2012 Hyundai traverse but the data is very...
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  1 response   Ridgeline

Looking for used EX Ridgeline. Not sure between 2nd generation transmissions. Heard lots of negatives about Honda transmissions in general and mixed reviews between the 6 vs new 9 speed. Any thoughts?
  1 response   Fun wagon

Volvo V60 equivalent
  1 response   front bumper higher off the ground

  5 responses   Fuel-efficient or Hybrid Daily Commuter

Im looking for a car that has unique styling cues, something that looks good on the road. Secondly realiblity is HUGE because I will be making occasional deliveries in the car, so I need something durable and reliable. Next I want something with good gas mileage /range. I am a...
  5 responses   Which one & why

Hi: Looking at either a 2018 Maxima or a 2018 Accord 2.0T.Which car is better overall & what weakness do each have....I think the 3.5 V6 will be more reliable then the 2.0 motor in the long term 5+ yrs of owqnership? Has Nissan improved their CVT transmissions?Again which car...
  2 responses   Reliable pickup for dump runs and camping

Must be 4WD. Would like extended cab, but not necessarily crew cab especially if I have to sacrifice bed length. (No short bed!)
No current plans to tow anything. Would like decent mpg (around 20 combined if possible).
Looking at F150s, but haven't settled on a year or V6 vs...
  4 responses   Looking for a mazda3 as a good compact car how good/reliable are these cars?

Im looking at a compact car to buy at the moment I want something thats ideally fun to drive, looks good, and is reliable. I know for example Toyota corolla is probably the most reliable but i find the looks and fun to drive aspect lacking in this car. Of...
  3 responses   SUV with long front legroom

I have had my Q7 for 13 years and fit in it. I am 6'4" and became disabled and cannot bend my right leg much so front legroom space is premium to us. We tried to fit in several SUV's but so far, it is down to Cadillac XT5 or...
  2 responses   Jaguar XF 2018 Reliability Search

I am looking to replace a Mercedes 2001 E320 and am considering a Jauguar 2017 XE, AWD, but have concerns about reliability. Does anyone have experience with thiis model or recent Jags?

Thanks in advance.
  5 responses   Economical Sporty Sedan

Hi - I am looking for a new mid size sedan that is somewhat sporty while still being reliable and economical. I currently drive a 2017 Mustang GT 6MT and due to commute times and traffic congestion I am looking to move to something a bit more economical and fuel...
  3 responses   Next tech investment - electric or plug in hybrid? Or???

I currently have a first generation prius that I bought in 2001. Actually, I put my name on the waiting list in 2000 and waited in excited anticipation for my new high tech hybrid car. I was proud to be investing in and promoting new technology that is moving the...
  5 responses   Fun, comfortable compact/mid-size SUV. Good for long road trips.

Right now it is just my wife and me as well as our 80 pound dog (Mac). We love going on road trips and usually drive 12+ hours at least 10 times each year.

I am looking for something that we can take to the river. I don't need...
  8 responses   Is the Kia Niro a hero?
Two-Year Veteran

After offering advice to many buyers here, I feel the need to tap into the collective car wisdom of my fellow car addicts.

While don't drive enough miles to make it pay, I've been desiring some sort of EV for my city / short trip car for...
  3 responses   All wheel drive, SuvGood gas mileage, reiliable

I like the Grand Cherokee,but am concerned about reliability. So am considering Honda CRV or Toyota Rav 4
  3 responses   here's a fun sedan comparison...

Looking for a nicely appointed sedan, not quite midsized, but larger than a compact. What do you think about:

Used Audi A4, B8 ('15 or '16)
New Mazda 3 Sedan

Using the car comparitors, both are basically the same size. They also both have the same weight-to-HP...
  3 responses   10-yr old inexpensive car for teenager; Compact but not too small

We have an old 2006 Hyundai Elantra GT that my two daughters and now newly licensed son have been driving. Still running ok-ish but it may have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Other than the usual suspects, like Corolla, Civic, Mazda3, perhaps even one of the newer...
  4 responses   Fuel-efficient, fun to drive, mountain adventure vehicle capable of towing small camper

Three years ago I "bit the bullet" and sold my BMW M3 and bought a Honda Ridgeline - gave up fun for a practicle truck that could get my bikes and dog where we wanted to go. Unfortunately, my "reliable" Honda is having major issues and it's time to get...
  4 responses   Fuel efficient, reliable Mid size luxury SUV

A replacement SUV for my Q5 TDI
  4 responses   Teenage daughter car

i was looking for a safe reliable car for my daughter. I live in a big city so I was looking for some of the recent safety systems which limits choices. I ended up buying a Corolla (2018) that I stumbled upon at my target price. Even though I have...
  5 responses   Challenge: 7 PAX for driver with long legs and 4 feral boys; max $5k

Due to a change in financial priorities, I'm looking at shedding car payments and purchasing a cash vehicle. Need a 6-7 passenger vehicle. I have 4 boys: two in car seats and 2 in booster seats, so I think this limits me to 3-row vehicles. It'll be a daily driver,...

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