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Car Searches Responded To By danlisahall

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  6 responses   Honda Pilot/CRV or Subaru Outback/Forester

Handling in snow, rain and ice. Want a hitch for bike rack. Comfortable for four adults and two large dogs. Leather heated seats. Low road noise. Good audio.
  4 responses   Replacing my 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL (NAVI model)

Cargo space
I like the Ford Expedition, the large Lexus SUV's, the large Toyota suv's,
the Subaru Outback.

  10 responses   Reliable hatchback for a early-30s guy

I am currently driving an aging, although still functional, 2004 Nissan Sentra. I'm in the market for a new-ish car and have plans to purchase a pre-owned car between the range of 2013 to 2017 year of make. I have always wanted a hatchback. My life: I have a significant...
  15 responses   Priority Miss - Need More Cargo; Loved my Jetta Sportwagen...VW or Subaru?

Sometimes, you don't miss something until you don't have it!
I had a 2009 VW Jetta Sportwagen and loved it! I loved the handling, the panoramic sunroof, and (what I miss most now) the cargo space. I went overseas for 3 years, and when I returned, I thought I...
  3 responses   Fuel efficient daily commuter

Last car was 2003 Honda Civic, paid $5,400 in cash from private party when it was 8 years old, and was most expensive car I've bought so far. Spent $8,300 on repairs and $12,000 on gas in the 7 years I owned it. Bought with 110k miles on it, put...
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  4 responses   Thinking of these options

Ideas on:
Honda Pilot (2012 - 2015)
Jeep Cherokee (2016-2018)
Subaru Outback (2014-2017)

I'll be moving across country over the summer and will be towing a U-Haul trailer. I figure this will be the only time I tow. I want something that is comfortable, reliable, decent-ish on gas (in...
  14 responses   MK VII GTI owner regrets?

I've been researching this for a while. My needs aren't very much. I just need a daily commuter that can accomodate 1 of 2 passengers plus a dog. This will be my only car, so it has to be able to do everything well. I'm currently driving an '04 Baja...
  10 responses   Compact SUV

Cruise Control
Traction Control
Electronic Stability
Backup Camera
Air Conditioning
  4 responses   Honda Fit

How does the Honda Fit 2018 handle in the snow?
  8 responses   Reliable SUV, haul 2 greyhounds, leg room, fuel efficient

I am looking at the Kia Soul or Hyundai Santa Fe. Mostly driving around town, taking my two greyhounds to the dog park, or a quick trip to the city once and a while. (75 miles one way) A couple times a year I drive through the Rocky Mountains (10...
  17 responses   commuting, comfort, practical. easy to maintain

I want a practical car that I can both commute in town and occasionally take on road trips. I live just outside the city - my commute is about 10 miles but I also like to camp and getaway for weekends and such.

I drove a Volkswagen Golf for...
  12 responses   Practical or Fun?

I am currently the owner of a 2012 Altima Coupe. I am also the owner of two wonderful young children, a great wife, and a totally ungrateful cat. So I need to upgrade the car. I need at least 4 seats and 4WD/AWD. My budget is 15000. I really don't...
  9 responses   Small SUV or wagon

Looking for recommendations for a small SUV or wagon. We're cyclists and active outdoors so we need something that can handle a 3-4 bike hitch rack and/or a roof rack. Two kids in their early teens so rear seat space will be a factor too. Plus we live in an...
  2 responses   Motorcycle hauler, road trips, decent fuel economy, reliable

Motorcycle hauler, road trips/camping, decent fuel economy when not towing, overall reliability, low cost of ownership
  6 responses   Mid-size SUV that is reliable, fun to drive, and tows

Safe, comfortable, tows up to 5K, accessible for mother from wheelchair (seats not too high or too low), decent mpg, good resale value. Nothing too huge, enough for 2 to sleep in if needed, and small enough to parallel park occasionally. Loved the Mazda CX9 (I'm an old die hard...
  13 responses   NEW SUV which one? RAVE 4 xlt.. EDGE xle..Escape xle...Equinox LT...Outback premium..Crossteck limited..Mazda 5..We thought the New Honda was loud..

WE like Ride...Quiet...good visability...First time SUV...our old cars are Buick Park Avenues...we like great breaks and want all of the safety sonar alerts etc....we do not need sport ride...but like a good tight feel...we want to stay away from Big expensive wheels..the Basic 17 inch or 18 if it's the...
  4 responses   Everyday car to take mountain biking

I have a leased VW golf sportwagean. It is the perfect car for me, but it has a persistent gasoline smell that VW has been unable to fix, despite many attemps.
I'm giving it back to VW!
I'd like a manual transmission, 4 wd,
Big enough cargo space...
  9 responses   GTI long-term?

Need help choosing a reliable and FUN compact hatch or sedan. GTI, Civic SI, Focus ST top the list. Manual transmission is a must. I plan to keep it 10 years and give to son as first car. Dark horse in the running is Golf Sportwagen S 4motion. Any thoughts...
  11 responses   a nice sedan of a particular exterior size

I'm looking for a nice-ish sedan for my next car. Probably one of the top trims if its a standard brand, or a more value-oreinted luxury model/trim. The kicker is that I'm looking for that car to be around 180" in length. My driveway is 190" long so I'd like...
  9 responses   Reliable last ride

Ease of getting in and out. Reliability. Fuel economy 25mpg or better. Have looked at Subaru Forester,Outback,Nissan Frontier,Chevolet Colorado,Hyundai Tucson. Not sure if I want a truck or suv. The Frontier price was good. I liked the Forester but price seems high.
  7 responses   Seeking Fun-AWD car & Take it to Ski trips.

I am currently seeking to purchase a new vehicle either a 2017 Subaru Legacy Sport White (with a Remote Engine Starter) or a 2018 Subaru Legacy Limited White (with Black interior & Remote Engine Starter).
Although, I am uncertain about the Reliability of either vehicle. Others have told me...
  3 responses   awd for winter

what would you consider to be the most reliable and trouble free suv
  8 responses   small suv go haul feed, large woman, so a comfy seat, not one that curves too much, possible awd

a vehicle that is safe, but not too hard to climb up in. I need plenty of room to carry stuffy, feed and hay. I had a sienna and loved it, but it was totaled and now my kids are grown. I'm a fat woman, so I need a comfy...
  13 responses   Fit vs Soul

i am looking at a '15 Kia Soul + (46k) and a '13 Honda Fit Sport (71k). Love the Fit handling and accereration; love the Kia front seat storage and bluetooth. (Kia 's not bad for handling and speed either.) The Honda has been meticulously serviced; the Kia was owned...
  3 responses   Safe and Expensive- Fiat maybe!

Safety, Great gas mileage and I can drive a standard fine.

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