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Car Searches Responded To By Sea-Dan

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  1 response   VERY RELIABLE

I've been a stay at home mom since 2017 however I now have a 1yr old and NEED to get us out of our living situation asap so I'm really looking for a Toyota Camry or ANYTHING TOYOTA except a Corolla (too small) and to be honest I'd love a...
  1 response   Second Car

Have a Subaru Outback. Have looked at used Prius, Prius V, or related fuel efficiency car. Looking used, have considered Branded Title, not sure. Only really need a second car so my spouse has transport to drive to work one day a week, and to go to yoga, walk the...
  1 response   fuel efficient , station wagon for camping, maybe I'll remove rear seats. around 5-7000

I have considered:
Ford Fusion
Subaru Legacy
Saturn Vue
  2 responses   Reasonably efficient, reliable, pleasant sedan/hatchback

We currently have an old Toyota pickup with 300 something miles. Original thought was to replace it but that's not an option right now. It's getting tired, but we will keep it for snow days and hauling.
We'd like a reasonably nice riding and handling car with a bit of...
  2 responses   sporty WAGON

My wagon has got to have a manual transmission, and not be too heavy/large. A Jetta GLX (VR6) would be more desirable than a V6 Passat, for example. Though I would prefer a smaller/lighter car, I want at least 50 cu. ft. of cargo volume (with rear seats down). I...
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  4 responses   Fun but useful car

I have only owned manual transmission cars and I want to continue to have one with my next purchase. My current car is a 2015 VW GTI (with the performance package) and I want a car at least as fun and speedy as that. I do need a car that...
  2 responses   Replace Prius

Life style change upon retirement. Looking for a high MPG plug-in compact/small SUV with good ground clearance. Mileage, safety, and reliability are the primary consideration after driving comfort. I know the car I want but it's way over sticker price and I will not feed into the countries inflation cycle...
  2 responses   Mid-size pickup

I have a 2018 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab short bed V6, it's been a great truck. Looking to see if anything better is out there. I can't fit a full size truck in my garage due to limited space for entry and exit, so it has to be something midsize....
  3 responses   need a pluggable hybrid that can tow 3500 libs

need to tow 3500 libs braked trailer
  2 responses   Hot Hatch

  5 responses   Fuel Efficient Commuter car that is safe, reliable, comfortable, and under 10k

I need a safe, reliable, fuel-efficient car for a long daily commute. I currently drive a 2018 Toyota Highlander that gets 22.5 mpg average. I need to increase the fuel economy. I will be commuting 45 minutes to 90 minutes each day one way depending on traffic. So two-way is...
  3 responses   Toomanynewcars

Got an outback 2021. The digital dashboard is not safe to use when driving because it expects you to navigate to lower level menues. Looking for equivalent of what I would get with a subaru forester with hard buttons for climate control and other functions. Would like:

1. Car...
  3 responses   Hybrid Highlander

Having had a 2013 Highlander, and being absolutely happy with performance, maintenance, repairs (none), but with 113000 miles, I'm looking for a 2021 Highlander Hybrid. My first foray into car buying in 8 years; I'm 77 y.o. if that matters (doesn't to me), in deep South so white...
  3 responses   Reliable German convertable no older than 12 years to be used as a towed vehicle behind a motor home.

I'm looking for a German convertable to be used as a towed vehicle behind a motor home. Used mostly just for errands and daily outings.
  2 responses   Newer Version Forester

inside space, head room, reliability
  2 responses   Safe, inexpensive family car for 5

Subaru Outback
Honda Odyssey
Toyota Highlander
Volve XC 90

Looking for a safe, reliable car with decent fuel economy which will carry 3 car seats in the rear. We have a 5 year old who's about to graduate to a booster seat. A 2 year old and a baby...
  2 responses   Reliable, fuel-efficient, good handling

It's finally time to replace my 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon (not Outback). It has been the most reliable car I've ever owned, and I'd like to get something equally reliable. It didn't need anything except maintenance for 8 years. I'd like to keep the reliability, improve the gas mileage somewhat...
  6 responses   Best bang for your buck minivan

I'm having a heck of a time deciding what to do with our next vehicle purchase. We have a 2009 Toyota Sienna Limited that's on its way out, and frankly we haven't been all that impressed with it. Granted, we bought it used with 90k miles on it, but it's...
  4 responses   Mazda3 vs Mazda6 how to decide?

I'm in the market for a new used car. My criteria is that its a nice looking car, its reliable, but also important that its fun to drive and gives me enjoyment and not just another appliance (cough toyota cough). So this naturally brings me to mazda as my most likely...
  5 responses   Fuel-efficient or Hybrid Daily Commuter

Im looking for a car that has unique styling cues, something that looks good on the road. Secondly realiblity is HUGE because I will be making occasional deliveries in the car, so I need something durable and reliable. Next I want something with good gas mileage /range. I am a...
  3 responses   Reliable car for college and road trips, no costly repairs, planning on having this car for a while

I live in Arizona, so leather seats aren't my favorite choice. I have looked at a Ford focus and ford fusion, as that is what had been in my price range.
  4 responses   Family car. Luxury SUV or Off-roading SUV?

Currently have a 2013 honda pilot that is RWD and has third row. We have three children, ages: 3,5, &10....so still in carseats and a booster. I am possibly wanting to downsize to a smaller suv, but maybe stay aruond the same. I have been looking at Audi Q5 or...
  4 responses   Looking for a mazda3 as a good compact car how good/reliable are these cars?

Im looking at a compact car to buy at the moment I want something thats ideally fun to drive, looks good, and is reliable. I know for example Toyota corolla is probably the most reliable but i find the looks and fun to drive aspect lacking in this car. Of...
  3 responses   comfortable, latest safety techs for 70 yr old and easy informtainment unit

I want a quiet comfortable suv with latest sarety elements. i have considered Rav4, santa fe, murano, seltos, and sorento.
  3 responses   Next tech investment - electric or plug in hybrid? Or???

I currently have a first generation prius that I bought in 2001. Actually, I put my name on the waiting list in 2000 and waited in excited anticipation for my new high tech hybrid car. I was proud to be investing in and promoting new technology that is moving the...

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