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Car Searches Responded To By willied

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  3 responses   Reliable SUV, comfortable.

Been looking at Ford Explorer, maybe upto Expedition. 2005-2007 from $8-$11k, 80-130k miles .... looks like good bet, but happy to take advice.

We will do light towing, and moving bulky items. Occasional use, but maybe long trips. Use in snow (skiiing), camping (some off-road).

Older car OK,...
  5 responses   Safe, dependable AWD for au pair

Our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was rear ended and totaled. The Jeep didn't look too bad other than the bumper cover, but the frame rails were unfortunately bent. It was driven by our au pair for our two girls. Liked that it was 4WD, roomy, built like a tank and...
  1 response   Rusting Jeep replacement

Just started to consider another car. Presently have a 2002 Jeep Cherokee Laredo w/ 132,000miles developing rust.
  4 responses   Pickup: cheap, 4wd, easy to repair in the driveway, reliable, decent gas milage, large knowledge base online for DIY repairs, longevity!

This might be a tall order, but I am looking for a pickup that will go for a very long time. I live in the mountains so 4wd is important. I drive about 80 miles a day so decent gas milage is a plus. I want a vehicle that I...
  2 responses   quiet cabin, good handling

Which car should I buy? I need a quite cabin with good handling
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  3 responses   Handling of a BMW and reliablity of a Toyota

Looking for a replacement to my 2007 BMW 550i. Looking for a car with decent horespower and fuel economy. Should have decent reliablity. Do not mind working on car as long as it is not too complex and well tohoughout design.
  3 responses   Practical

Must have AWD (preferably) or 4WD
  3 responses   daily driver

Mazda CX5- pros: exterior styling, drivetrain, interior layout
cons: no manual trans, poor visability out the rear quarter, hard plastic interior, gas only

Subaru Out back- pros: exterior styling, workmanship
  1 response   2016 Ford Mustang GT; Automatic

2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium with Automatic Transmission

Hate aggressive sales people

  2 responses   Lexus or....

Own a 2005 Lexus ES, love the csr but may handd it down to son with 180K miles on it and running brand new. Thinking of buying another used Lexus ES, possibly look at LS too but gas mileage and repair costs (they are durable but when they break their...
  6 responses   Crossover over medium sized SUV, pull 4000 lb. trailer, factory installed tow pkg., RELIABLE, comfortable, quiet, don't like nav, do like upgraded sound system

ELIMINATED FROM CONSIDERATION: 1.) Nissan Pathfinder (CVT transmission troubles, reliability issues); 2.) GMC Acadia, poor interior design, cramped legroom, distrust of GM; 3.) Suburban V8, too big, too costly, poor mileage, GM distrust; 4.) Chev Traverse, cramped, poor interior, 5.) Honda Pilot, boxy, has the hated joystick for controls and...
  6 responses   Fuel Efficient Hatchback - TDI? Prius?

In about 2 months I will be moving way out to the country and will have a 45 mile commute to work, shopping etc. I want a hatchback or wagon that gets good gas mileage, has a comfortable ride (better than a RAV4 or CRV), and handles well on narrow...
  6 responses   Weekend city car, practical needs, but want something I can track occaisionally

I street park in a city, so smaller is better all else equal, and I'll live with dings
Not commuting, and I can fix stuff, so reliability isn't the top concern to me (but replacing a driveline while parallel parked is probably not happening, so some reliability matters)

  8 responses   Fuel-efficient cargo carrier

Looking for a roomy but efficient vehicle; I'm a musician and need to have the cargo capacity to carry my equipment without turning my car into a one-seater, yet I'd rather not sacrifice fuel economy. I've looked at the Jetta SportWagen and the Subaru Outback. I prefer the economy and...
  3 responses   fuel efficient, compfrtable travel vehicle with a sporty, and luxury look and feel

Sought a full size, fairly fuel efficient, as well as stylish vehicle. Looked at Ford Fusions, Cadillacs and Chrysler 300C models. Bought a 2014 Chrysler C with 14K miles for 25K. The only concern was the Hemi 5.7 engine. Drove this engine as well as the V6 with 295 HP....
  8 responses   replacement for Acura TSX

I've had 7 Acuras, most recently TSX. I want a sporty/elegant car, but I don't love the ILX and am shopping.

I've eliminated the Hyandai Sonata because too much play insteering wheel and ride
felt mushy.I'm looking at Buick Verano, Ford Fusion and Nissan Altima.

Desired features: responsive...
  3 responses   New SUV time!

Right now I am leaning towards a new 4Runner limited or Grand Cherokee Limited. Love the look of both. I won't be doing much off roading.
  17 responses   Small, nimble, fun (as in lean in to the curves) car for petite woman with dogs & a desire to drive a stick/manual again

I moved from the California Bay Area to Western Massachusetts a year ago with several dogs and a 2011 Ford Flex Limited. When I lived in the Bay Area, I worked for a wonderful animal shelter and routinely transported dogs (up to 8 including 2 dog crates) between Gilroy and...
  2 responses   Fuel efficient dependable car for husband to take on long business trips. Big enough on the inside for a family.

I like the handling of the Camry XLE but it only comes in a light interior which my husband will trash. The Passat seemed durable and with diesel had great mpg. Just concerned with the VW reliability beause of things I have read online. The Nissan Altima had a very...
  4 responses   fuel efficient and comfy

I need something reliable, affordable, and comfortable. Prefer a mid-sized vehicle with good gas mileage.
  6 responses   Getting an Outback or Forester, but can't decide whether to replace my 2002 Tahoe or my 2006 Odyssey.

I am single mom with two kids (7 and 11) and two cars, both of which get pretty lousy mileage. Would like to replace one of the current cars with either an Outback or Forester to use as my daily around-town/non-hauling vehicle. I live in the midwest with lots of...
  8 responses   Fuel-efficient car/small suv with seating for five plus a golf bag. I drive 31,000 miles average per year. Hybrid?

I have a 2010 GMC Terrain 4cyl that has the room I need and I get 27mpg in mixed driving (60% highway, 40% city/rural). I have put 127,000 miles on it in just over 4 years so reliability is important. It is OK on long trips, however, my wife does...
  4 responses   Porsche
A member in Quebec, Canada

Porsche 911 (997) C2
  26 responses   Quirky and fun economy hatchto last 10 years+

Hey everyone,
I'm considering selling my 10 yo Ford Focus ZX5- I have loved, loved this car but it is getting to the age that a few things are wearing. It has been roomy, fun, fuel-efficient, and still looks good after all these years. It's been perfect.

I'm looking...
  9 responses   SUV with safety forefront to protect my baby

Has to be safe! Pregnant wife, this will be our family hauler.

Looking for good snow handling.

Style and features are important, I want a nice ride to replace the dinky Hoondai I've had for ten years. I want an SUV that will be my ride for 15...

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