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  2 responses   Mazda 5 for kids/carpooling without being a boat?

Our reliable old Ford got totalled and we are frantically trying to find a new car for our family of four (2yo and 4yo) before we have to give the rental back. We simply don't need the space a minivan has yet and I loathe driving big cars, though the...
  1 response   Sports Car

2016 or newer Corvette Grand Sport or Z06. If used, would like something that has been somewhat modified. Aero kit, muffler, etc. Competition seats not necessarily a must.
  3 responses   2004 Subaru Outback vs 2005 Volvo v70 2.4

We are unexpectedly looking to replace a 2004 Toyota Sienna because of some very expensive repairs needed. We are a family of 4 plus a dog and prefer a wagon over an SUV. Afer driving a number of cars, I have found 2 and am trying to decide between them....
  0 responses   CLS

Mercedes CLS

looking for one that has been kept in good condition.

Also so one that has had typical reliability issues already fixed.
  4 responses   4x4 low maintenance cost for business and family use

I drive about 13,000 miles a year. Have one baby and another on the way with plans for more, so needing a 3rd row. Wanting to keep this car for a long time. I do go to my family ranch often, so I need it to be 4 wheel drive.
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  4 responses   Subaru Forester 2018 or Mazda CX5 diesel 2018

Should I purchase a 2018 Subaru Forester or 2018 Mazda CX5 diesel?
  6 responses   fuel efficient and reliable

Automatic with great mpg and lower miles. Used for daily commute, and looking for longevity.
  9 responses   Fuel efficient family car with occasional need for 3rd row seating.

We currently own a Toyota Sienna and it has been awesome! It has 215,000 miles on it now and we are looking to purchase something newer. My wife drives almost 30,000 miles a year so fuel efficiency is very important. We considered a Prius V but feel that it won't...
  6 responses   Reliable; All Wheel Drive; Mid to Larger size;

I have looked at the Toyota Tacoma - The front seats seemed poorly designed and lacked comfort; I liked the size for parking - Liked the 4X4 - Great resale value - I had some concerns after talking to an owner of a 2016 Tacoma that he had some issues...
  0 responses   Reliable, low cost maintenance

No paint issues. No rebuild, wrecked, salvage or flood.
  1 response   Reliability of the 2017 Jetta

no other question...
  7 responses   Fuel efficient comfortable safe inexpensive

considering a Honda Civic, a toyota corolla & VW Jetta and am a bit concerned about the relaibility of the Jetta. Are my concerns well founded?
  1 response   Safe, inexpensive, Reliable daily-driver


I'm in the market for my first car. I love cars, particularly sports cars. I'm a huge Z fan and I love Teslas. But sadly, they don't fit my budget.

So, I'm looking for a used car that is reliable enough to be used as a daily...
  3 responses   my toy

i'm looking for a chey equinox a treverse or a dodge durango
  5 responses   Reliable hatchback

So, here is a short background. I've driven the same car since I was 18. I'm 31 now. Its a 2000 Ford Contour and has been very reliable all the time I've had it. Of course I've had to replace/fix things as time has gone on, but its always been...
  3 responses   Looking to replace my aging Pathfinder

I am looking at Subaru Forester but I'm concerned about excessive oil consumption on used models.

I am also looking at Nissan Xterra for Off-road capability but I have second thoghts becasue of the poor gas mileage.

What else would it be a good choice to consider?
  3 responses   Reliable car, under $1,000

I just want an inexpensive, reliable car that still has curb appeal. I'm tired of high insurance costs, paying high yearly Ad Velorum taxes, and exorbitant fuel costs. I'm looking for a quality 'disposable' car.
  8 responses   Durable, reliable grown-up car

I'm in the process of opening my own firm, and I know perception matters at least some for my clients. That being said, I don't want (or need) something flashy, just something that reads grown-up and professional.

Durability and reliability are the most important things to me, followed...
  11 responses   RDX vs MKX

I am looking at CPO RDX and MDX, my preference being a bit larger than smaller. I plan to keep it well over a decade and will put less than 6K miles annually on it. I am coming out of a 2011 Jeep Wrangler 6 speed.

Must haves:
  1 response   Reliable mid/full size

Looking for a relatively inexpensive used mid/full size sedan. Needs to hold two todler car seats in the back with enough room for a 5'10" driver. Was thinking of the Hyundai sonata, but not sure about reliability. Styling and power does not matter too much, just maybe not a PT...
  3 responses   Reliable small car

I want a car that is not a pain in the rear or that most mechanics don't want to touch like the Volvo I have now. If I need a part, I have to go to the dealer..even for little things. I'm a college student so I want something that...
  5 responses   Volvo XC90

I am looking for a vehicke to take on long trips rather then renting cars. I want soemthing dependable and large enough to fit my extra large dog kennels with luggage in the cargo and possibly using one of the seats folded down in the second row.
  3 responses   comfortable and reliable car for my retirement

2018 Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5 is what I have been looking at
  3 responses   $2000-3500, small truck

I'm just looking for a truck with some room in the back at a reasonable price. It can be an older vehicle because I'm only looking to spend $3500 max. Reliability is going to be the biggest thing for me. I plan on driving this vehicle daily as I do...
  2 responses   Convertible

I'm looking at 2017 Stingray convertibles. I'm wondering if it's better to get a loaded Camaro instead of an entry-level Stingray.

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