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  1 response   Reliable Car for Retiree

I am a recently retired professional living in North Miami and Europe (half a year each). My wife and I have owned Mercedes C class (x2) and an R350. Our 2005 C240 is still running well in Croatia with 73,000 km. Our 2012 C300 has been a recent pain because...
  1 response   small SUV, good MPG, premium

Looking for a small, but not subcompact premium SUV with good MPG. I don't care about the brand, just want it to have a nice and reasonably quiet interior - with good long term reliability. Here are my top 3 - give me your thoughts and LMK if I've missed...
  2 responses   Jaguar XF 2018 Reliability Search

I am looking to replace a Mercedes 2001 E320 and am considering a Jauguar 2017 XE, AWD, but have concerns about reliability. Does anyone have experience with thiis model or recent Jags?

Thanks in advance.
  2 responses   Economical Sporty Sedan

Hi - I am looking for a new mid size sedan that is somewhat sporty while still being reliable and economical. I currently drive a 2017 Mustang GT 6MT and due to commute times and traffic congestion I am looking to move to something a bit more economical and fuel...
  3 responses   Next tech investment - electric or plug in hybrid? Or???

I currently have a first generation prius that I bought in 2001. Actually, I put my name on the waiting list in 2000 and waited in excited anticipation for my new high tech hybrid car. I was proud to be investing in and promoting new technology that is moving the...
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  2 responses   Tool cart

I mostly need secure storage for my tools, and reliable transportation to and from work. Would like power windows and remote entry. Would at least like to have limited slip.
  0 responses   Error, please delete

  14 responses   Car for long drives and gravel roads

Okay, I am not a new driver per se, but I am an inexperienced one. And after years of bumming rides and using public transport, I am now in a rural area and need to get my first car. At my current job, I use a work truck for the...
  5 responses   Fun, comfortable compact/mid-size SUV. Good for long road trips.

Right now it is just my wife and me as well as our 80 pound dog (Mac). We love going on road trips and usually drive 12+ hours at least 10 times each year.

I am looking for something that we can take to the river. I don't need...
  8 responses   Is the Kia Niro a hero?
Two-Year Veteran

After offering advice to many buyers here, I feel the need to tap into the collective car wisdom of my fellow car addicts.

While don't drive enough miles to make it pay, I've been desiring some sort of EV for my city / short trip car for...
  3 responses   All wheel drive, SuvGood gas mileage, reiliable

I like the Grand Cherokee,but am concerned about reliability. So am considering Honda CRV or Toyota Rav 4
  3 responses   here's a fun sedan comparison...

Looking for a nicely appointed sedan, not quite midsized, but larger than a compact. What do you think about:

Used Audi A4, B8 ('15 or '16)
New Mazda 3 Sedan

Using the car comparitors, both are basically the same size. They also both have the same weight-to-HP...
  2 responses   Minivan Conundrum

Looking to get a minivan to haul around my family ( wife + 2kids) .I need a vehicle with alot of interior space that is usuable for not only day trips but also cross country road trips. Up until the recent mistake of buying a volkswagen, I have always been...
  3 responses   10-yr old inexpensive car for teenager; Compact but not too small

We have an old 2006 Hyundai Elantra GT that my two daughters and now newly licensed son have been driving. Still running ok-ish but it may have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Other than the usual suspects, like Corolla, Civic, Mazda3, perhaps even one of the newer...
  4 responses   Fuel-efficient, fun to drive, mountain adventure vehicle capable of towing small camper

Three years ago I "bit the bullet" and sold my BMW M3 and bought a Honda Ridgeline - gave up fun for a practicle truck that could get my bikes and dog where we wanted to go. Unfortunately, my "reliable" Honda is having major issues and it's time to get...
  4 responses   Fuel efficient, reliable Mid size luxury SUV

A replacement SUV for my Q5 TDI
  5 responses   small comfortable commuter, not too boring,

Looking for a 2nd car for the household. It will be mainly a commuter for me doing just 25mi daily (about 30min each way) 90% highway and small trips around town. It'll also pull the occasional school drop-off/pick-up for 1 child (need room for car seat in back). I'm only...
  4 responses   Teenage daughter car

i was looking for a safe reliable car for my daughter. I live in a big city so I was looking for some of the recent safety systems which limits choices. I ended up buying a Corolla (2018) that I stumbled upon at my target price. Even though I have...
  5 responses   Challenge: 7 PAX for driver with long legs and 4 feral boys; max $5k

Due to a change in financial priorities, I'm looking at shedding car payments and purchasing a cash vehicle. Need a 6-7 passenger vehicle. I have 4 boys: two in car seats and 2 in booster seats, so I think this limits me to 3-row vehicles. It'll be a daily driver,...
  9 responses   Best Guess Out Of Three

I have narrowed down my used car choices and would like crystal ball opinions on which would be the longest lasting and least repair costs.

Infiniti G25 but still unclear the difference between the X and Journey
2011 Honda Accord
2012 or 2015 Toyota Avalon

Any opinions will...
  3 responses   2015 Civic Si

I like the civic 2-door Si.
Looking for something sporty.
My dream car is an Audi TTS MK2 w/manual gearbox.
Also like the 2014 Maxima SV enthough its a 4-door.
Really would like a sunroof, manual transmission, backup camera, blue tooth audio.
No satellite radio.
No dark grey exterior colors.
  5 responses   What reviews to believe? Just trying to buy a crossover or SUV

Currently I have an awesome 1994 Toyota Corolla with never a problem I will be on a fixed income, everything I drove yesterday was computerized tripe in it which I HATE. I realize that whatever I get will have some and would really prefer a manual as is my Corolla. I...
  6 responses   Our Next Exellent Ride

We are replacing a '99 Outback which we have loved. With it's AWD it was the best vehicle in the snow we've ever had. After 20 yrs it's on it's last legs - head gasket, instrument panel dead, other. We have a pickup so we don't need to haul stuff,...
  14 responses   Empty nester

I am searching for a smaller more fuel efficient car to replace my 2004 Highlander. It is reaching 350,000 and prob could go longer but it needs brakes, a new timing belt, and Ac knob getting loose. I hate to say goodbye to the best car ever but it's probably...
  5 responses   NextAWD

I am looking at followings SUVs as my next vechicle (upstate NY): Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS Need to also decide whether to own or lease and cost of insurance for both options. Any pros or cons on the approach would be appreciated.

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