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Car Searches Responded To By mwcten

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  5 responses   Safemidsize reliable car which performs well in Michigan winters.

Fundamentally, I'm looking for a safemidsize reliable car which performs well in snowy/icy conditions.

I live in Northern Indiana, soon to be Michigan, and I will be driving a decent amount in snow/ice. I'd prefer a reliable and well built car that, with regular maintenance, will last 10+ years.I...
  3 responses   Reliable car, under $1,000

I just want an inexpensive, reliable car that still has curb appeal. I'm tired of high insurance costs, paying high yearly Ad Velorum taxes, and exorbitant fuel costs. I'm looking for a quality 'disposable' car.
  5 responses   Volvo XC90

I am looking for a vehicke to take on long trips rather then renting cars. I want soemthing dependable and large enough to fit my extra large dog kennels with luggage in the cargo and possibly using one of the seats folded down in the second row.
  3 responses   $2000-3500, small truck

I'm just looking for a truck with some room in the back at a reasonable price. It can be an older vehicle because I'm only looking to spend $3500 max. Reliability is going to be the biggest thing for me. I plan on driving this vehicle daily as I do...
  5 responses   What car should I buy next?

Must be Japanese only, prefer Toyota. Must get at least 30mpg combined fuel economy. Nothing smaller than Toyota Echo. I must be able to find replacement parts easily and for cheap price ( Autozone, O'Reilly is good, having to go to the dealer only when I need replacement parts is...
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  6 responses   reliable car that is not expensive to repair, has a lot of interior room so you could sleep in the car comfortably

I am looking for a car that is reliable and not expensive to repair. I want a car with a lot of interior room so I could sleep comforbly in my car. I had a 1993 base model Dodge Caravan that I loved. I do not want a lot of electical...
  5 responses   Reliable, efficient, safe sedan, coupe or hatch for under $12k

Helping my nephew look for a used car. Needs to be reliable above all, but also safe and get good MPG. Daily commute is about 30 miles round trip plus general other running around duties and the occasional 2-3 hour trip out of town. Has $2k to put down and...
  9 responses   Fun/stylish, low-maintainence cost - used car for teen driver

Mostly looking for a hatchback.

What makes or breaks it:

- Stylish ala Mini Cooper or Fiat
- Fun to drive ala Mini/Mustang/Miata
- Low maintainence costs over the next 20K-30K miles
- Spacious hatch boot to transportat least one suitcase

  3 responses   Economical Heavy Duty Family Hauler

I am a carpenter and thus need a vehicle that can contain all my tools while I commute back and forth to work(over 100 miles daily). I am also very tall and large and have family members who are the same. Fortunately, my family size is only four and I...
  3 responses   Cheap and fuel-efficient 4WD for off road and city

I'm looking for a 4WD car that would be fuel-efficient, since I'm gonna beusing it off-road (every week for about 2-3 days) and on the city. From what I've been researching I narrow my optionsto:
  • Nissan Xterra: my first option but keep finding a lot of ppl saying they have...
  2 responses   Reliable and sturdy, but still fun to drive.

I sold my very unreliable Firebird last year, and have been riding the bus.I miss the independence of having my own vehicle, but thefrustration and stress of owningsomething that breaks down (catastrophically) every 500 miles is something I want to avoid. So reliability/affordable maintenance is my primary concern. However, I...
  3 responses   Love a lean, accident free, no maintenance or any other problems

Leather, backup camera, bag, heated and memory seats, safety sensors. Love black , pearl white, dark gray exterior. Just need an incredible deal without having 10000"k plus miles or being out priced. Need to have lowest offer you will give to me that can pay cash for $20 (I will...
  7 responses   next car

Have 2 growing boys who are inolved in sports. Would like a comfortable vehicle big enough to have a friend ride with them and to be able to stow away their sports equipment. Have a 2007 Kia Rhondo now that I love but has over 100,000 miles and I fear...
  2 responses   Hatchback options

After a long back/forth with insurance and the body shop, my 2014 Mazda3 sGT hatchback is being written off.

Now is time to go car shopping. Don't really want to spend much time on research this time around as we have been out a car for awhile already. Gut...
  3 responses   Sub-compact car with low miles at lowest cost

I'm looking for a reliable car that I can acquire cheaply with low miles. I don't need to worry about size as long as at least two seats are reasonable. I'm willing to pay a little more for comfort and options, but I'm mainly focusing on reliability and maintenance. I...
  6 responses   Van

Trying to decide between a sienna or a crew cab pickup or a full size suv like a tahoe or expedition
  4 responses   My Unicorn

My commute is minimal, about 6 minutes door to door, I know be jealous. I am an engineering professional in the automotive industry. My vocation treats vehicles like printer paper, so the value has been lost. I don't drive much and I've streched my manual 05 Focus about as far...
  4 responses   Just for now......

I am just looking for people that have had an older car and have had relatively few issues with it, or have had the 'common' issues but don't cost major dollarsto get repaired. I can do some wrenching myself, so easy to work on is a definite plus. I will...
  6 responses   Fuel efficient family hauler, fast

I am looking for a wagon or an SUV. I am willing to pay around 12k for it. I want to be able to fit about a 7' item with the seats folded down.

I want to be able to use it for daily driving duty so it has...
  5 responses   Inexpensive and reliable

I am mainly looking for a vehicle that is reliable and inexpensive to buy and own. A hatch would be great but I can't find one that hasn't been mistreated or with a clean title. I also need an automatic and it doesn't matter if it is AWD/FWD. Last car...
  2 responses   Next Car

I'm looking at a 2006 Ford Freestyle to replace a totalled Mazda Tribute. What are the pros and cons with this vehicle?
  7 responses   Business, Fun Daily-Driver

As I have just gotten a new job, I will be driving 20k miles a year on my new car. I am 24 and an Automotive Engineer, so I know everything about cars I'm just not very good at these decisions, considering it is my first.

At 24 years...
  8 responses   good value, sporty, manual transmission for a young guy

So I am 19 and absolutely love driving. I learned how to drive on my dads 6 speed mini cooper S and fell in love with driving stick. It's time to buy a nicer car than my '02 accord, which is a manual transmission too and my next car must...
  2 responses   Good in snow and economical, too.

I'm most interested in a 2007 CRV that seems to be in good shape and is priced right but has 132K, and an 2009 Impreza with fewer than 100K on it, a five-speed manual transmisison, and will come with a re-done head gasket and clutch kit. I prefer the winter-driving...
  3 responses   New to me used car

Im looking for a reliablr used car that is quick and fun to drive.

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