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2009 Kia Rondo repairs by problem area

Engine (20%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (0%)

Brakes and Traction Control (11%)

Suspension and Steering (34%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (27%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (5%)

Other (2%)

Chart based on 44 repairs.
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2009 Kia Rondo repair cost distribution

$2500+ (6%)

$1000 - $2499 (0%)

$500 - $999 (22%)

$100 - $499 (56%)

< $100 (17%)

Chart based on 18 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2009 Kia Rondo

Engine not specified

Kia Rondo in Arizona, United States
Jul 2012 - Jun 2014
Aug 2012

28000 mi
Loud roaring sound when car goes over 40 mph - had it in once before but now getting worse. 
Kia Rondo in Ontario, Canada
May 2012 - Apr 2014
Jan 2013

113280 mi

C $50
Front and rear end links Rear shocks are gone 
Mar 2014

132060 mi

C $300
Flex pipe broke on exhaust Seized calipers 

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2009 Kia Rondo 4dr Wagon

192-horsepower 2.7L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Kia Rondo in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2010 - Jun 2011
Jan 2011

21700 mi
Car lost power due to elecrical problem in door. 
Jun 2011

23560 mi

C $100
Engine light comes on. Left signal does not work. Have taken it to Kia dealer in Scarborough 3 times now. Still a problem. They say it's because the previous owner installed a trailer hitch harness. Thats not my problem. 
Kia Rondo in British Columbia, Canada
Dec 2013 - Dec 2016
Jul 2016

16940 mi

C $73
Cooling fan relay 
Kia Rondo in Ontario, Canada
Sep 2009 - Aug 2012
Jun 2012

42160 mi
The dome light needed replacing, it would no longer come on at the door setting. Took 3 visits, 1 for the estimate and part order, 2 to find out it was not the correct part and finally 3 to actually fix it. Ceiling panel was not put back correctly. 
Kia Rondo in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2010 - Dec 2016
Jul 2013

44400 mi

C $900
Radio died -- 2nd time -- first time under warranty. They put in a used repaired radio and died shortly after warranty expired. 
Jan 2014

51700 mi
Rear window defogger 
Nov 2014

65060 mi

C $500
radio died Ac water not discharging, building up in motor 
Dec 2015

81840 mi
heat shield corroded. dealer kept insisting no noise present. Forced to do "oil change" to fix engine noise! 
Aug 2016

89460 mi

C $350
Stabilizer bar broken 

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2009 Kia Rondo 4dr Wagon

175-horsepower 2.4L I4 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Kia Rondo in New York, United States
Jan 2014 - May 2015
Oct 2014

71300 mi

US $478
both front springs snapped and both in the exact same spot. very strange 
Kia Rondo in California, United States
Dec 2010 - Dec 2016
Nov 2014

60000 mi

US $400
tires were wearing out very fast because of camber on rear wheels. camber was not adjustable so camber kit was added. 
Dec 2016

91000 mi

US $300
Pulley bearings were getting noisy. Had to replace serpentine belt tensioner pulley and idler pulleys along with AC pulley. 
Kia Rondo in Quebec, Canada
Jan 2015 - Feb 2015
Feb 2015

80600 mi

C $1500
blown engine 
Kia Rondo in New Brunswick, Canada
Aug 2014 - Dec 2016
Aug 2015

109480 mi

C $480
Rear rotors and pads were replaced. Left front spring had broken 
Feb 2016

120320 mi

C $453
Bearing was noisy - replaced sway bar link and lower ball joint worn and replaced. 
Sep 2016

130200 mi

C $564
Control Arm Bushings and ebrake shoes were replaced. 
Kia Rondo in Ontario, Canada
- Mar 2009
Mar 2009

124 mi
Terrible wind noise from drivers side window. Dealer tried to adjust door and now is worse. Not putting much effort in to fix and me taking to dealership is a real pain. 
Kia Rondo in Maryland, United States
Feb 2011 - Dec 2016
Mar 2012

44000 mi

US $465
Rock damage to bottom of radiator caused it to leak. Both vanity mirror hinges broke, the visors were replaced under warranty 
Kia Rondo in Quebec, Canada
Mar 2014 - Dec 2016
May 2014

23400 mi
Car would not start. Key antenna was broken 
Oct 2015

36740 mi

C $580
replaced oxygen sensor, false detection 
Apr 2016

45020 mi

C $3500
Replaced leaky rear shock absorber 
Oct 2016

48340 mi

C $150
Battery replaced 
Kia Rondo in New York, United States
Jan 2012 - Jun 2015
Feb 2014

39000 mi

US $500
Needed to replace pads and rotors at all 4 wheels. Not necessarily an unusual service life for the original parts. 
Kia Rondo in Michigan, United States
Aug 2011 - Dec 2012
Dec 2012

44000 mi
suspension control tower shocks started leaking. 
Kia Rondo in Florida, United States
Oct 2012 - Dec 2012
Nov 2012

81000 mi
Brakes were replaced, rotors machined 
Kia Rondo in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2010 - Dec 2013
Mar 2012

25420 mi

C $700
Rotors and pads gone. 
Kia Rondo in Quebec, Canada
Mar 2012 - Jan 2014
Jul 2013

94280 mi

C $250
Driver door lock failed. 
Oct 2013

99860 mi

C $300
Accessory belt tensioner failed so rain would mean loss of steering pump. 
Kia Rondo in California, United States
Jan 2011 - Apr 2014
Aug 2011

24000 mi
Failed power steering pump 
May 2012

37000 mi

US $50
Piower steering pump failed. Repalced within 1 day. No charge to part and labor, car rental cost $50. 

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2009 Kia Rondo 4-door

4-cylinder automatic AWD

Kia Rondo in Indiana, United States
Jul 2012 - Aug 2012
Aug 2012

60000 mi
This car left the dealer needing repairs. The dealer paid for the first set of repairs because it was still under warranty. Had to return it for repairs for similar and more reasons. Can't get it fixed because warranty ran out. 

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2009 Kia Rondo 4-door

4-cylinder CVT 2WD

Kia Rondo in Malaysia
Jan 2011 - Dec 2014
Jun 2011

26040 mi
Driver Door lock actuator malfunction! Remote Control lock not working. 
Dec 2013

42160 mi

Front wheel bearings, brake pads. Air conditioning bearings. 

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