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TrueDelta members share their repair experiences. We report the actual repair frequencies, not just dots. The percentage with no repairs. The percentage with lemons. Every repair description. All promptly updated four times a year, to closely track cars as they age.

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Why TrueDelta's Car Reliability Information is Better

You won't find car reliability information like this anywhere else. Actual repair frequencies, not just vague dots, to make it clear how much car models truly differ in reliability.

Elsewhere you'll find only averages, which might not tell you what you really want to know. So we also report the percentage of cars with no repairs at all in the past year and the percentage of lemons. These figures might surprise you.

All of these stats are promptly updated four times a year. So TrueDelta can have reliability ratings on new car models well ahead of any other source and then track cars much more closely as they age.

Others tell you how reliable a car was a year ago, when it was a year younger and had 12,000 fewer miles on it. Only TrueDelta tells you how reliable a car model has been recently.

Want to really get into the details? We also post the description of every reported repair, as car repair histories.

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