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2006 Toyota Matrix repairs by problem area

Engine (43%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (11%)

Brakes and Traction Control (2%)

Suspension and Steering (18%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (14%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (9%)

Other (3%)

Chart based on 91 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2006 Toyota Matrix.

2006 Toyota Matrix repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (5%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (42%)

< $100 (38%)

Chart based on 73 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2006 Toyota Matrix 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Toyota Matrix in Ontario, Canada
Jul 2011 - Sep 2017
Mar 2013

91760 mi

C $300
Dealer advised replacing the oil pan gasket. Visible oil on crank case but no drips observed on driveway. Replaced only because I intend to keep the car for 5-6 more years. 
Mar 2017

134415 mi

C $894
Drive belts Replaced leaking water pump Exhaust leak Replaced leaking oil pressure switch 
Jul 2017

138880 mi

C $1200
replaced leaking power steering lines 
Sep 2017

140813 mi

C $625
front left wheel bearing replaced, 4 wheel alignment 
Toyota Matrix in Massachusetts, United States
Oct 2008 - Dec 2011
Apr 2010

62700 mi

US $200
Excessive cupping on front tires. Tires replaced. Alignment was in spec. Appears to be design defect with the vehicle suspension. Told that the problem will re-occur and cannot be fixed. So much for Toyota quality. 
Sep 2010

74000 mi

US $320
Dashboard clock backlight failing intermittently. Told this is a common failure, internal circuit board solder joints are faulty. Unit must be replaced at astronomical cost. Chose not to repair. 
Dec 2010

79000 mi

US $100
Continued wear on tires. Attempting non-spec alignment settings just to see if anything can fix the tire wear. 
Mar 2011

83000 mi

US $100
gasket failed on transmission. leaking fluid. 
Sep 2011

94000 mi
Intermittent airbag light. Shop cannot find cause. Interior clock not working. Re-soldered clock circuit board. Repair successful ... for 1 week. Failed again. 
Dec 2011

94000 mi
Intermittent airbag light when sold. Also the transmission shifting was getting prgressively worse. We couldn't stand driving the car any more due to the horrible transmission. 
Toyota Matrix in Manitoba, Canada
Aug 2011 - Jul 2015
Oct 2013

60340 mi

C $850
Toyota Matrix in Kentucky, United States
Sep 2014 - Dec 2015
Feb 2015

113000 mi

US $750
Clutch work 
Toyota Matrix in Ontario, Canada
Oct 2009 - Jun 2017
Mar 2009

34720 mi

C $400
Oxigen sensor replacemet 
Feb 2012

55800 mi

C $200
Replaced intake manifold gasket 
Toyota Matrix in Manitoba, Canada
Feb 2014 - Oct 2017
Aug 2014

123380 mi

C $300
Car was blowing smoke. Determined that new valve seals were needed. Repaired problem. 
Apr 2015

127500 mi

C $700
Clutch was slipping, needed new clutch plate. Neighbour mechanic fixed it for us for cheap. 
Jan 2016

135160 mi

C $140
Passenger CV boot leaking. Replaced 
Feb 2017

145080 mi

C $290
Starter skipping. Replaced. 
Oct 2017

152306 mi

C $300
Rear brakes replaced 
Toyota Matrix in Michigan, United States
Dec 2007 - Oct 2015
Mar 2007

15000 mi
New tires as original ones wore out. dealership covered it under warranty 
Jul 2014

142300 mi

US $2300
transmission rebuilt due to output bearing failing and jamming up the transmission. all warn components (bearings and gears) replaced. 
Nov 2014

149000 mi

US $300
wheel bearing replaced due to wearing out. 
Toyota Matrix in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2010 - Aug 2014
Oct 2010

71300 mi
Changed driver side front wheel bearing. It was producing loud noise. Changed driver side front wheel bearing. It was producing loud noise 
Apr 2011

79360 mi

C $200
Replaced precat o2 sensor and intake manifold gasket.Dealer changed engine module year ago due to same problems,i.e. rough idle,stumble,rpm hunting in cold weather,even stalled.So Toyota repair wasn't accurate. Now it is running 90% better. Replaced precat o2 sensor and intake manifold gasket.Dealer changed engine module year ago due to same problems,i.e. rough idle,stumble,rpm hunting in cold weather,even stalled.So Toyota repair wasn't accurate. Now it is running 90% better. 
Sep 2011

87420 mi

C $400
Passenger side front wheel bearing replaced by myself. Sway bar link on front passenger side mounting was slightly damaged and repaired. Now every thing sounds better.Had 55point inspection done at dealership and rear brakes adjusted. 
Dec 2011

89900 mi

C $100
Replaced V-belt tensioner idler (installed a couple of years ago, not in good shape), V-belt. Also replaced lug bolt nuts for winter rims with proper ones. The former were for alloys and occasionally would come a bit loose. 
Aug 2014

148800 mi

C $450
Front end links, anti-roll bar 
Toyota Matrix in North Dakota, United States
Jun 2011 - Sep 2017
Apr 2013

82300 mi

US $200
Replaced front driver side wheel well liner 
Jan 2014

81800 mi

US $125
Replaced intake manifold gasket. 
Apr 2015

88300 mi

US $50
Door pillar cover came loose 
Jun 2015

90000 mi

US $175
Noticed slightly less AC capacity. Took for preventative maintenance. Evacuated A/C system and replaced coolant and lubricant. Mechanic added dye for possible future leak check. 
Toyota Matrix in Massachusetts, United States
Aug 2008 - Jun 2013
Mar 2012

102000 mi

US $80
Check engine light was on. The mass flow sensor was varnished. The shop just cleaned it and put it back on. 

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2006 Toyota Matrix 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

Toyota Matrix in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2008 - Apr 2016
Dec 2010

86800 mi

C $283
Vehicle hesitating at low idle for about a week, check engine light came on, dealer diagnosed faulty intake manifold head gasket and replaced gasket. 
Apr 2016

165540 mi
Hood latch failed at 90 km/h, hood flipped back destroying the hood, windshield, and roof. Vehicle written off. 
Toyota Matrix in California, United States
May 2016 - Sep 2017
Jan 2017

138000 mi

US $120
Replace front brake pads and rotors Shock leaking fluid; replaced front shock absorbers Front + Rear engine mounts worn out; they were replaced 
Toyota Matrix in Quebec, Canada
May 2014 - Nov 2014
Nov 2014

194680 mi

C $700
battery, terminal and alternator window washer pump 
Toyota Matrix in California, United States
Jun 2012 - Nov 2012
Jul 2012

104000 mi

US $600
A slowly developing oil leak from the timing chain compartment. 
Toyota Matrix in Ontario, Canada
- Jan 2007
Jan 2007

36580 mi
ECM failed - known issue to Toyota - 6 weeks backorder for new chip. Failed under warranty 
Toyota Matrix in California, United States
Apr 2008 - Aug 2014
Mar 2009

117130 mi

US $9
Driver's side headlamp burned out. Replaced burned-out driver's side headlight bulb myself. 
Jul 2009

124000 mi

US $800
Radiator hoses have become soft.. replaced hoses, radiator flush. Front Plastic Wheel Well Covers came loose and were partially damaged or ground down with tire tread. Mechanic was able to resecure to frame with plastic zip ties. 
Jan 2010

136000 mi

US $10
Passenger-side headlamp burned out. I replaced it with OEM part. 
Feb 2010

138200 mi
Had Goodyear mechanics run diagnostics for Check Engine. P-codes could indicate a bad evaporative gas filter unit for fuel line. They said I should take it to Toyota for second opinion and repair. 
May 2010

147900 mi

US $960
Continued driving with Engine light on.. Transmission began to buck when shifting up the lower gears. Computer was replaced and programmed. Car ran well for two months, when it would not start, 
Jul 2010

150800 mi

US $489
Car would not start.. turns over well but won't ignite. Suspected fuel pump, but no.. Diagnostics showed it to be the computer module again. They ordered another computer, but programmer said there was nothing wrong with the first unit. ok 
Mar 2011

178000 mi
Hard-shifting Transmission problem was a known issue before, along with Check Engine light. The car was repaired previously and the shop replaced the ECU. This problem recurred recently after I got the ECU recall notice from Toyota 
Dec 2011

204000 mi

US $570
O2 Sensor needed replacement.. I purchased an aftermarket model and they installed it.. Engine light still comes on, as part was not OEM. Will need to get a TOYOTA O2 sensor and try again before I need to take the smog test. Check engine light keeps coming on. Took car into TOYOTA DEALER, paid $570, plus rental for the day to get O2 sensor replaced again, have it smog tested and registered. 
Feb 2014

265000 mi

US $2000
replaced broken motor mount, as well as new tires, battery, brakes, trans & radiator fluids. 
May 2014

268300 mi

US $450
Emissions Control.. Error code needed to be cleared and issue repaired before getting registration renewed. $450 paid for replacement of Fuel Tank Carbon cannister. 
Toyota Matrix in Texas, United States
Jun 2008 - Mar 2012
Sep 2008

47000 mi
Alarm went off at any time. Replaced with new alarm. 
Jun 2009

50000 mi

US $50
The rear hatch hydraulics stopped holding the hatch up 
Dec 2009

52000 mi
In the shop for a week for transmission repair. It was initially unable to replicate, then successful, but now a month later it is starting to hard shift. 
Toyota Matrix in Manitoba, Canada
Apr 2007 - Aug 2011
Jun 2010

44640 mi
Repaired leaking high pressure oil line. 
Toyota Matrix in Kansas, United States
Mar 2007 - Jun 2011
Mar 2009

21000 mi
Warranty replacement of the ECU. 
Toyota Matrix in Massachusetts, United States
May 2007 - Dec 2009
Jun 2007

36000 mi

US $690
car was shuddering very badly on the highway. this is a reoccuring problem, and existed very soon after car was purchased. 

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2006 Toyota Matrix 4dr Hatch

118-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic AWD

Toyota Matrix in Washington, United States
Nov 2012 - Sep 2017
Jan 2014

90300 mi
Our usual repair shop performed the 90k mile checks per Owners Manual. Found very minor oil leak, will do a dye test to find origin.  Suggested we R&R the power steering system - will do it. Update, post concerning engine leak and dye test. After having the power steering system lube R&R'd a very slight leak - almost a sweat - was found at the steering pump seal. We'll watch the fluid level. 
Jul 2014

92500 mi
Regular maintenance, still have a very slight fluids leak but have not found the point of leak. Fluid has no odor so we know it isn't motor oil, trans, drive units, steering. The fluid is viscous so it must be a lube of some type. 
Mar 2017

113000 mi
Viscous coupling bearings going bad. Not yet repaired, looking for cost effective shop other than dealer. Other AWD Matrix owners, if you have over 100 - 120k check YouTube to see the bearing R&R. We find no shops want to do the work, yet. 
Toyota Matrix in Massachusetts, United States
May 2009 - Sep 2015
Sep 2015

177000 mi
The Matrix was in the shop every other week for the last two months my son had it. He did not get the misfiring repaired but traded it in. 
Toyota Matrix in Minnesota, United States
Sep 2013 - Feb 2015
Oct 2013

80700 mi
Clock inop 
Jun 2014

91000 mi

US $100
Serpentine belt needed replacement 
Sep 2014

94000 mi

US $140
Water from car wash leaked into cabin air filter. Filter saturated with water restricting air flow. Filter removed and dried. 
Nov 2014

97000 mi

US $700
Left rear wheel bearing replaces 
Toyota Matrix in Alberta, Canada
May 2007 - Sep 2017
Jul 2007

13392 mi

C $96
Door sill tape kit TSB 2423 was done to all 4 door lower sills. Total warranty claim amount $239.92, but no charge to me as under warranty. Replaced engine oil and filter and cabin air filter. 
Apr 2008

20460 mi
From engine area a squealing noise increasing in intensity for 7 seconds when waiting at red lights. Toyota has TSB to replace serpentine belt and tensioner pulley. They would have never told me about TSB if I hadn't found it on internet. The body door seal on driver side rear door was popping out at 2 corners. That door rarely used on this car, only 15000 kms driven in 1 year since I purchased it. 
Jun 2008

22940 mi
Annoying ticking noise from radio housing on dashboard 
Oct 2008

27280 mi
Annoying ticking noise from radio housing on dashboard. It's intermittent, very odd - can be driving on rough road and no noise or drive on smooth road with the noise. Toyota now says they can't fix it, must live with it. From engine area sounds like serpentine belt, a squealing noise increasing in intensity for 7 seconds or so, when waiting at red lights at idle. Intermittent problem. Toyota says they can't fix it, must live with it.  
May 2011

49600 mi

C $300
right rear differential seal was leaking. Seal replaced, leak stopped. 
Aug 2013

67460 mi

C $2100
Replace left rear wheel bearing Replace left rear axle seal Valve cover slight leak, replaced valve cover gaskets replace right front axle boot 
Sep 2017

78740 mi

C $120
Replaced serpentine belt, was showing many small cracks on underside 

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2006 Toyota Matrix 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

Toyota Matrix in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2013 - Aug 2016
Jan 2015

C $230
Crack in "seal" led to oil beginning to leak inside engine 
Aug 2016

139500 mi

C $208
New serpentine/alternator belt needed, rear brakes required cleaning and pedal was re-set. 

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