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BMW 3-Series Questions: Ask the People Who Own One

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2014 BMW 3-Series Questions

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  9 responses   Problem !!!
2012 - 2015 BMW 3-Series

I have a bmw 328i turbo 2013, the car had been all very well, until today I was driving and from a sudden the car did not accelerate more than 20mph .. stop me, turn it off and on again and the car started as if nothing had happened .....
  6 responses   Reliability
2012 - 2020 BMW 3-Series

How reliable is this car after 50,000 miles?
  6 responses   Certified Used or Used?
2012 - 2021 BMW 3-Series

I am looking to put myself into another car soon. I want an AWD car with a diesel and BMW seems to have the only one on the market aside from the VW group. I cannot justify nearly $50K for a new car but I found several in the $30K...
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