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Ford C-MAX Questions: Ask the People Who Own One

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2020 Ford C-MAX Questions

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  4 responses   Can a Ford CMax Energi CVT Transmission be repaired
2013 - 2020 Ford C-MAX

I have a 2013 Ford CMax Energi. It has a CVT. It started making a noise that had a higher pitch at increased speed. Took it to the dealer yesterday and I took the service guy on a test drive to listen. Made an appointment for tomorrow. It failed this...
  3 responses   Thinking of getting a used 2016 or 2017 C-Max Energy--Thoughts?
2013 - 2020 Ford C-MAX

Hello, My 2014 CR-V got totaled and I'm currently looking for a replacement that I can tow 4-wheels-down behind my motorhome. I've gotten interested in either a 2016-2017 Ford C-Max Energy which is an electirc + hybrid combination. I'm concerned about the number of issues I've found on a few...
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