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Honda CR-V Questions: Ask the People Who Own One

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2020 Honda CR-V Questions

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  6 responses   How is the Honda CVT vs. regular automatic
2015 - 2020 Honda CR-V

Never owned a CVT, and drove one only once (a Nissan). How do you find the Honda CVT to perform re noise, speed of pickup, hill climbing?
  13 responses   2018 Honda CRV or 2018 Mazda CX5?
2017 - 2024 Honda CR-V

Will be needing a vehicle soon for the family when my Teenage son starts driving soon. I currently own a 2007 Honda CRV and despite the recalls, I have been happy with it all these years for it's reliability and versatility. So we will be in the market for another...
  2 responses   How do you like it?
2017 - 2024 Honda CR-V

Overall opinion
  2 responses   2.4 L Reliablilty - Specifically Oil Dilution
2017 - 2024 Honda CR-V

I'm considering the purchase of CPO 2017 Honda CR-V AWD LX model, 32,000 miles. This is the base model with the 2.4 L engine that is not included in the infamous "oil dilution" recalls Honda is making. However since this engine does use GDI and is part of the "Earth...
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