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Honda Accord Questions: Ask the People Who Own One

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2021 Honda Accord Questions

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  13 responses   Honda CVT Transmissions
2013 - 2024 Honda Accord

Anybody having problems with the Honda CVT transmissions on "newer" Honda Accords? Specifically, are they failing prematurely? I understand that it's too early to get a feel for this on cars that are less than 3 or 4 years old.

I'm looking at Camry with AT vs. Accord...
  4 responses   How reliable Is cvt?
2016 - 2024 Honda Accord

How do you like the cut as compared to a traditional automatic?
  8 responses   Selling new car?
2016 - 2024 Honda Accord

Hi, all. I bought a 2016 Honda Accord last fall and have decided I'd rather have a different car. That's it in a nutshell. Wasn't sure where to post my question so I chose the Depreciation category. What I really want advice on is how to sell it. (and before...
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