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Honda Pilot Questions: Ask the People Who Own One

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2021 Honda Pilot Questions

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  3 responses   I need occasional seating for 6 adults, but not a minivan
2016 - 2024 Honda Pilot

My shortlist so far contains the following (based on features, styling, 3rd row adult seats, and reliability/warranty):

Subaru Ascent
VW Atlas
Honda Pilot
Volvo XC90 Momentum

Am I missing something? I want to keep it under $50k, and will likely replace the car in 6-7 years. I will...
  3 responses   Honda 2021 Pilot Reliable?
2019 - 2024 Honda Pilot

Considering 2021 Pilot new. Is it reliable. I like the bigger interior. Many opinions differ in on line expert sites? I keep up with all maintenance on schedule. My old 2004 Lexus has been bulletproof for 200,000 miles.
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