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Volkswagen Golf Questions: Ask the People Who Own One

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2021 Volkswagen Golf / GTI Questions

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  12 responses   Golf or Mazda 3?
2015 - 2022 Volkswagen Golf

I am finally moving on from my Nissan Sentra. I want something comfortable for long drives, fun to drive and reliable. I like hatchbacks, but could go for a trunk. I plan on holding it for 8 years, four years to pay mine, then another four years to pay for...
  6 responses   Would you buy it again?
2015 - 2022 Volkswagen Golf

Would you buy a basic Golf with automatic transmission for driving in Los Angeles?
  6 responses   Reliability?
2015 - 2022 Volkswagen Golf

'Considering a Golf R. It this model any more reliable than the regular Golf?
  3 responses   Golf R Oil burn? Reliable?
2015 - 2022 Volkswagen Golf


I'm thinking about buying a Golf R - 2015 or 2016. I've read reports on the Audi S3 engine, which I believe is exactly the same as the Golf R, being an oil burner. Car and Driver reported this issue. Anyone have any feedback? I would also like...
  12 responses   VW Relability and maintenance Cost
2015 - 2022 Volkswagen Golf

I\\\'ve owned nothing but Japanese cars for many years, but am considering a new GOLF Sportwagon.

The car seems wonderful, but I am concerned about reliability and long term cost. I keep my cars a long time.

My Other choice would be an Outback.

Am I right...
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