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Audi Q7 repairs by problem area

Engine (26%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (2%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (5%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (37%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (18%)

Other (9%)

Chart based on 551 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the Audi Q7.

Audi Q7 engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (3%)

$1000 - $2499 (16%)

$500 - $999 (10%)

$100 - $499 (14%)

< $100 (57%)

Chart based on 115 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2017 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

11000 mi Supercharger noise justifying replacement under warranty 
31000 mi and supercharger noise/ jerkiness. 
39000 mi Vehicle was experiencing random jerkiness on takeoff. It was determined the supercharger clutch needed to be replaced again. They also had to install a patch update for computer. 
12000 mi Supercharger clutch replacement. 
21000 mi The supercharger clutch was not engaging correctly 

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2013 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

62000 mi

C $2885
thermostat, coolant valve, suspension sensor 

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2012 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

22350 mi

US $500
Engine was using excessive amount of engine oil (2 quarts/month). Dealership replaced some seals and gaskets and updated the software and the issues seems to have been corrected. 

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2011 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

turbocharged 225hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

44000 mi

US $200
sensor related to fuel pressure replaced 
66800 mi CEL related to DEF pump. Could be pump itself or just the sensor. Audi comped 40% of the repair cost. $800 
84800 mi

US $175
EGR cooler was replaced 
15000 mi Diesel fuel system issue. Audi replaced both fuel pompa lines and drained tank and system 
60900 mi

US $90
Burning through Ad blue. Not getting 10,000 miles per tank 
11000 mi The car is a diesel: the ad blue (fuel additive) light came on stating tank needed refilling. It didn't. 
12000 mi Had to replace AdBlue tank sensor. Replaced AdBlue sensor -- whole pump / sensor apparatus. 
70000 mi Exhaust system, adBleu readings 
28000 mi NOX sensor was failing causing the Check Engine Light to come on intermittently. Power management system was working incorrectly causing the battery to not function correctly. 

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2011 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

14700 mi Low oil warning indicator -added 2 quarts of oil 
18300 mi low oil indicator light, topped off oil by dealer, installed oil consumption test monitor 
55000 mi

US $700
Thermostat failed and was replaced, supercharger had to be removed for access 
31000 mi

US $65
low oil light came on. found leaking head gasket. dealer replaced under warranty. also had the tires rotated. 
43300 mi Oil leak (second one). 
48000 mi low oil light on - had to add oil again. oil consumption WNL per Audi, burning 2/10 quart per 1k miles. I disagree! 
35000 mi Engine overheating sensor activated and indicated car should be pulled over 

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2011 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

supercharged 272hp 3.0L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

46600 mi

US $500
Oil leak,  
43000 mi Would not stop overheating, water/coolant level was full. car leaking oil.  
24800 mi TPMS, EPC, MIL, TRACS all came on at once. Engine ran rough with miss fire all RPMs. Problem diagnosed - bad coil on cyl #1. Was replaced under warranty with all plugs. Car runs fine. 
60000 mi

US $598
Engine overheated, replaced thermostat and water temp sensor. 
72000 mi About a year ago it started using a lot of oil. It has always been changed at the recommended intervals. When I replaced it it was using a quart every 350 mi. Audi would do nothing. Change your oil every 5000 mi no matter what they tell you. 

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2010 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

turbocharged 225hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

73000 mi

US $300
Turbo boot was oil soak cause by air inlet breather leaking oil on the boot. Replace boot and turbo breather. 
95000 mi

US $200
60000 mi

US $3500
3 trips to get ad blue injection system repaired and then replaced. over $3,500 in charges. Took 3 weeks. Research suggests same failure on VW Toureg with same power train. 
11249 mi Coolant light came on; water pump leaking. Replaced water pump under manufacturer's warranty. 
90000 mi

US $900
ADBLUE pump failure 
92000 mi

US $1000
Glow spark detector 
94900 mi

US $1000
NOx sensor malfunction. Engine light was on and would come and go 
117180 mi

A $1800
Oil leak to head gasket left hand side bank. Seal replaced. No seal available for right hand bank from audi for zome unknown reason. Rough running. Code indicated engine misfire so replaced coil packs and spark plugs on all 8 cylinders. Engine light still comes on and still runninh rough on start. 

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2009 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

turbocharged 225hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

42000 mi Sensor for check engine light malfunctioned. Repaired w/o charge under warranty. 

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2009 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

280-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

98000 mi

US $250
Engine camshaft position sensor failure 
500 mi Engine misfire. Coils replaced 
800 mi Engine misfire. Fuel injector replaced. Engine misfire again - fuel injector flushed 
1400 mi Engine misfire. Additional fuel injectors replaced 

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2008 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

350-horsepower 4.2L V8 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

30000 mi Drive-by-wire warning light came on and acceleration was awful. Was able to drive the car to dealer next day. Dealer found fault code and had to remove manifold to repair issue with software/computer system. 
113000 mi

US $300
Intake manifold position potentiometer sensor LH had to be replaced which was causing the air to fuel ratio to throw a check engine light for engine running too lean. TSB. 

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2008 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

280-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

6000 mi Faulty emission sensor. 
58000 mi P0420 - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1. The dealership tried to do a test on the system and they couldn't complete it. The check engine light was reset and since the light hasn't came back on I haven't taken it back for more tests. 
33000 mi Car was misfiring, required injector cleaning which took 3 days 
14959 mi Fuel Rail Pressure code. Car did not start immediately and then stalled on the way to dealer. Tank was 1/8 full. Dealer claimed car should not be driven at 1/4 full or less. 
22000 mi Stalling problem continued after last repair attempt, vehicle was towed back to the dealer. Replaced high-pressure fuel pump. Stalling continued. 
23000 mi On fourth attempt, finally found the problem, a bad sender in one of the sides of the fuel tank. 
86000 mi

US $758
Fuel leaking 
62500 mi

US $900
Leaking antifreeze, diagnose as hose. Hose was replaced but still leaked. needed 2nd trip to dealer for anti-freeze cover by thermostat area on water pump 
63000 mi

US $1600
Coolant leak required water pump and belt replacement. Fuel system tune up and throttle service 
80000 mi Carbon build up on intake valves 
82000 mi

US $1665
Carbon build up on intake valves 
32860 mi

C $25
Misfires. Turned out that oil was overfilled by 1/2 liter. 
60300 mi Engine light came on with misfire on cylinder 1 took to audi and diagnosed sporadic misfire, audi replaced coil and test drove, no further light. Have been using additive to avert carbon build up as part of routine maintenance 

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2008 Audi Q7 4-door

turbocharged 8-cylinder diesel automated manual 4WD

32240 mi

temperatures to high 

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2008 Audi Q7 4-door

turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel automatic AWD

138260 mi

EGR was not working properly. 

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2007 Audi Q7

Engine not specified

58000 mi

US $1000
had to replace engine 
52000 mi Q7 in the shop from June through November for rattling noise from engine, major electrical problems, and a water leak. The day after I got it back the CEL came on again. In shop many times before, average of 30+ days each time. Got rid of it. 

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2007 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

turbocharged 233hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

16120 mi For the second time unable to open fuel cap, using electrical access switch 
22940 mi Replace Turbo 
29140 mi Turbo Replaced 

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2007 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

350-horsepower 4.2L V8 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

39000 mi During installation, the air box was cracked and also replaced under warranty. 
99000 mi

US $1200
Replaced oil filter stand gasket and crank case ventilation seal. Also performed carbon buildup cleanup. 
102000 mi

US $2500
Oil seals needed to be replaced on the upper CAM cover and internal areas. 
107000 mi

US $1000
Oil leak from the oil separator and also replacement of an O2 sensor. 
107900 mi Oil smell continues to intermittently enter the cabin. 
110000 mi Recurring oil leak spilling onto the exhaust manifold causing burning oil smell to enter the cabin. 
41540 mi Coil failed caused a cylinder to misfire. 
13000 mi had to have the gas tank replaced due to the small silver disc at the gas intake failing - gasoline pump got stuck and the disc would not seat properly - this is a "cold weld" and forced replacement of the entire tank  
73700 mi

US $85
Intake manifold actuator failed. 
43000 mi Noticed oil on floor under engine. Remedy - found oil separator leaking Cat 3. R&R oil separator. Cleaned off engine. 
96000 mi

US $900
code PO174 bank 2 system too lean. they replaced a sensor and the oil separator and the problem still exists. 
82300 mi

US $700
Replaced oil strainer 
98400 mi

US $1200
Oil Seal and separator replacement 
112200 mi

US $1700
O2 Sensor, Engine Computer, Repair still in progress 
71000 mi

US $850
Oil filter housing gaskets were leaking all over the top of the block. Gasket replacement required removal of intake plenum. Cleaned carbon deposits while we had access to them. 
35000 mi Check engine light. They replaced an intake manifold flap. I got it back the next day and the light came on again. 
36000 mi They now think it's an air intake hose issue. Parts ordered. 
36000 mi The vehicle has gone in approximately 5 times for a check engine light issue. On the most recent visit, they replaced the oil separator. The check engine light has not returned since. 
37000 mi Coolant warning light came on. Discovered coolant levels were well below minimum. Per dealer, coolant system leak, replaced coolant tank. 
58200 mi Oil Leak: Bad gasket between oil filter housing and engine block. Removed intake manifold in order to repace bad seals. 

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2007 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

280-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

126200 mi

US $1100
Had to replace one catalytic converter and O2 sensor 
153000 mi

US $400
Rear coolant leak 
183000 mi

US $540
Engine fault, fuel pressure sensor faults replace sensor in fuel system still an issue. 
195800 mi

US $2400
Replace catalytic converter Replaced fuel pump 
9000 mi Governor engaged while driving. No discernable cause, but dealer fixed the problem with a software upgrade. 
16000 mi

US $25
Oil Pump not functioning properly. TSB recall notice from Audi was used to solve problem. 
48000 mi

US $2300
Excessive Carbon Build Up - Check Engine Light 
76600 mi

C $500
The dealer could not identify a problem. Proposed to remove an engine to figure it out ($5K labor only to remove and reinstall). Got it from the dealer in worst condition than initially. 
9700 mi Broken fuel sensor(car inoperable for 5 weeeks, sunroof rattle 
5000 mi Coolant leak. 
5000 mi Fix coolant leak reported in Jan.. 
90000 mi

US $2100
Cleaned carbon out of engine.  
123500 mi Update: one month later might have total engine failure despite all service at dealerships. Ordered new engine, dealer agreed to pick up 80 percent because we've bought three vehicles from them. 
91000 mi New engine was received & placed in vehicle by dealer - vehicle was in service for about 90 days. Q7 now runs very smooth - dealer also serviced transmission free of charge. 
157900 mi

US $1700
Catalytic converter issues/warning lights - spacers inserted and problem solved 
162600 mi

US $2100
Valve cover seals leaking 
175000 mi

US $409
replacement of fuel pressure sensor 
15000 mi Noise and oil pressure indicator after sitting for a couple of days. The dealer replaced oil filter flange kit as per TSB 2015411/4. 
32471 mi Misfiring and Hesitation 
39674 mi Misfiring continues, check engine comes on. Dealer sees errors and updates codes. 
41082 mi

US $493
EPC light is on,key was stuck in car. Brake light malfunction and door handle malfunction  
47173 mi

US $382
Engine misfiring. Dealer states no trouble found. Engine misfiring. Dealer states no trouble found. Rear fog light repaired. Rear door handle button won't lock doors. 
49143 mi

US $221
Won't start. ESP warning and check engine light. Misfiring. Water Ingress. Won't start. ESP warning and check engine light. Misfiring. Water Ingress. MMI replaced as goodwill (Warranty Expired).  
49943 mi

US $316
Won't start ESP light and check engine. Misfiring. ECM replaced.(Goodwill) 
50325 mi Won't start ESP warning light. Moisture in vehicle. (Goodwill) Power Stud and Wiring checked Won't start ESP warning light. Moisture in vehicle. (Goodwill) Power Stud and Wiring checked 
51552 mi Misfiring and won't start. Deal states new battery is needed and G17 Fueling injector clean for carbon build up. Repair was declined and deal wish to no longer work on vehicle. "LMFAO" G17 purchased, misfiring continued a week later. LOL "o" Boy. Misfiring and won't start. Deal states new battery is needed and G17 Fueling injector clean for carbon build up. Repair was declined and deal wish to no longer work on vehicle. "LMFAO" 
40000 mi Dieseling, engine rattle, oil injector 
37000 mi Engine Coil failure 
98580 mi

C $160
The fan always had problems and it started smoking last week! Repair cost would be $400+labour...not like. My husband tried fixing it but it's close to the end of its life. 
99080 mi

C $1200
Spark plugs and something else need to be replaced 
101680 mi

C $1000
Also replaced the fan. 
86000 mi Timing chain skipped. Timing chain tensioners, guides, cogs replaced. All valves were reported bent due to timing chain skipping and creating need to remove engine, bore cylinder heads, and replace all valves. 
6000 mi Front Oxygen sensor code detected and replaced. 
11000 mi O2 sensor replaced, reset 10k service reminder as this is not included with optional AUDICARE service package. 
147000 mi Fuel Pump 
139000 mi

US $60
Replaced serpentine belt tension pulley. 
147000 mi

US $250
Replaced oil filter and flange unit. Vehicle was making a noise intermediately at startup. Sounded as if top half was not being lubricated with oil. 
144300 mi

US $1500
Cylinder head had the water jacket leak into number 5 cylinder. This was caused by erosion to the head itself. Cylinder head is being welded by a shop and will get a valve job and be resurfaced. Car is still being worked on. 
10000 mi The "Diesel" sound on cold start. Dealer stated earlier VIN did not match engines with valve issue. Stated this time start up noise fixed via software update. Engine noise is now gone. 
22000 mi Grinding noise and oil light on cold starts returned. This time dealer replaced oil filter flange and problem was resolved. 

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2007 Audi Q7 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

17000 mi Low oil pressure indicator. 
18000 mi Oil Pressure light came on frequently. Audi decided to replace the ENTIRE ENGINE. I think they may have an issue with Q7s as the service manager indicated that this was not the first vehicle he had seen where the corporate office decided to replace the 

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2006.5 Audi Q7 4dr SUV

350-horsepower 4.2L V8 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

38440 mi

A $460
Faulty under hood heat sensor turning cooling fan on at random, flattening battery. Sensor replaced under extended warranty but battery not covered - had to be replaced. 
54560 mi Vehicle occasionally loses power when going from standing start up an incline, when motor is already warm. It then revs high before coming right. Only happened twice, but no trace found on computer. Tested by mechanics, but could not repeat. 

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