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2001 BMW X5 repairs by problem area

Engine (40%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (6%)

Brakes and Traction Control (6%)

Suspension and Steering (23%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (14%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (2%)

Other (8%)

Chart based on 97 repairs.
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2001 BMW X5 repair cost distribution

$2500+ (6%)

$1000 - $2499 (23%)

$500 - $999 (23%)

$100 - $499 (30%)

< $100 (18%)

Chart based on 66 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2001 BMW X5

Engine not specified

BMW X5 in Utah, United States
Nov 2009 - Dec 2009
Dec 2009

107000 mi

US $1200
Catalytic converter valley pan gasket plugs, 1 coil Needed some vertical links on the suspension when sold. 
BMW X5 in New Jersey, United States
Aug 2011 - Oct 2011
Sep 2011

158000 mi

US $700
broken rear sawy bar link...replaced control arms, control rods, and lower control arm bushings. 
BMW X5 in Massachusetts, United States
Jan 2011 - Feb 2011
Feb 2011

100000 mi

US $2000
Transmission replaced 
BMW X5 in New Jersey, United States
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013
Jul 2013

104000 mi

US $2000
replaced equalizer/repair leak(over $2000) 

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2001 BMW X5 4dr SUV

282-horsepower 4.4L V8 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD

BMW X5 in Pennsylvania, United States
May 2012 - Jun 2015
May 2012

72000 mi

US $15
A/C needed recharged...works great now Air Suspension Fail 
Jan 2015

73800 mi
A/C does not blow cold...small leak Torn CV Boots Power Windows get stuck in the door Driver's Side Door Handle broke...Door cannot be opened from outside...does open from inside 
May 2015

78000 mi

US $500
Brake line rusted out. Had to be replaced. 
BMW X5 in Oregon, United States
Feb 2012 - Aug 2012
Mar 2012

149000 mi

US $112
Replaced driver side front CV axle. 
Jun 2012

153000 mi

US $84
Replaced radiator.  Replaced valve cover gaskets and crankcase vent. Replaced cam position sensors (2) 
Aug 2012

153000 mi

US $215
Replaced MAF a second time. 
BMW X5 in California, United States
Jul 2011 - Sep 2012
Dec 2011

73000 mi

US $500
engine oil leak 
Apr 2012

75000 mi

US $900
radiator had to be replaced due to a leak 
BMW X5 in Colorado, United States
Feb 2016 - Jul 2016
Apr 2016

149200 mi

US $1200
Broken chain guides 
BMW X5 in Great Britain
Aug 2013 - Jun 2015
Oct 2013

121300 mi
Replacement steering angle sensor required 
Nov 2013

122000 mi

Cam chain tensioner failure, resulting in damage to guides requiring complete replacement including chain itself 
Feb 2014

123000 mi

Door locking actuator intermittent, replacement required 
May 2014

124000 mi

Rear brake pipes rusted excessively. Front control arm balljoint replacement required. Damaged and worn 
Dec 2014

128000 mi

Plastic clips forming part of window regulator had broken, causing window to come loose in the door. Replaced clips only and inspected regulator. 
Jan 2015

123300 mi

Replacement of control arm bushes with Powerflex aftermarket items due to excessive wobble during braking and heavy acceleration. 
BMW X5 in Idaho, United States
Dec 2008 - Jan 2015
Oct 2012

56000 mi

US $2000
o2 sensor fail, plus change all fluids, new front brake pads and rotors 
Dec 2014

67000 mi

US $1300
brakes and rear wheel bearings 
BMW X5 in Illinois, United States
Jul 2012 - Jan 2015
Sep 2012

133000 mi

US $1100
Alternator amperage failure caused onboard computer to shut down ALL systems and created a massive simultaneous FAIL while driving at highway speed on freeway. Dangerous! After towing to a BMW-certified shop, system was diagnosed. 
Mar 2013

142000 mi

US $233
High pressure power steering hose near failure, all steering hoses replaced. Brake sensor light failure. Brakes were very and near failure, but no warning light. Mechanic detected the problem. Sensor badly installed prior to purchase. Replaced it. 
May 2013

143400 mi

US $1800
Massive brake failure. System replaced. 
BMW X5 in Illinois, United States
Jul 2013 - Mar 2014
Sep 2013

224000 mi

US $900
Engine water pipe failed, replaced water pump and thermostat. 
Dec 2013

232000 mi

US $900
Dead battery... Starter wrecked battery and caused plugs to foul out. Battery, Starter, Starter Wire, Plugs Oil Filter Collapsed clogging engine oil ports 
BMW X5 in Iowa, United States
Feb 2011 - Mar 2011
Mar 2011

136000 mi

US $179
I replaced the liquid cooled alternator with one purchased from www.amazon.com  
BMW X5 in Connecticut, United States
Nov 2010 - Feb 2014
May 2011

82000 mi

US $900
Radiator developed a hole, repair stop (used car dealer vehicle was purchased from) replaced radiator with new BMW part. 
Jul 2011

84000 mi

US $300
Driver's door lock mechanism broke. Could open from inside car, but not from outside. 
Sep 2011

87000 mi

US $3200
Auto transmission failed. Slipped out of gear and then "jammed" back in continously. Sensor replaced, no effect. Transmission replaced with a rebuilt. 
Jan 2014

US $560
Passenger door would not open. Mechanic had to replace entire inner door workings. Other doors randomly do not unlock. 
BMW X5 in South Carolina, United States
Nov 2010 - Dec 2011
Dec 2010

133000 mi

US $108
Broke driver's door handle. 
Jan 2011

134000 mi

US $80
Rear windshield wiper assembly. Broke linkage arm. The OE were plastic and when we had the snow/ice here a week or so ago it froze to the rear windshield then when turning it on snapped like a twig.  Had to replace coolant expansion tank. Had a crack in it on the seam.  
Dec 2011

149000 mi

US $700
Replaced Rear Air Bag Suspension. Replaced Battery and a coil pack. 

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2001 BMW X5 4dr SUV

225-horsepower 3.0L I6 5-speed shiftable automatic AWD

BMW X5 in Georgia, United States
Mar 2013 - Apr 2013
Apr 2013

86000 mi

US $2000
idle electric sensor 
BMW X5 in Malawi
Sep 2012 - Jun 2014
Feb 2013

87200 mi
Discovered that check engine light comes on when you start the car while the foot is pressed on the brake pedal. Call it a false alarm but it unfortunately does not come off until you restart without the foot on the brake. anyone with same? 
Jun 2014

94860 mi

Car was leaking a bit of oil and possibly water. oil smell and a bit of smoke was evident when the car was driven after a long period of being idle. Mechanic indicated and replaced head gasket. the problem is now fixed. 
BMW X5 in California, United States
Aug 2009 - Dec 2012
Sep 2009

93000 mi

US $450
I noticed an oil leak and had the hoses replaced. Leaks were still present after a week or so and was told this leak was from a different area that needs to be repaired and was charged mostly for labor the second time. 
Aug 2010

108000 mi

US $66
Oct 2012

132500 mi

US $5000
replaced transmission and replaced oil pan gasket 
BMW X5 in Jamaica
Mar 2011 - Apr 2013
Jul 2011

39060 mi
Cylinder head need refurbish; head gasket replaced. Car still cannot start. Update in October: car is still in shop awaiting the correct head gasket. 
BMW X5 in New York, United States
Aug 2012 - Sep 2012
Sep 2012

112000 mi

US $3116
NAV System replacement Engine Belts Cracked Power Steering Pressure Pipe Leaking Front Lower Control Arms - Left and Right Rear Upper Control Arms - Left and Right Front Guide Joints and Thrust Arm Bushings - Left and Right Intake Camshaft Position Sensor Oil Filter Housing Gasket Leaking 
BMW X5 in Wisconsin, United States
May 2011 - Jan 2013
May 2012

139200 mi

US $200
caliper piston boot damaged and replaced. wheel bearing making noise noise in steering column, told it may be the joint between column and steering linkage 
Sep 2012

140000 mi

US $180
Check engine light, needed new camshaft sensor 
Oct 2012

141000 mi

US $500
L wheel bearing replaced Oil leak from engine 
Dec 2012

142000 mi

US $300
L wheel bearing replaced Needed new battery 
Jan 2013

135000 mi
something not right with the suspension 

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2001 BMW X5 4dr SUV

225-horsepower 3.0L I6 5-speed manual AWD

BMW X5 in Washington, United States
Feb 2010 - Aug 2014
Jun 2011

97000 mi

US $700
Steering system leaks. All hoses and related components replaced. 
Jul 2013

111000 mi

US $4076
Engine felt like not running on all cylinders. Fault codes for misfires. Replaced crankcase vent valve and attaching hoses. Replaced faulty intake resonance flap. Also replaced spark plugs as preventive maintenance. Rear brakes binding due to corrosion. Removed and cleaned guides. Clunk noise on right turns. Replaced both tie-rod assemblies and both rear upper control arms. Collapsed front strut mounts, worn rear differential mounts not replaced. 
Mar 2014

113000 mi

US $2442
Replace Differential Mounts, Rear Subframe Mounts  Rear Suspension Repairs, front strut mounts 
Aug 2014

114000 mi

US $637
Both Driver and Passenger front door lock mechanisms failed. Driver door could be unlocked with key, passenger door stayed locked. 
BMW X5 in North Carolina, United States
Dec 2008 - Jun 2016
May 2009

70000 mi

US $100
Front Driver side turn signal relay harness and socket was replaced, including a new turn signal bulb. 
Jul 2012

84200 mi

US $150
cam sensor, exhaust side, code 12 on a very fancy Launch brand diagnostic tool...replaced sensor. Code cleared, runs fine now. 
Jun 2015

104000 mi

US $2000
Needed new lower control arms, as mine are orig. All suspension parts were totally rusted together. Discovered I needed new hubs, half shafts, CV boots, et al. Also replaced driver door window module. 
May 2016

107000 mi

US $180
R & R'd passenger rear window regulator. R & R'd passenger rear window regulator. 
Jun 2016

109000 mi

US $225
CEL came on, with power driveability way off. BMW Indie read code, and R & R'd cam position sensor, intake side. Exhaust side was replaced a year+ ago... 

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2001 BMW X5 4-door

8-cylinder automatic AWD

BMW X5 in Illinois, United States
Feb 2009 - Dec 2012
Mar 2009

110000 mi

US $2000
Long story short, I had to pay 2k on repairs that my dealer said they fixed while the car was still under warranty. They didn't do anything. I had a coolant leak and valve cover issues. 
Nov 2012

145600 mi

US $1600
I had a coolant leak, i had to repair all hoses in the back of the engine... 
BMW X5 in Oregon, United States
Oct 2009 - Mar 2010
Nov 2009

99000 mi

US $526
New plastic kit (hose connectors, expansion tank, ect.), new radiator, new water pump, new thermostat.  Replace left bank cam position sensor. Water Pump Replaced 

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2001 BMW X5 4-door

8-cylinder automatic 2WD

BMW X5 in Great Britain
Dec 2008 - Mar 2010
Jan 2009

111000 mi

2 brushes needed replacement. 

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