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2008 Buick Enclave repairs by problem area

Engine (16%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (9%)

Brakes and Traction Control (4%)

Suspension and Steering (21%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (30%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (12%)

Other (8%)

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Chart based on 857 repairs.
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2008 Buick Enclave suspension repair cost distribution

$2500+ (3%)

$1000 - $2499 (8%)

$500 - $999 (10%)

$100 - $499 (19%)

< $100 (60%)

Chart based on 118 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Buick Enclave

Engine not specified

74000 mi

US $850
Replace Sway bars 
When I turn to the left...it makes a rubbing sound on the front tires. It is either the wheel base or suspension. They said it was not a safety issue...but it is doing it more frequently so I am taking it in again this week. 
2000 mi They could not duplicate the scraping and was not sure what would be making it. 

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2008 Buick Enclave 4dr SUV

275-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

43000 mi Rattle clunk in front - both struts replaced 
61000 mi

US $200
Steering gear and steering pump were both leaking. Both replaced. 
26000 mi Replaced interior steering column assembly. Since the part has been replaced, the right turn signal return mechanism does not work. Back to the shop. 
31000 mi New problem included damaged turn signal canceling mechanism in steering wheel. That was damaged during steering column replacement. Part on order. part damaged during steering column replacement. Discovered after vehicle left dealership. Complaint of power steering pump noise when turning steering wheel. Check revealed air in the lines due to small power steering fluid leak. Dealer repaired leak and replenished fluid level. Noise is gone. 
31620 mi Both front stabilizer links worn in pivots and noisy 
49080 mi replace power steering pump and gear 
2000 mi Power steering pump was damaged during previous repair trip. Pump made a loud noise and power steering did not work reliably. Pump replaced. 
28000 mi Steering "clunking" primarily in cold weather after the car had been parked for several hours or more. Replaced rack and pinion per TSB. 
54000 mi

US $1000
Power Steering pump end seal and high-pressure hose to steering rack leaking. Replaced steering rack and pump. 
85000 mi

US $141
Replaced worn left front sway bar link. 
88200 mi

US $250
Left Tie-rod end replaced. 
6000 mi Loud humming/whining noise during stops or at idle. Power steering pump replaced, noise subsided but is not completely gone. Also, now hear some knocking sounds during turns 
8000 mi Noise steering wheel problem - replaced power steering pump and rack assembly. 
49000 mi

US $300
Steering wheel squeaked when turning at low speed. Steering rack leaking and replaced under warranty. 
26000 mi Strut mounts were replaced.  
41000 mi noise on steering 
44000 mi steering module replaced 
68000 mi Needed steering repairs. 
40000 mi Clunking when turning steering wheel left and right while parked and car running. Replaced part of steering shaft under warranty. 
45000 mi Clunking in steering column when turning wheel. 
54220 mi

C $300
Power steering pump cooler was replaced, as it was leaking. 
66960 mi

C $300
Replaced bad wheel bearing successfully. 
102000 mi

US $650
Shocks worn out. No fluid left. Replaced both front shocks. Noise in steering gear during parking turne 
46000 mi Rattle in front end on bumps. 
48000 mi Dealer replaced bushing. 
49000 mi Vehicle pulls to the right on roads with a crown in them. Pull is severe on high crowned roads. 
83000 mi

US $50
Steering Noise, P/S Rack replaced. Dealer Damaged CV boot durring P/S Rack repair. 
32300 mi Steering chatter - had to purge P/S rack with new fluid and bleed out air in system 
176000 mi

US $4560
bad tie rods 
65000 mi

US $75
Broken coil spring in rear of vehicle. 
57000 mi

US $100
replaced stabilizer links for creaking noise over small bumps. 
71000 mi Clunking in steering wheel when turning. Replaced I-Shaft Squeaking in steering column when turning. Tech found noise coming from boot where steering shaft passes through the body. Tech realigned boot. 
75000 mi

US $300
Squeaks when turning steering wheel. Replaced power steering rack assy (#20964165), bled system, flushed with Dexron 6, performed front end alignment. Cost was covered by previously purchased service contract (a.k.a. extended warranty ) 
78000 mi

US $206
Thumping noise occured in front suspension when driving over slight bumps. The bushings in the front 2 sway bar links were worn. Part number 20905104 $48.77 each. Service manager said they were poorly designed. 
127000 mi Power steering pump failed 
50000 mi Told dealer about noise in vehicle when turning. Dealer replaced power steering pump. Now the vehicle made a loud whirring noise. 
15800 mi Steering wheel column clicks when turning. Replaced the column as per existing TSB. 
32860 mi Noise and vibration when turning in steering column. Repair replaced steering gear, steering rack and all steering fluid. 
48360 mi worn stabilizers causing front suspension to make noise - replaced under warranty and problem corrected 
81220 mi

C $200
Steering pump was failing and vehicle was difficult to steer when parking. No leak present. Found steering gear warn and replaced steering gear, steering pump and front rack. Cost was $1,800 but have extended warranty with $200 deductible 
106020 mi

C $1250
Right front strut failure. Replace both front struts and mounting plates and rubber 
126480 mi

C $2700
left and right front axles and CV joints, left rear wheel bearing, front brake rotors 
72200 mi

US $263
There was a knocking noise present in the front ends over bumps, the sway bar links needed to be replaced. Replaced with links that can be greased...NOT what was on the car originally. 
133000 mi

US $2017
Power steering pump replaced,only had assist under high RPM'S.(This was an extremely hazardous situation,that suddenly occurred while turning in an intersection. NO RECALL?!)Steering rack-leaking from end seals.Flush power steering system. 
97000 mi When turning steering wheel, it makes a popping noise. Part was ordered but they received wrong part. Part was reordered so repair is not done as of yet. 
98200 mi They replaced the steering. It was going out when brake was pressed and turning. This fixed the problem. 
20000 mi left rear shock leaking oil. replaced as warranty claim power steering pump replace under warranty. 
56000 mi

US $2400
"leaking steering gear" as diagnosed by service manager. charged $1011.00 even though engine was out of car. there were no warning signs of this leak. no spots on driveway, etc. replaced front struts. one was leaking so they said they had to replace both. i think they broke it when they dropped engine cradle. no warning signs, no fluid 
17000 mi An independent repair shop noticed a very leaky rear strut & suggested I take it to the dealer for repair. So, I took it to the dealer, they saw the leaky strut and ordered a new one. An independent shop told me about a Tech. Bulletin affecting the front strut mounts & a rubbing noise that was identical to what I was hearing in the front end. Dealer said they could not replicate the sound & knew nothing of the technical bulletin. Rear strut was replaced with parts ordered on previous trip to dealer. I errored in my previous report for this problem. On last trip (when no repairs were made, only parts ordered), the car was in the shop for only 1 day, not 3. On previous trip I brought in a copy of the Tech.Bulletin I rec'd from independent shop. Upon seeing this bulletin, the dealer scheduled me for repairs, which is what this visit was for. 
75000 mi

US $667
Alignment out front/rear wheels. Dealer sublet out previous alignments to other shop.Now needs alignment & all new tires again since they are prematurely worn & even though I bought them in 2011. Dealer gave us a "deal": $667. Not happy!!! 
38000 mi Noise and vibration turning steering wheel. Steering gear replaced. 
25000 mi "Clunking" noise in front-end. 
25710 mi "Rattle" in front end. Tech discovered R/F worn stabilizer link.  R/F stabilizer link replaced. No charge. Covered by warranty. 
34500 mi Power steering making a "grinding" noise. Tech drained and refilled power-steering pump. Power steering was making a "growling" noise. Dealer drained and flushed and refilled power steering unit. Noise has been abated. No charge; covered under warranty. 
37000 mi Replaced both front sway bar links that were noisy. Right (pass) side showed more wear than the left. 
38000 mi Drivers side stabilizer link was worn and rattled. Dealer replaced both sides under warranty. I'm in the auto parts business and this is a part that should easily last at least 60000 miles before any signs of wear. 
124000 mi

US $3200
Replaced power steering pump. Another problem that is common on this vehicle and is known to GM. 
133200 mi

US $260
replaced both outer tie rods and had vehicle aligned 
149000 mi

US $390
Replaced 2 front strut assemblies 
149000 mi

US $450
Replaced front strut assemblies 
61000 mi Bad steering pump 
31000 mi Power steering was making a horrible noise. Cleaned out system and added new fluid. 
34400 mi Had a "creaking noise" when the steering wheel was rotated. Replaced steering rack. Had part in stock, installed in 3 hours. Great Service from Alan Jay Buick. 
59000 mi Front Shock absorbers Locked up.Replaced by Fidelity extended warranty. 
28700 mi Power Steering cooler leaking. Replaced under warranty. 
63240 mi

C $1000
re and re front struts 
60000 mi Replaced power steering pump to eliminate rubbing noise at low speed. This was a known problem and I just found out about the fix. It was totally covered by an extended warranty from Buick for this issue. 
61000 mi

US $700
Bad strut. replaced both struts. 

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2008 Buick Enclave 4dr SUV

275-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

9920 mi Steering wheel squeaked loudly when turning steering wheel parts that were ordered were installed, and squeaking steering wheel fixed 
16120 mi Steering gear replaced 
24000 mi Center link bar loose and replaced 
53000 mi 2nd steering rack replaced at about 50k and the first around 25k. 
44000 mi Replaced power steering pump 
44640 mi

C $280
Rattle or knock in front left suspension. Resolved by replacing front sway bar under warranty. 
24000 mi Noises heard while steering at slow speed. Steering gears replaced. Problem solved. 
32000 mi Noisy whining from the power steering pump, got louder with accelaration, dealer replaced pump, but noise is still noticable with acceleration, but mainly the steering problem was solved. 
42000 mi rack pinion steering and power steering pump replaced 
25000 mi The steering wheel squeels every time I make a turn. Mechanic said this is an engineering design flaw with car and have the same problem on 2010's. Said not to worry but I do as it started about 2 weeks ago. I will go back again until fixed 
190000 mi

US $400
53000 mi

US $640
Pump for power steering was bad. Had been making a whine for about a year. Dealership said it was a normal noise. It got louder and vibrated while turning. My wife is not happy. $200 with extended warranty, over $650 without. 
156000 mi

US $1000
replaced both rear bearings. 
7316 mi Car bought back by GM. Vibration problem still unresolved. 
89000 mi

US $5000
Power steering leak in high pressure hose. Also required replacement of sway bar, tie rod end. 
48000 mi Noise when turning steering wheel 
36700 mi replaced power steering gear 
100300 mi

C $100
drivers side tie rod end was making a noise and had to be replaced 
53200 mi

US $2300
Power steering pump went out and took the rack and pinion out with it too 
104500 mi

US $240
Steering Fluid drained and replaced 
45040 mi Rubbing noise when turning at low speeds. Found leak in steering rack. Replaced steering rack and fluid. 
75920 mi Replaced all struts and shocks. 
85560 mi

C $600
Leak in steering pump filter. 
15000 mi Bumping and knocking in suspension when turning and going over bump at same time. tsb. parts should have been ordered for this trip but were not. future trip scheduled. 
58000 mi

US $1000
Front suspension making noise. New stabilizer bars installed. 
31000 mi replaced steering column replaced steering column 
50000 mi

US $100
steering wheel made noises when turned right or left 
40000 mi whining in steering wheel - parts still on order - over 1 month 
44000 mi power steering going out (we believe it to be the pump, dealer doesn't agree) Replaced parts, aligned steering, problem still exists. 
67000 mi Noise from power steering; system was bled of air and seems fine now. 
90000 mi

US $620
Replaced right front strut and both front stabilizing bars. 
27000 mi Whirling sound from power steering pump. 
34000 mi

US $200
Replaced left tie-rod 
55200 mi Squeeking when steering wheel is turned 
59000 mi

US $200
Squeak in steering wheel - b een there for awhile. Not resolved. 
26000 mi strut mount out of alignment. Think it was bent. It was replaced 
36100 mi Replaced Steering gear and as I requested, flush system with Dexron VI and reset toe. 
41000 mi tie rods replaced 
31400 mi

C $500
front struts 
74000 mi Replaced steering rack assembly due to squeaking noise that returned after previous dealership failed to repair correctly. 
34100 mi Both front sway bar links replaced due to premature wear and squeaking noise over bumps 
44640 mi power steering pump replacement 
50600 mi

US $700
Struts/Sway bars 
77000 mi Steering wheel making noise. Part replaced. 
87300 mi

US $600
Replaced leaking strut. 
14000 mi Replaced leaky shock. 
17000 mi Noise from front suspension. 
19000 mi Took car back again when noise louder and fluid leaking. Need new front struts and shocks. Parts backordered until 4/25. Car not safe to drive. Car is still at dealer. Given free rental. 
19000 mi Both front struts and shocks replaced. Had trouble finding parts due to supplier issues. 
21000 mi New front strut bearing mounts and steering column. 
66000 mi replaced left sway bar link 
34000 mi 1. blew out air in steering mechanism 
44000 mi steering mechanism replaced 
45000 mi right front strut replaced 
61500 mi knocking noise. sway bar links replaed. 
28000 mi

US $95
Worn front sway bar links. Replace links which might have caused tire to go out of balance. Rotated and balanced tires and aligned front. 
16000 mi Clicking in steering column. Column was replaced under warranty. 
25000 mi During a timing cover replacement, the mechanic noticed that the power steering pump was making noise. New pump was ordered and installed. 
36000 mi Steering pump was making considerable noise. Shop noted that there was a service bulletin to drain and replace the PS fluid with a new variant. 
36700 mi Steering rack assembly was removed and replaced 
49000 mi Power steering hose had to be replaced.  
84000 mi Steering gear box is has a very small and slow leak. 
93000 mi

US $876
Replaced front sway bar links and bushings 
107600 mi

US $900
Front strut needed replacing 
66220 mi Power steering seem to cut out briefly on hard turns and when accelerating. It was marginally improved from repair but still prevalent in day to day driving. As far as dealer was concerned the repair was successful. 
67580 mi Steering not entirely fixed. This was my major reason for buying a new one. 
48000 mi

US $50
Power steering needed GM-specified replacement of PS fluid with transmission fluid, PS pump and tube/valve. Done under purchased warranty. 
69000 mi

US $50
Pump & linkages replaced. 
17000 mi very minor power steering leak, fixed under warranty 
9300 mi leak in power steering fluid cooler. 
50000 mi intermediate shaft had to be replaced 
53400 mi Whining noise when turning steering wheel. Some sort of rod had to be replaced 
43000 mi Sway bar replaced 
49000 mi Power steering, loose fitting caused leak, low fluid. Making noise. Fitting replaced and new fluid. 
95000 mi

US $2000
Replaced power steering assembly to address leaking issue in the system. 
7000 mi Rattle/clunk in front end of car - new suspension mounts ordered - not installed. 
8000 mi Sway bar bushings were replaced to eliminate front end rattle/clunk over medium suspension. Reduced the noise but did not eliminate. Problem still exsists. 
9000 mi Revisit for continuing rattle/clank in front end. Rescheduled for repair in July. 
10000 mi Suspension mounts replaced again based on TSB updated in June. Problem has not resurfaced  
24000 mi Rattle in front passenger side of car appears to come from engine compartment. Ordered part to fix "loose link" 
42000 mi Steering wheel squeaked. Fluid added. Checked for leak and found none. Steering wheel still squeaked. Replaced steering gear and re-set toe-in 
50000 mi Steering wheel squeaks. Part that was replaced in May needs to be replaced again. On special order. Two weeks since ordered, and still waiting. 
53000 mi steering mechanism had to be replaced 
64000 mi steering wheel squeaked when turned. Problem fixed by replacing faulty part. 3rd time for this part replacement. 
69000 mi Steering wheel squeaking again when sold, needed to be repaired for fourth time. 
40000 mi Replaced steering gear assembly to fix noise coming from the steering column. 
24180 mi Front suspension was noisy. Required strut replacement and stabilzer shaft link replacement 
48000 mi Air in System; Power Steering Pump replaced and power steering system bleed by vacuum. 

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2008 Buick Enclave 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

1000 mi Clank/clunk in front end of car. 

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2008 Buick Enclave 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

79000 mi

US $473
Power steering fluid level drops w/o dripping on floor. Told there is a drip pan to prevent this, so you must check fluid regularly. 

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2008 Buick Enclave Suspension Problems

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