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2012 Honda Fit repairs by problem area

Engine (15%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (13%)

Brakes and Traction Control (2%)

Suspension and Steering (15%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (33%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (9%)

Other (13%)

Chart based on 46 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2012 Honda Fit.

2012 Honda Fit repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (2%)

$500 - $999 (21%)

$100 - $499 (21%)

< $100 (56%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 43 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2012 Honda Fit 4dr Hatch

117-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Honda Fit in Illinois, United States
Jun 2016 - Jun 2018
Jun 2017

22000 mi

US $500
clean fuel injection. 
Dec 2017

24000 mi

US $1000
Shocks were leaking. 
Jun 2018

27000 mi

US $720
A transmission sensor needed to be replaced and transmission fluid was replaced. 
Honda Fit in Minnesota, United States
Aug 2011 - Jun 2018
Jun 2012

2000 mi
Transmission fluid leaking. Dealer tightened drain plug and advised to check if leaking persists. 
Jul 2012

2000 mi
Transmission fluid leak from June persisted. The dealer diagnosed a hairline crack in the transmission case. The entire transmission was replaced. 
Oct 2016

44000 mi

US $535
Spark plug for #2 cylinder came out of the cylinder head. Dealer replaced head, spark plug, and coil pack. Engine was 1 month out of powertrain warranty, dealer agreed to cover repair under warranty, less $100. Driver's side front strut making a knocking noise when cold, ride quality slightly less smooth, fluid evident on the outside of strut. Dealer replaced strut for $435. 
Honda Fit in New York, United States
Dec 2016 - Jun 2018
Mar 2017

83000 mi

US $105
car was very slow to turn over, battery tested and found border line. Known weakness of the fit (small, Fit specific battery). Replaced with battery from Advance Auto. 
Dec 2017

90000 mi

US $23
Wiper blade replacement - Bosch Icon 28 inch driver's side 
Honda Fit in California, United States
Oct 2013 - Oct 2018
Jan 2017

US $160
Batterie replaced 
Oct 2018

116000 mi
Broken wires on radiator fluid sensor 
Honda Fit in New Jersey, United States
Jul 2012 - Jun 2018
Jan 2014

62500 mi
front suspension rattle clunk 
Feb 2014

29000 mi
Front Suspension has a creaking/squeaking noise at colder temperatures. Mechanic heard the noise and said that is a normal noise for this car. My father has the same car with no noise. I will be bringing the car back and contacting Honda. 
May 2017

75000 mi
Repaired vibrating heat shield using washers as spacers 
Honda Fit in New York, United States
Feb 2012 - Jun 2018
Apr 2015

33700 mi
Replaced rear passenger seat belt under warranty; the seat belt assembly had broken, probably during seat folding/unfolding. 
Honda Fit in Connecticut, United States
Jan 2015 - Oct 2017
Jun 2015

46000 mi
Failed AC Blower Motor. Only worked on hi setting. It was covered under warranty 

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2012 Honda Fit 4dr Hatch

117-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Honda Fit in Texas, United States
Aug 2013 - Jul 2017
Oct 2015

50300 mi

US $238
Tires: TPMS system diagnosed, found 1 sensor broken, causing fault light to appear. Sensor replaced without issue. Cruise control: Main cruise light engages, but cruise control only works about 50% of the time. Unrelated to speed or vehicle conditions. Dealer could not replicate issue, so no repair was done. 
Dec 2015

52000 mi

US $550
Cruise control: Dealer replicated problem, determined Cruise Control Clutch switch (Steering wheel controls) are broken. $250 parts, $300 labor to replace. 
Nov 2016

79000 mi

US $180
Steering wheel cruise control and audio switches replaced, because cruise switch failed. Repair not completed. 
Honda Fit in New York, United States
Apr 2016 - Jun 2018
Nov 2016

88800 mi
Replaced the factory battery after 6 years...not bad 
Feb 2017

91000 mi

US $500
The AC compressor was making a wretched grinding sound, yet the AC/Defrost still worked fine. I had the compressor replaced because the noise was bothering me. 
Honda Fit in Massachusetts, United States
Apr 2015 - Jun 2015
May 2015

35700 mi
AC not functional upon purchase. dealership agreed to fix. Recharge worked for 24 hours only. Brought car back to dealer, twice. Second time, had to leave car in shop for 3 days. Evaporator was leaking frion and had to be replaced. 
Honda Fit in Florida, United States
Nov 2011 - Jan 2015
Jan 2015

35000 mi

US $130
Camber was out of spec. A new camber bolt/kit was installed. 
Honda Fit in Minnesota, United States
Mar 2012 - Jun 2017
Jul 2015

54000 mi

US $380
Ignition coil burnt out, replaced it and all spark plugs 
Honda Fit in Washington, United States
May 2012 - Jun 2018
Jun 2013

12000 mi
Difficulty shifting gears on manual transmission. Transmission fluid replaced and shifting improved. No charge under warranty 
Nov 2014

22500 mi
Difficulty shifting from 2nd to 3rd, and into reverse. Manual Transmission oil was changed. 
Feb 2016

30000 mi

US $70
Notchy feeling on gear changes (manual transmission). Had manual transmission fluid replaced. 
Honda Fit in New York, United States
Jun 2012 - Jul 2017
Dec 2013

23000 mi
ABS seemed way too aggressive in a snow storm, to the point the car didn't want to come to a complete stop. Thumping brakes and grinding at end of stop, but kept going. Fortunately with manual was able to downshift all the way and stop. 
Nov 2016

62000 mi
Replaced aging battery before winter- it had died twice 
Honda Fit in Connecticut, United States
May 2018 - Jun 2018
Jun 2018

78000 mi
Battery replaced ... covered by warranty 

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2012 Honda Fit 4dr Hatch

117-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

Honda Fit in New York, United States
Jan 2013 - Jun 2018
Apr 2018

28000 mi

US $700
blower fan and resistor replacement 
Honda Fit in Missouri, United States
May 2013 - Mar 2014
Mar 2014

18000 mi
Car has sudden acceleration. Engine goes to 5000 rpm while in gear and both feet on brake. Honda flew in a field engineer who "tore the whole system apart". Nothing was found wrong. Also reprogramed the computer. Time will tell if it is fix. 
Honda Fit in Tennessee, United States
Nov 2011 - Jun 2016
Jun 2016

42000 mi

US $35
Air conditioning coolant was low. 
Honda Fit in Oregon, United States
Jul 2012 - May 2017
May 2014

92000 mi
Two wheel studs have stripped out on my Fit. The mechanic tells me they have seen several of these and in his opinion the cause is low grade wheel studs. 
Feb 2015

130000 mi

US $441
Left front wheel bearing replaced. 
Aug 2015

158000 mi

US $650
Drivers seat wore through to the aluminum frame. Shop glued carpet pad to the frame, then installed new padding and upholstery. This was a design problem for years 2012 and 2013. I use my car for deliveries, in and out a lot. 
Oct 2016

212000 mi

US $600
Replaced fan and resistor motor as it had quit working 
Feb 2017

238000 mi

US $450
Water leaked from the roof top antenna into the car. Antenna was replaced. 
Mar 2017

238000 mi

US $450
Water leak through the roof antenna into cargo area in the rear of car 
Honda Fit in Minnesota, United States
Dec 2011 - Jun 2018
Jan 2012

57700 mi
Driver's side power window made horrible screeching sound while operating. Dealer mechanic greased tracks. 
Mar 2018

79000 mi
Spark plugs #3 misfiring. Plug had unscrewed 1 1/2 turns. It had done so 2 years earlier and was properly torqued at that time. Known problem with this generation of Honda Fit according to fitfreak.net forum. Re-torquing stopped misfire. 
Honda Fit in Indiana, United States
Jun 2013 - Jun 2018
Aug 2013

11700 mi
Very minor rust issue on the front hood, possibly due to a rock hitting the hood after spending significant time driving through construction in the months before. Although minor, I took it to the dealer since it was covered under warranty. 
Dec 2014

21000 mi
The air vent switch between recirculate or fresh air would occasionally get stuck so that switching to recirculate was not possible. The problem only occurred intermittently and the dealer was unable to reproduce When going over speed bumps, a crunching noise can be heard that seems above what would be normal. It is more noticeable in colder weather. The dealer, however, said everything was normal, although I am still skeptical and may bring it back. 
Honda Fit in Michigan, United States
Sep 2014 - Nov 2015
Jul 2015

13700 mi
Very little airflow w/AC on full. Shop said no problem, but it worked better after they did whatever they did. 

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