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Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel Economy Data

4dr SUV 360-hp 5.7L V8 8-sp shiftable automatic AWD w/low range

flat, hilly, or mountainousLand driving style: very light to "lead foot"Foot A/C use: none to heavyA/C constant stop and goTraf % many stops per mileCity % stop every mile or twoSub % fairly steady speedHwy % Hwy Spd MPG
flat med light 0 0 90 10 70 13.667
hills med light 15 5 0 80 70 18.460
flat med light 5 10 75 10 70 12.456
flat med light 5 10 75 10 70 11.502
flat med light 5 10 75 10 70 14.219
hills med light 5 15 75 5 70 15.758
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hills med none 5 5 0 90 70 19.142
flat med light 0 0 90 10 70 13.689
hills med light 0 5 10 85 70 17.419
flat med light 0 0 25 75 70 18.041

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TrueDelta Reviews the Real Gas Mileage of the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Real Gas Mileage: Pros
2014 You won't often see fuel economy among the reasons to buy a Jeep, and I wouldn't have it here without caveats in tow. EPA ratings of 21 mpg city, 28 mpg highway aren't anything special for a five-passenger vehicle. But they are impressive for a true midsize SUV, especially one that weighs over 5,000 lbs. The gas V6 is rated 17/24 (four mpg lower on each), the similarly torquey V8 14/20. The Touareg TDI manages about the same, 20/29. The gas-powered LR4, even with a supercharged V6 taking the place of a V8: 14/19. In suburban driving the trip computer typically reported averages from 18 to 21, similar to the even larger and heavier Mercedes-Benz GL350. On one run home from my son's school I managed just over 29, but this involved a lot of luck with traffic lights and a very light foot on the throttle. During a small amount of highway driving the trip computer averages were inexplicably no better than in town. Maybe the weather conditions weren't favorable, as I've never fallen so short of an EPA rating before. Worth noting: diesel tends to cost at least as much as premium unleaded gas, and usually costs significantly more. So while mpg improves, fuel cost per mile doesn't improve as much, sometimes not nearly as much. see full Jeep Grand Cherokee review

What Our Members Are Saying about the Real Gas Mileage of the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Real Gas Mileage: Cons
2014 4dr SUV 290-horsepower 3.6L V6
8-speed shiftable automatic AWD w/low range
Poor fuel economy was expected, so it's not a big complaint. Our V6 4x4 Grand Cherokee is rated at 17 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. We get about 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Ourair suspension package came with full-time four wheel drive, which probably doesn't help fuel economy. I would like to get at least 20 mpg in the city, but perhaps I will shell out the additional $4500 for the diesel engine next time, or maybe there will eventually be a hybrid option. see full Jeep Grand Cherokee review
2014 4dr SUV 470-horsepower 6.4L V8
8-speed shiftable automatic AWD
Obviously, the fuel economy is poor. You'll have to compare the Jeep SRT with the German equivalents to figure out just how poor, but suffice to say, you'll be getting less than 12 MPG everywhere you go and buying Super Premium Unleaded on every fill. see full Jeep Grand Cherokee review

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gas Mileage (MPG)

Unlike other fuel economy surveys, TrueDelta's Real-World Gas Mileage Survey includes questions about how and where a car was driven. So you can get an idea of the Jeep Grand Cherokee's real-world MPG based on how and where you drive a car.