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Can I get heated seats? Do I have to get a sunroof? Find out what you need to know about Nissan features right here.

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TrueDelta Reviews the Available Features of the 2015 Nissan

2015 Nissan Available Features: Cons
Unless you can't stand the new Maxima's exterior styling--and no doubt more than a few people can't--there aren't any strong reasons not to buy one--unless you feel that 300 horsepower should be channeled through more than just the front tires. Some competitors, including the Acura TLX, are available with all-wheel drive. The Maxima is not. Or you might want a sunroof. You can get a panoramic sunroof in the Maxima, but only in the less athletic SL and Platinum grades. Nissan has opted to offer the 2016 sedan in five trim levels with virtually no options. If you want the SR, you can't get a sunroof. Allegedly this was done because a sunroof would raise the car's center of gravity, and cause the car to lean more in hard cornering. But plenty of higher performance cars are offered with sunroofs. In the new Maxima's defense, it does tend to be very well equipped for a given price point. Navigation, a pair of large displays, proximity key, dual power seats, and remote start are standard on all five variants. The SV adds, among other things, heated leather seats and obstacle detection at both ends. The SL adds Bose surround-sound audio, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, blind sport warning, and a heated steering wheel (plus the panoramic sunroof not available on the SR). The SR adds LED low beam headlights and ventilated front seats (in addition to the sport bits). The Platinum adds an around-view camera system, moving object detection, memory for the driver seat and a power-adjustable steering wheel, rain sensing wipers, and a telematics sytem (plus fake mahogany trim I could personally do without). If you don't need a sunroof on the SR or all-wheel-drive, then feature availability is more a strength than a weakness. see full Nissan review

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