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TrueDelta: Not Just Another Car Site

TrueDelta is a community of 109,000+ car owners who report on their real-life experiences with their vehicles.

You can take many surveys online. Nearly all of them are conducted for corporations. TrueDelta's quarterly car reliability survey is different: we conduct it for the same reason we do everything, to benefit members.

Why quarterly, when others are annual? Three reasons. So members can report repairs while their memories are fresh.To have reliability ratings on new car models sooner. And to track cars more closely as they age.

Want to really get into the details? We also post the description of every reported repair.

The more car owners participate, the better this information will be. So membership is free for everyone who helps to provide it.

What Members Can Do that Guests Can't

  • Get unlimited access to all of TrueDelta's results, including additional reliability statistics not available to non-members. [details]
  • Average repair frequencies are the tip of the iceberg. It can be more helpful to know what percentage of cars required no repairs, and what percentage required three or more repair trips. Members get these "repair odds" stats.

    Also, you might care mostly about problems that can disable a car. Members can view stats that only include powertrain and chassis repairs.

    To see whether a car's reliability has been getting better or worse, members can view reliability trends.
  • Maintain repair, maintenance, and fuel economy records for your cars in one convenient location.
  • Share what you like and dislike about your cars.
  • Receive suggestions from other members about which car to buy, and provide suggestions to members seeking them.
  • Set up wish lists that allow you quickly access reliability and other information about cars you're interested in.

Testimonials from Our Members

Thank you for having it all in one tidy package. The most robust, simple to navigate, easy on the eye comprehensive auto guide EVER! KUDOS to your designers and web people!

-- Lisa H.

This is the most easily understood car comparison site EVER for a non-gearhead. I've had my eye on a Honda Fit and now I can rest assured: its history and consumer experiences support a purchase 100%. THANK YOU!

-- Susan Q.

I found your site extremely helpful- in fact it was the site I found on my phone internet when the Passat left me stranded 80 miles from anything in any direction on x mas weekend 2 years ago. Your site helped me to determine I likely had a bad fuel pump based on mileage from other entries.

-- Savannah C.