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What car owners tell us about TrueDelta

I worked 7 years as an auto mechanic. I like to take good care of all my cars. Sites like yours are good tools for people (like myself) who want to research a car before or after buying to see how they fare mechanically.

KR, Illinois, United States

Thanks for running a great car site for the consumer.

John G., Texas, United States

I appreciate your site and what you are doing. You are performing a valuable service to those of us who are interested in automobiles, their problems, their prices, and getting a reasonably trouble-free vehicle. I enjoy your site and have recommended it.

Don A., New York, United States

Very much enjoy your site and am factoring it in for my next vehicle.

Scott, Maryland, United States

I wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this site. It was very important in making my most recent car buying decision and I hope to contribute what I can.

Scott W., Michigan, United States

I want to thank you for your non-biased, open forum. Your reviews and research network was my number one source to better understand my options and what I should expect if I kept my last car or went to another.

Ed E., New York, United States

Thanks for such an accurate and current service. Much better than anyone else!

Butler C., Colorado, United States

I really like the site. I've directed folks here more than a few times.

Tracy P., Michigan, United States

I love your site - thank you for all you do!

Heather L., Florida, United States

Nice website! I found it very useful.

Frank D., Massachusetts, United States

Thanks for providing such a unique and useful service!

Tim B., Massachusetts, United States

TrueDelta is awesome -- constant, real-time data on vehicle reliability.. very cool! I'm glad to be a part.

Pete S., Idaho, United States

Great site! I chose my recent car purchase on real-life data I found on True Delta. I am very pleased.

John D., Minnesota, United States

Many thanks for your efforts. The information is invaluable when looking for a new drive.

Dave H., Florida, United States

Thanks for doing this!!! The site is a great help... All i can say is WOW...

Jorge C., New York, United States

You started a good thing - keep it up!

Yoonho S., California, United States

We have chosen to report our Honda Insight experiences to one and only one organization, TrueDelta. The reason we are supporting TrueDelta is simply this. TrueDelta supported us completely and with great integrity as we researched the Honda Insight.

John H., California, United States

I think you provide a great service, and I encourage others to join.

Lou A., Indiana, United States

Just wanted to say that, in addition to all the great data you provide to persons in the market for a car, being able to get a list of mileages I entered is going to be incredibly useful as I sit down to get caught up on my income tax.

Susan P., Nova Scotia, Canada

Keep doing what you're doing. It's a tremendous help.

William B., Maryland, United States

Thanks for your continual efforts to improve TrueDelta (which has the only reliability survey I used when getting the minivan).

Peter G., Utah, United States

I think your "lemon odds" are a great contribution for anyone looking to buy a used car.

MDB, Wisconsin, United States

Thanks for all of your hard work. Your efforts are amazing!

Marsh H-K, Vermont, United States

I'm very impressed by the site, especially the reliability ratings and the ability to price out options.

John N., Oregon, United States

I am proud to be a part of TrueDelta-you are doing great and beneficial work.

Tyler D., Texas, United States

This is the best site ever (shoe shopping sites not included)! I've been jumping from site-to-site comparing vehicles in my price range for weeks...when all I had to do was come here. This is great! Thank you.

Lisa S., California, United States

I enjoy your site and appreciate the effort that goes into it.

Tony P., New Jersey, United States

I appreciate what you do. I keep the statistics for five patrol cars in a voluntary security patrol in a senior community. I've used the statistics to save them many thousands of dollars by buying reliable, economical cars.

Bob S., Nevada, United States

Good luck. I appreciate the web site greatly and all the work you put into it.

Jay F., California, United States

This is just fantastic stuff. As more people become aware of what you have here, the payoff will surely come.

Ben J., South Dakota, United States

I think this is a great site and hope it continues to grow.

Richard C., Ontario, Canada

Love your website and what it offers.

Elden P., Kansas, United States

Your TrueDelta site continues to amaze me. It is fabulous. Thank you for all your efforts to find out real vehicle reliability and performance. I no longer use CR, LemonAide etc for information. They cannot match your sophistication and objectivity.

Laurence S., Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for this site, I have found it to be an invaluable resource.

Oscar J., Ohio, United States

I think your site is great and very useful.

Peter M., California, United States

I think the site is great. It was one of the main resources I used when deciding on my most recent car purchase.

Jennifer J., North Carolina, United States

Thank you very much! Love the information TrueDelta offers for making decisions prior to purchase. Happy to contribute with hopes others will benefit just as much as I did.

Amit V., New York, United States

I would like you to know that I have found your website to be informative and useful. The info on reliability in particular helped me decide on a used G35, keep up the good work!

Rick W., Idaho, United States

The few minutes required to participate is a small price to pay. TrueDelta was one of the sources I used in deciding what car to buy. It's a great concept. Keep up the good work!

Joel P., Ontario, Canada

This site is by far the best for car information available on the web or for that matter anywhere. I look at this site on an ongoing basis and will not purchase a car before consulting it.

Harvey K., Florida, United States

Thanks a million for all that you've done! The outcome of your efforts is exceptional. My hat's off to you!

David S., Pennsylvania, United States

I have to tell you that when we purchased our Nissan, one of the sites we used for our research was TrueDelta. I appreciated seeing the information in one place that represented real car owners, rather than just professional reviewers.

Sarah C., Florida, United States

I bought the Mazda over the Subaru in part due to perceived content/value in addition to the TrueDelta reliability scores. So thanks, it's no trouble to participate and I got something useful out of the exercise.

Cynder G., Alaska, United States

Just wanted you and everyone to know that because of this website I proved to Chrysler that the fan resistor switch problem was chronic in the Liberty and they paid me $175 of the $275 repair bill.

Al G., New York, United States

I used to work extensively in the auto industry as an auto analyst/consultant, so I appreciate what you're doing. I'd love to find some way to eliminate the reader bias that creeps into CR's survey results. Best of luck.

Greg B., Pennsylvania, United States

Your website has been an extraordinarily valuable resource in the car hunting process. I probably never would have bought such a small volume car if I hadn't seen how good the SX4 reliability has been in years past.

Jacob Y., New Mexico, United States

Thanks, Michael. The service you provide is a real help, but I'm sure it takes a ton of work. Thanks so much from at least one satisfied user :)

Scott S., Illinois, United States

Thank you for putting together such a great site and database!

Eric M., Virginia, United States

Thank you for the incredibly good job you've done with TrueDelta. You are to be commended both for the vision and for the execution.

Brian F., Michigan, United States

Your lightning fast reply to my simple query is uncommon, and I truly appreciate your sincere efforts to make this web site a great resource for those of us who have a lot of interest in cars and in making informed decisions about our vehicles.

Pete F., Florida, United States

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy the site and recommend it to a lot of friends/co-workers. Keep up the good work, you are building a great database, with real life information.

Eric N., Pennsylvania, United States

Thanks for conceiving, developing and running such a fantastic site. It is informative and entertaining.

Skip B., California, United States

You have a great site! I really enjoy participating.

Guy T., Saskatchewan, Canada

The results of your efforts are very useful. I tell people about your site all the time.

George D., New Jersey, United States

You are doing a good job helping consumers, keep it up.

John R., Texas, United States

I am impressed with your hard work on this site. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!

Rei S., California, United States

TrueDelta is looking great by the way. I've noticed the improvements you've made and they're awesome. Thanks for all that you do.

Neil T., Virginia, United States

Excellent site, changed the way I shop for cars!

Brett Z., Manitoba, Canada

Thanks for your communication and personal touch....love the site!

Bob M., California, United States

Thanks for providing consumers with valuable information concerning the reliability of automobiles. Your dedication is helping consumers like me to make informed decisions.

Frank L., Maryland, United States

I found your site extremely helpful - in fact it was the site I found on my phone when the Passat left me stranded 80 miles from anything in any direction on xmas weekend 2 years ago. Your site helped me determine [that the problem] was likely a bad fuel

Savannah C., Utah, United States

I love Truedelta! It's an extraordinary site and a true service to anyone who wants "real" data about cars. Anytime I know somebody's looking to purchase a car, I point them your way.

Scott W., Alabama, United States

You have a great site. It was useful to me in finding the right budget transporter (2003 Chrysler). Keep up the good work.

James T., Michigan, United States

I love the work you do on that site, it is a lot more meaningful

Eric T., Iowa, United States

Thanks for running this site. I enjoy being a part of it!

Alan Z., Arizona, United States

Keep doing what you are doing Michael... your data collecting and car expertise are amazing.

Josh H., Michigan, United States

I have very much enjoyed your site and actually just bought a new Audi A4 based on what I have read (I was nervous due to Audi reputation).

David B., Virginia, United States

Thank you for having such a great website to keep track of cars' problems and good points! You are the best! I almost bought an Elantra. Your site helped me realize it was a poor idea and I needed a car [in which I] feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Susan L., New Jersey, United States

I never shop by brand, I shop by specific model and its specific technical data and information. That's why, by the way, I find your site so useful. Thanks for that!

Uri S., New Brunswick, Canada

I really like the site and the data that you are gathering. I need to have my wife promote it on her blog and tweet about it.

Sean N., Maryland, United States

Great work on your site, was very helpful for me in the buying process.

Keith A., Ontario, Canada

Incredible what you've done with all the statistics. Thanks very much for all your hard work!

Tom C., North Carolina, United States

Thanks for your hard work. It was very helpful when I chose my car.

Greg M., Georgia, United States

You have an excellent website and you have a great academic and applied background. Whatever car I drive I will always post my information on your website and have informed my friends about your excellent website.

Paul S., Maryland, United States

While in active law enforcement, I became a Certified Energy Driving Conservation Instructor, so my primary concern is fuel economy, as well as reliability. Thanks for providing a site where data can be entered to assist others in their vehicle choices.

Bill T., Missouri, United States

I'm finding TrueDelta is becoming a real go-to site for me, as I think about a new car.

Chris J., New York, United States

You have a terrific site, and I'm very glad that you take the time to keep it up to date and relevant. Thank you!

Tim J., New York, United States

Wanted to state how useful I found the [site when I bought a car]. Of course, not before I checked TrueDelta to understand what problems if any are prevalent. I will most certainly be recommending the site to friends, many of whom are mechanics as well.

Derek K., Delaware, United States

Thank you for your work, your site is excellent!! It helped me decide on my new CC!

Michael, Pennsylvania, United States

I like the ease of the survey and [new] categories of problems. That helps and provides better detail. The compiled statistics are a great tool for comparing potential vehicle purchases and tracking how well my vehicles compare. Keep up the great work!

Keith B., Nevada, United States

Your site was very helpful in helping me decide what not to buy.

Chris G., Florida, United States

It is my pleasure to contribute to your site as I think it is an invaluable resource in helping others decide which vehicles to purchase based on reported reliability. Thanks so much for your efforts, Mike.

Brian K., New Jersey, United States

Thank you for your time and effort with the site. I was just about to pull the trigger on a Porsche but read some bad reports on forums (rear main seal issues). I was able to verify the problems on your site which was a big benefit in making a decision.

Greg R., Georgia, United States

Thanks for doing this. Very interesting. We got a couple of buyers' surveys but yours is the best.

Ed M., North Carolina, United States

The site is great. Grabbing real-world use from actual owners doesn't get any more true than that. Keep it up.

Jules B., Nevada, United States

Thanks for the great service you provide us, the consumers!

Howard C., Virginia, United States

Thanks for all the work on your site, by the way - great job and it helped me purchase this car!

Jim B., Oregon, United States

Love your site. It is a great resource for folks looking to buy a car.

Natasha P., California, United States

It's great that you're doing this website and collecting information! You seem to be investing a lot of your time doing things manually, which will make it great and not just something with automated results.

Philippe A., Quebec, Canada

Great website! Great data! If you ever need more detail do not hesitate to ask. I plan to help you with my data for the life of my car.

Andres P., New Jersey, United States

Thanks so much for your message. I was expecting an auto-reply type message and from someone other than you. Your care impresses me...along with how busy you must be doing what it is you do...and considering that you are a innovator within your field.

Ben S., California, United States

I just wanted to tell you this service is great! Good guide for used car buyers.

En Qing H., Florida, United States

Thank you so much for your site. Your actual information does wonders to dispel the folklore about the reliability of particular sources, brands, and models.

Al W., California, United States

Your site's reliability information is very helpful for my research and browsing. Thanks!

Erik A., Minnesota, United States

Thank you for setting up this website, it's been extremely helpful in my parent's search for a used car.

Peter D., Virginia, United States

Thanks for the site, I love it and have followed it for years.

Skip W., Texas, United States

I have been looking through true delta in search of another car. I'm interested in the Audi A4 or Volkswagen Passat right now. TrueDelta is an invaluable resource for car buying.

Vince S., California, United States

Just wanted to say keep up the good work. I like the down-to-earth feel of you sending out these reminders as well as the pure unbiased data that comes out of it.

Donald S., California, United States

You can bet I will be using your web site to help make the decison for my next purchase...thanks for what you are doing!

Amy S., Tennessee, United States

I appreciate what you guys have been able to do for every TrueDelta user out there. The information is very [useful] to me as far as comparison and reliability.

Rhyth M., New Brunswick, Canada

I've been following your website since you set it up and enjoy it tremendously. I think you provide very useful consumer advice.

Philipp J., Michigan, United States

Thanks for your work on all this by the way. I'm sending interested people your way as much as I can.

Michel P., Quebec, Canada

Awesome website/ service you've put together!

Doug G., California, United States

Thanks again for your help, and for the wonderful website and the service it provides. I refer it to all my friends/colleagues when the subject is buying a used car, and it's hands-down better than anything else out there IMO.

Michael W., New York, United States

It is very interesting to review and share the types of 'real life' statistics that you have set out to do. Good job!

John M., Quebec, Canada

You are always so NICE. Honestly, aside from the enormous benefits of your survey and website, it's really lovely that you manage to sow a little extra kindness in this world through your interactions with people. It's very rare these days!

Barb C., New York, United States

I wanted to thank you for your website. It helped me evaluate new car choices to replace our Accord.

Rob, Pennsylvania, United States

Thanks Michael, for all the effort you put into your TrueDelta project. It's been fun participating.

Craig S., Delaware, United States

Thank you for all this information. It really helped me buy the KIA.

Miyeko H., British Columbia, Canada

This is a great site. We used it when my daughter just got a 2001 Ford Ranger.

Dan R., Maryland, United States

Keep up the good work on tracking vehicle reliability. I think it makes the world a little bit better place.

James C., New Mexico, United States

Thanks for the service you provide, I enjoy being able to navigate your site to see what others say about various automobiles.

Ray B., Florida, United States

I just want to say thank you for putting this site together! It's full of valuable information

Mark R., Texas, United States

Thanks for the great job you do. btw: my son recently bought an S4 and virtually everything your data mentioned has already gone wrong, but "it's fast, Dad!"

JS, Connecticut, United States

Your website is really a great idea. Very informative, I am glad I can contribute.

David T., Texas, United States

Your attention to details is very good!!!

Leon W., Florida, United States

I love your personal touch. It's really the reason I keep contributing!

Gary H., Washington, United States

I love using your site whenever I can. It's been extremely helpful!

Amy B., Missouri, United States

Thank you for the efforts you've put into the site. I have used it for vehicle purchases, and find the differences in manufacturers/models fascinating.

Darin M., Nebraska, United States

Relied HEAVILY on TrueDelta in the decision for which car to buy. Thanks, and will continue to put in my cars' data.

Chris, Maryland, United States

Thanks for all the work...I want to do my part in keeping up the database. Your site was key in my car purchase decisions.

Joel A., California, United States

Love the site BTW thanks for what you're doing for the automotive community.

Ben C., Montana, United States

I enjoy participating in your project and like viewing the new stats every time they are updated.

Chuck F., Texas, United States

Your website truly helped me gather necessary information in my car search. Thank you!

Jane P., Vermont, United States

Happy to help out, I always check TrueDelta for friends and family looking to buy. I used TrueDelta to make my purchase decision on my Mazda 3.

Brayden M., Ontario, Canada

Thanks for all your hard work. Your service is a valuable tool for a

Bob D., Massachusetts, United States

Thank you for the time and effort. I used your site quite a bit over the past few months to help decide which vehicles to buy.

Joe T., Arkansas, United States

The site on the whole is great. Really well organized and loaded with information. Keep up the good work!

Tim S., Alabama, United States

Thank you for continuing this site and the work. I've used it a number of times as we have considered vehicle replacement(s), and intend to continue to do so. Great job!

Eoin, Arizona, United States

TrueDelta is a valuable source of information and it is getting better all the time.

Chris C., Texas, United States

Thanks for running the site and pulling all this data together! It's a true service to people doing research on their next car!

John W., Ohio, United States

Congrats on a great site. My wife and I both have our cars registered, and I used it extensively prior to our current purchases.

Jesse C., Illinois, United States

Keep up your excellent work, we recommend your site to friends and relatives.

Trevor, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks for taking all of the effort to make your site so accurate, your work is most appreciated and the data you present is invaluable.

Keith S., New Jersey, United States

Thank you for a wonderful website. I use truedelta constantly to get information.

Rob H., Illinois, United States

Love the site. Extremely useful when comparing to other owners and searching for new car information. Invaluable.

Marco G., New Jersey, United States

Thanks for the great website. We sold the Traverse, but used your website to give us the confidence to try basically the same vehicle again with a 2012 Enclave since it showed improvement each year. So far so good.

Eric G., Michigan, United States

Thanks for keeping these stats. I use them when purchasing new/used vehicles.

Russell F., California, United States

Thanks for all you do, I did consult the True Delta site prior to purchase. This enabled me to see a trend of fewer and fewer issues in the 2012 Outback gen4s third year versus the 2010 model gen4s first year.

Tim J., Georgia, United States

I have a great respect for your serious website and hard work. Thanks for your contribution to my life by making my automotive decisions reasonably simpler!

Glen T., Illinois, United States

I really do appreciate all the hard work you do in order to maintain the info found at TrueDelta - as do countless others, I'm sure!

Ed C., Indiana, United States

Thanks for providing a great service. When I was trying to figure out what to get I got better answers on your site than any other.

Sue A., Minnesota, United States

Awesome attention to detail!

Timothy K., Kentucky, United States

If there's any info you'd like for your research, I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can. TrueDelta is a great resource, and I appreciate being able to access it.

Jeremy W., Montana, United States

Thanks for having such a great tool for car reliability comparisons. I've used it for myself and for friends to help do research. Nobody esle out there does what you do.

Rick R., Florida, United States

Thanks for your hard work. A valued resource for consumers...and enthusiasts like me.

Tim K., Florida, United States

I find your website very informative and helpful in the process of selecting a new car. I will also be sure to list and log my replacement when I get in it!

Jake B., California, United States

I've been a long-time subscriber and participant in TrueDelta, and really appreciate the work your team is putting in as this product expands and evolves. It is interesting to see all of the problem details and overall trending - makes looking at a car purchase a bit more transparent.

Andy S., New Hampshire, United States

I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate the data compilation and personal response you gave me once...I know to you it's probably no big deal... but to a chick who drives hundreds of miles at highway speeds - it was huge.

Holly S., Oklahoma, United States

I appreciate the work you're doing which actually contributed to me purchasing this vehicle.

Ahmed A., Texas, United States

I have come to trust your auto data more than any other source. And, as with the rest of life, trust is the bedrock of all relationships... especially business. So a hearty thanks for your efforts.

Chris H., Wisconsin, United States

Great site! Can't believe I didn't stumble upon it earlier. Nice to hear unbiased reviews of cars long term.

Sean V., Wisconsin, United States

Your fanaticism and dedication are FANTASTIC!

Keith B., Nevada, United States

Your site definitely helped me chose a new car.

Jim C., Minnesota, United States

Congratulations for the success of your webpage. IMO it's the most reliable info for this industry.

Victor T., Districto Federal, Mexico

This is great work you are doing. I as a car owner, and a car buyer in the past, appreciate this!

Vinayak S., Washington, United States