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Cadillac DTS Problems and Repair Histories

Don't infer Cadillac DTS problem frequency from what you see on this page. Many lucky owners have had no repairs, and their cars are not shown.

Percentage of Cadillac DTS repairs by problem area

33% of the Cadillac DTS repairs were to the engine, 2% to the transmission, 14% to the brakes, 14% to the suspension, 33% to the electrical or air-conditioning systems, and 4% to other areas of the vehicle.

Chart based on 57 repairs.

Cadillac DTS repair cost distribution

Of the Cadillac DTS repairs that were not covered by warranty and were not do-it-yourself repairs, 21% cost less than $100, 62% between $100 and $499, and 17% between $500 and $999.

Chart based on 29 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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Repair costs are in local units.

2006 Cadillac DTS 4dr Sedan

291-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic FWD

Cadillac DTS in Georgia, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Mar 2011 48000    
49000 0 Po420 code tripped cel. factory perimeters were set too close. reprogram the cpc. there was a service bul. on this... 
56000 670 H2O2 sensor faulity wheel rim rusted on inside at tire seal,poor quality chrome plating, replaced rim 
58700 56 check engine light on.. DTC 01/02 MAF a circuit low input...dismantled clean the entire area and filter. CEL came on again 2 weeks later.. Replaced MAF per service manual.. 
60000 10 DTC 01/01 MAF Just Replaced this, so cleaned contacts with cleaner (didn't do this when I replaced it) and reset... 
66000 30 scraping noise from rotating wheels. worse in a left turn. replaced right front wheel bearing assy.. 
67000 598 No Start on key turn..Bad ground under the fuse panel under the hood..Seems to be typical problem for GM..but they won't issue a call back...or fix for free 
70300 0 Under engineered engine mounts. Gm. says this is a maintenance item. replace front mount every 20,000 mi. at $1200.00-1500.00 each time..plus the engine needs a reseal $2400.00. a real piece of crap.. Would not recommend this car to anyone.. Bank 1 sensor 1 caused mil. unplugged cleaned with electrical cleaner and plugged back in.. reset light. It has not returned. proper attachments methods would eliminate this problem. this is second time this happened. 

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2006 Cadillac DTS 4dr Sedan

275-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic FWD

Cadillac DTS in Alberta, Canada
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Mar 2011 37820    
41540 0 Set code of minor vac leak...Gas cap not sealing replaced at my expense. Fixed parking sensors started beeping and lights flashing while driving past 3 months. Too expensive to fix...removed fuse, problem solved. 
42780 1400 Heated cooled seats failed third time in one year !!!! Dealer fix module that overheats and melts connector. parking sensors shorted Removed clearcoat paint covering half one rear parking sensor with sandpaper. Re-painted a light coat of silver and now park sensors work. 
43800 75 Changed winter tires and rotated. Rt. frt. sensor not able to be set in new position Need new sensor. 
45260 65 Right rear TPMS sensor failed (rt front failed 30 days before). Changed at Tire store to see if aftermarket sensors last longer. GM sensors seem to last about 12 to 18 months! 
47740 70 replace another TPMS unit right front 
Cadillac DTS in Virginia, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Jul 2011 67000    
68000 700 Replaced both Valve cover gaskets. Replaced front motor mount 
Cadillac DTS in Ontario, Canada
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Mar 2011 36580    
37820 200 Seat heaters and coolers not working. Paid for diagnosis. Dealer didn't explain how it could be repaired very well. He only said it would cost a lot to reapair. About $900.00 
44640 689 Front brakes needed to be replaced. Tire pressure monitoring system not working. 
Cadillac DTS in Michigan, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Mar 2011 71000    
71000 0 Bad wheel bearings. Dealer replaced left hub. Temperature gauge kept going in the red dealer bled system problem fix. 
74000 900 Headlights flicker then eventually one or both will go out. 

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