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2004 Chevrolet Malibu repairs by problem area

Engine (25%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (4%)

Brakes and Traction Control (8%)

Suspension and Steering (31%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (20%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (5%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on 157 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu.

2004 Chevrolet Malibu repair cost distribution

$2500+ (2%)

$1000 - $2499 (6%)

$500 - $999 (19%)

$100 - $499 (63%)

< $100 (10%)

Chart based on 52 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2004 Chevrolet Malibu

Engine not specified

Chevrolet Malibu in Ontario, Canada
Sep 2014 - Feb 2015
Sep 2014

116560 mi

C $350
Replaced Alternator & Battery Gm had a recall on the electrical power steering, took it in. Even after the fix, car still losses its power steering sometimes. Very, very dangerous. 
Chevrolet in Alabama, United States
Sep 2008 - Mar 2010
Oct 2008

51000 mi

US $200
CD stuck in the CD-rom. Rear mirror broken. 
Dec 2008

54000 mi

US $200
Both remote are not working. Changed to new ones for 100$ each with 50$ labor. 

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2004 Chevrolet Malibu 4dr Sedan

200-horsepower 3.5L V6 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Chevrolet Malibu in Illinois, United States
Mar 2012 - Jan 2017
Feb 2015

47500 mi
Frequent knocking noise while steering 
Jan 2017

59000 mi

US $10
Check engine light went on. Auto parts store read code and indicated that the cooling system thermostat was likely stuck open. Replaced the thermostat myself and the problem was resolved. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Wisconsin, United States
Jul 2013 - Sep 2014
Dec 2013

140000 mi
The entire right side is a good 2 inches than the left. Haven't been able to get it fixed yet. The electric seat on the drivers had a weld fail so the seat can no longer be adjusted at all. If you try to adjust it the left side of the seat will not move at all. I have placed a seat cushion on the seat so I can drive. There is some sort of issue with the directionals as the bulbs are constantly blowing. I've finally given up and drive without them. Sometimes the electric locks work, sometimes they don't. At this point I'm just wondering if the electrical system is going to catch fire. I've named my car Christine! 
Chevrolet Malibu in California, United States
Feb 2012 - Oct 2015
Aug 2012

104000 mi

US $57
Center High Mounted Stop Lamp burned out. The entire unit needs to be replaced, including lens, circuit board with 5 LEDs, and plastic housing with gasket attached. 
Dec 2012

106000 mi

US $140
Check Engine Light was illuminated due to error code indicating failing thermostat. Thermostat was stuck open. Replaced thermostat. Check Engine Light also stored EGR error code. EGR valve was replaced about a year ago and was tested and found to be working. Cleaned EGR system and valve and reinstalled. No further codes found. 
Nov 2013

115000 mi
Check Engine Light gave EGR Insufficient Flow code. Tested all components to be working. Removed throttle body and thoroughly clean all passages per TSB. 
Oct 2015

131000 mi
Transmission shuddered and shifted hard between 1st-2nd gears and 3rd-4th gears. My theory is that initial damage was done when a dealer changed the trans fluid at 50K, didn't install the pan gasket correctly, resulting in a long term leak. 
Chevrolet Malibu in New York, United States
Jul 2011 - Mar 2016
Aug 2011

126000 mi

US $280
Left Front Wheel bearing crapped out slowly and noisily. Replacement from NAPA did not fit but only barely so it took about 2 hours to figure out what was going on. Finally got it sorted by end of day. Fine now Rear sway bar bushings have been shot for a year leading to major clunkage over bumps at low speed. $20 and two hours fixed it perfectly. Very satisfying. HORRIFIC clunking when turning the steering at low speeds. After years of replacing expensive steering parts, figured out that you just have to smear grease on the steering column spline every 6 months or so and it stops completely... 
Oct 2011

131000 mi

US $6
Dimmer switch for dash lights crapped out after a long slow decline. $6 part, 5 minute fix. :-) 
Nov 2011

132500 mi

US $136
Rough idle. Check engine light eventually came on and code was mis-fire on cyl 1. Decided to try replacing coil assembly. This fixed it. 
Dec 2011

134000 mi

US $109
Battery failed suddenly and left car stranded. Jump start was successful and 4 year old battery was replaced by owner the next day. 
Jan 2012

138000 mi

US $112
Engine warning light came on with no other symptoms. Code indicated "low engine temperature condition". Replaced Thermostat, problem solved. 
Jun 2014

158000 mi

US $390
Muffler and exhaust pipe rusted and were leaking. Previously replaced just 3 years ago. The original lasted 7 years! I guess the aftermarket parts really are inferior. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Wisconsin, United States
Aug 2014 - Mar 2015
Mar 2015

177000 mi
Radiator issues and blown head gasket. Not worth fixing. Also needed a new exhaust. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Virginia, United States
- Nov 2006
Nov 2006

53000 mi

US $357
Body Control Module Replacement - Heater did not work. Vehicle was in the shop for 1 business day. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Wisconsin, United States
- Aug 2007
Mar 2007

35000 mi
Replaced Rack&Pinion Steering Assembly 
Aug 2007

44000 mi
Replaced Steering Column 
Chevrolet Malibu in Florida, United States
Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
Nov 2016

197700 mi

US $200
Left rear brake caliper replacment Power steering EPS issue recall recall, brake lights malfunction transmission shift cable fracture recall 
Chevrolet Malibu in Missouri, United States
Apr 2013 - Jun 2016
Jun 2015

68000 mi

US $180
Brake light switch sticking. Replaced switch. 
Aug 2015

68700 mi

US $750
Replaced all rotors and pads. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Minnesota, United States
May 2011 - Sep 2013
Jun 2011

124000 mi

US $575
Replaced passenger and driver lower control arms. Replaced 2 tires on front end. 
Jul 2012

151300 mi

US $2750
replace starter 
Chevrolet Malibu in Nebraska, United States
Dec 2011 - May 2013
Jan 2012

69000 mi
Security system and key fob malfunction. Dealer said it was a problem with these cars & couldn't do anything except order me a new fob ($125.00) and reprogram it ($35.00) 
Feb 2012

69500 mi
I took my fob to a friend who does soldering . He put a drop of solder on it, let it cool, and it worked again. When it becomes sluggish I pop open the fob and very carefully buff off the contacts. 
Jun 2012

72000 mi
The car was loping when the brakes were applied. The repair needed was determined to be turning the rotors. Shop said it could be driven in this condition and was not dangerous - so still driving it with loping brakes. Gas guage does not read accurately. Goes to empty after tank filled. 
May 2013

75000 mi
The gas gauge was never repaired, bc estimated $600. I reset mileage B whenever I put gas into the tank, multiplied gallons by 18 (which seemed safe) and kept a post-it with remaining miles noted each day. This problem did make selling difficult. Windshield rattle. Other owners I talked to had both this and the gas gauge and brake problems. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Ontario, Canada
May 2009 - Mar 2014
Sep 2009

58280 mi
Replaced intermediate shaft to fix clunk in steering. 
Dec 2010

71300 mi

C $200
The right axle was leaking, I saw it wet but condition must have been there for months or even a year, might have been from hitting something. 
Oct 2012

79760 mi
Ignition switch replaced 
Chevrolet Malibu in Wisconsin, United States
Sep 2008 - Mar 2010
Mar 2009

88000 mi
Leaky transmission pan gasket. 
Chevrolet Malibu in California, United States
Sep 2003 - Sep 2016
Nov 2003

1000 mi
Radio loosing presets. Radio replaced 
Feb 2004

3000 mi
Rear fender loose. Replaced clips 
Mar 2006 right blinker has rapid flash. Replaced bulbs 
Sep 2008

31000 mi

US $90
Check engine light on. Replaced fuse in trunk 
Jun 2009

34000 mi

US $170
Trunk latch broke, replaced by mechanic 
Sep 2009

35000 mi

US $250
Replaced trunk latch (second time) 
Oct 2010

43000 mi

US $375
Heater did not work, replaced the heater door actuator. 
Dec 2010

45000 mi
Noise in suspension when going over speed bumps. Mechanic could not find anything wrong, just lubed and tightened what he could. 
Jul 2012

53300 mi

US $77
Replace right side headlight module 
Oct 2012

54300 mi

US $85
Power steering stopped working. Then was OK after re-starting the car. Mechanic could not find the problem. 
Oct 2014

63300 mi
replaced a sensor 
Chevrolet Malibu in Connecticut, United States
Sep 2010 - Sep 2016
Feb 2011

71000 mi

US $115
Knock / clunk from front-end steering at low speed (or even while parked). Dealer mis-diagnosed as bad ball-joint and inner-tie rod (it's the common intermediate steering shaft issue). Will do repair myself. Cost was for diagnostic fee. 
Apr 2011

72000 mi

US $1000
Replace struts, shocks, lower control arms, sway bar links and bushings. Upgraded to lowering springs. 
Jun 2014

94000 mi

US $400
Installed new springs, front & rear to replace lowering springs. New upper strut mounts (w/bearings), rear sway bar links and bushings. Alignment. Installed parts myself 
Apr 2015

100500 mi

US $374
Replaced exhaust y-pipe. I purchased part and had it installed at a local garage where my friend is the shop manager. I received a discount on the labor. Other shops quoted over $600 Replaced all 4 rotors and pads. Pads were replaced for free under limited lifetime warranty from Advance Auto. Replaced 1 brake caliper. Flushed brake fluid. Repairs completed myself. 
Oct 2015

104700 mi

US $500
Passenger-side brake flex-hose collapsed locking brake on. Brake overheated ruining rotor, pads, caliper and wheel bearing on passenger side. Replaced parts ruined and also replaced remaining brake hoses. 
May 2016

109300 mi

US $400
Rear Control Arms replaced due to bad bushings. Upper, Lower, Trailing and Lateral control arms. 

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2004 Chevrolet Malibu 4dr Sedan

145-horsepower 2.2L I4 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Chevrolet Malibu in Pennsylvania, United States
Nov 2012 - Nov 2012
Nov 2012

166000 mi

US $400
I had an alternator put in. In July I had a rarities and pump put in. The car needs a lot more work. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Ontario, Canada
Apr 2010 - Jun 2011
May 2010

79670 mi
camshaft or crankshaft sensor replaced because car was stalling out on engine disabled while driving.While driving the car would shut down and I would have to restart. 
Jun 2010

79980 mi

C $215
Flexible piece in the exhaust line before the resonator broke and they had to weld a new piece inline and guarantee for 1 year at Canadian Tire.They could not locate exact part and welded a piece in line. 
Oct 2010

83700 mi

C $260
Chevrolet Malibu in Nova Scotia, Canada
Mar 2013 - Feb 2016
Mar 2014

62000 mi
electric steering going and knuckle on steering also new tie-rod end 
Chevrolet Malibu in Ontario, Canada
Oct 2012 - Dec 2015
Nov 2012

91420 mi

C $200
Thermostat required replacement 
Jan 2013

93780 mi

C $380
Power trunk latch failed and key latch was seized. 
Jul 2013

101860 mi

C $850
Replaced stabilizer end links Replaced control arm and bushing assembly 
Sep 2015

110360 mi

C $400
Catalytic converter plugged and had to be changed 
Dec 2015

110360 mi

C $350
Exhaust rotten from front to back. Had to be replaced 
Chevrolet Malibu in Ontario, Canada
Jan 2016 - Jan 2016
Jan 2016

176700 mi

C $1400
Seized calipers on rear brakes, leading to excessive wear on front brakes. Required replacing rear calipers. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Indiana, United States
May 2016 - Jun 2016
Jun 2016

157000 mi
Had rebuilt engine 3 times before. Will not do it again. This car was scrapped. 

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2004 Chevrolet Malibu 4dr Hatch

200-horsepower 3.5L V6 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Chevrolet Malibu in Michigan, United States
Sep 2008 - Nov 2015
Jan 2009

60000 mi

US $142
Transmission shifting problem, solved by adding transmission fluid and possibly resetting shift points. 
May 2011

84000 mi
Steering Universal Joint, not repaired, told "There's a TSB on this - see your dealer" 
Aug 2011

87500 mi

US $645
Replaced steering assembly 
Apr 2012

100000 mi

US $150
brake cylinder replaced during a regular pad/rotor change at 97000 
Dec 2012

113000 mi

US $100
Exhaust, replaced muffler 
May 2013

120000 mi

US $530
Replaced right front bearing Replaced both front tie rods 
Chevrolet Malibu in Indiana, United States
May 2015 - Dec 2016
Jul 2016

100000 mi

US $12
Fault Code P046 - Evap Emission system fault Replaced Fuel Cap Reset fault 
Aug 2016

100000 mi

US $285
Fault Code P046 - Evap Emission system fault Replaced Evap vent valve. Headlight lenses yellowed and fogged. Replaced both headlamps with OE GM parts. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Ohio, United States
Dec 2008 - Mar 2010
Jan 2009

47000 mi
The passenger side sunvisor was not properly installed so I had to take the car back to be reserviced. 
Mar 2009

49000 mi
I have been driving the car and noticed a noise coming from the dash. It was constant while cruising and was getting louder. While the car was in the shop they noticed steering issues. The noise went away after fixing them but it keeps coming back. When turning the steering wheel a clunk could be heard from the front end. The mechanic checked it out & found the intermediate shaft and both lower control arms were bad. They replaced all parts and the clunk went away. 
Chevrolet Malibu in New Brunswick, Canada
- Jul 2007
Feb 2005

6871 mi
Adjust LH door striker and hinges - warranty 
Mar 2005

10392 mi
Noise still heard in rear suspension - unable to determine 
Apr 2005

12008 mi
Installed new steering column - warranty Noise still heard in rear suspension - still unable to determine. 
Sep 2005

17586 mi
Replace RR seat recliner handle - warranty 
Dec 2005

22014 mi
Noise in rear suspension found! - turned out to be fuel filler neck rubbing on car frame. All gauges would not work after starting car, but resumed operation after stopping and restarting - dealer unable to duplicate the problem. 
Mar 2006

25485 mi
Car wanders on the road at highway speeds - unable to find problem. Pulsation/shaking in steering when braking - front and rear rotors turned down. Replace RH Inner tie rod end - warranty 
Jul 2006

29256 mi
Electronic shift selection not working - wire broken under shift console - warranty. There is a noticable slackness and knock in the steering - response - GM currently working on cure for this issue. 
Oct 2006

33582 mi
Panic alarm will sound on its own - replaced hood latch - warranty Check engine light on - installed new thermostat - warranty Clunk in steering when turning - installed new steering gear - warranty 
Mar 2007

42426 mi

C $1009
New brake pads and rotors, front and rear - Fuel injection service - Knocking in steering - replaced steering shaft 
Apr 2007

43396 mi

C $487
Howling noise in front end - Installed new RH front hub assembly. 
Jul 2007

47558 mi

C $2020
Rattle in steering column - installed new steering column #3 !!! Install new LH & Rh front Ball Joint & Control Arm assemblies. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Pennsylvania, United States
- Jun 2006
Oct 2005

2000 mi
power steering unit (electric) failed and was replaced 
Jun 2006

8000 mi
power seat motor failed and was replaced. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Tennessee, United States
Sep 2008 - Nov 2014
Oct 2008

41000 mi

US $20
Long starting problem. 
Aug 2013

74700 mi

US $300
Purge solenoid value replace. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Pennsylvania, United States
May 2009 - Mar 2010
Jun 2009

65000 mi
Clunking in steering column 
Chevrolet Malibu in Florida, United States
Dec 2006 - Jan 2012
Jun 2006

15700 mi
Replaced accessory drive belt (Was slipping) Replaced fuel tank. (tank has collapsed and could only be filled 3/4 with gas 
Jul 2006

17400 mi
Replaced DVD player (Was skipping) 
Aug 2006

19000 mi
Replaced driver side sunshade. Replaced 2nd seat folding release handle (Plastic cracked) 
Sep 2007

32500 mi
Lube intermediate steering shaft Replace radio control button steering wheel Replace rear hatch release actuator Replace rear hatch struts Reprogram ECU to cure hot start issue 
Jan 2008

39513 mi
Replace intermediate steering shaft. Clunking noise 
Nov 2008

51000 mi
Replace both front lower control arms Replace fuel pump. Hot starting issue. 
Jun 2009

58500 mi

US $5
Replace tail light bulbs 
Oct 2009

58700 mi

US $1488
Replace driver seat frame. (Welds cracked) Replace intermediate steering shaft Replace windshield washer pump 
Jan 2012

92000 mi

US $1900
A/C compressor replaced, bearings started whining Replaced RR caliper due to leak Replace power driver seat adjuster switch 
Chevrolet Malibu in Nova Scotia, Canada
Oct 2011 - Sep 2012
Nov 2011

122760 mi

C $250
Replaced wheel bearing 
Mar 2012

127720 mi
CEL on but unknown cause; no discernable issues with driveability etc. 
Jun 2012

130200 mi

C $300
Right front wheel bearing replaced. Indy mechanic has said similar year Malibus and Impala's go through wheel bearings frequently. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Ohio, United States
Nov 2010 - Dec 2016
Dec 2010

92000 mi

US $397
Roaring noise over 35 mph in front of car. Replaced left front wheel bearing with new Timken hub assembly. Cost was half labor, half part. 
Apr 2011

94300 mi

US $146
Car would lose power, engine light came on with codes P2101, P0120, P0220, P1516, P2135. Decided problem was throttle body. Dealer wanted $300 for part. Bought ACDelco Part 217-2295 on Amazon.com for $146. Installed new part. Problem solved 
Dec 2011

99000 mi

US $5
Replaced failed engine coolant temperature sensor. Preventive maintenance was replacement of water pump, thermostat, engine drive belt, coolant, radiator hoses. 
Dec 2013

115000 mi

US $232
Broken left rear spring, worn rear shocks. Replaced rear springs, shocks. 
Aug 2014

119300 mi

US $225
Replaced both failing CV axles. 
Feb 2015

123000 mi

US $200
Replaced front left and right lower control arms. Cost included $145 for both control arms and $55 for an alignment. 
Jul 2015

126000 mi
Malibu Recall 14152 trans shift cable, replaced rack and pinion, set front toe, spec policy 14327 
Oct 2015

131700 mi

US $90
Rust hole in muffler 
Feb 2016

136000 mi

US $100
Rusted out exhaust flex pipe 
Apr 2016

137000 mi

US $53
CarMD code: O2 sensor Bank 1 [rear cylinders] Sensor 1 [upstream of converter]. Replaced both upstream O2 sensors with Denso 234-4668 purchased on Amazon. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Virginia, United States
Sep 2008 - Dec 2011
Dec 2011

188000 mi
replaced fuel injectors. One was faulty (partially clogged), but I replaced them all as I got a deal on a set from eBay. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Illinois, United States
Feb 2009 - Dec 2016
May 2011

56000 mi

US $740
New rotors and pads on 4 wheel disk brakes. 
Jan 2015

102000 mi
Flushed cooling system, replaced hoses and new water pump installed. Water pump was leaking coolant. 
Feb 2016

114000 mi
Installed new front and rear brake pads and rotors. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Virginia, United States
Feb 2009 - Jun 2013
Mar 2009

142000 mi

US $340
Replaced right front tire rod 
Sep 2009

154000 mi

US $584
leaking right rear caliper required replacement 
Jul 2010

167000 mi

US $335
Replaced inner and upper right front tie rods, along with 4 new tires. Inner rod worn, upper rod frozen in place and had to be cut in order to remove inner tie rod. 
Feb 2011

179000 mi

US $195
Replaced leaking transmission pan gasket, filter, and transmission flush 
Mar 2013

228000 mi

US $200
Alternator completely failed. 
May 2013

228000 mi

US $500
Radiator had hole in the bottom. 
Chevrolet Malibu in Illinois, United States
Mar 2014 - Mar 2015
Feb 2015

152700 mi
Recall related 
Chevrolet Malibu in Michigan, United States
Jan 2006 - Mar 2010
Aug 2006

45000 mi
Rack & pinion replaced, under warranty (noted before 36,000). Front end was making 'bump' noise when turning steering wheel. 
Mar 2007

55000 mi

US $166
Front end again had 'bump' noise when turning steering wheel. Out of warranty, GM picked up about 50% of repair cost. 
Feb 2009

97000 mi
Front end clunking, started at 36k, repaired 4 times now with different parts, last repair at 92k. 

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