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2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser repairs by problem area

Engine (38%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (7%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (26%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (19%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (3%)

Other (2%)

Chart based on 151 repairs.

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser repair cost distribution

$2500+ (3%)

$1000 - $2499 (13%)

$500 - $999 (17%)

$100 - $499 (55%)

< $100 (11%)

Chart based on 87 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4dr Wagon

150-horsepower 2.4L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

Chrysler PT Cruiser in Ontario, Canada
Jan 2009 - Sep 2015
Mar 2009

43400 mi

C $250
Front wheel bearing 
Oct 2010

67580 mi

C $300
servo for cruise control 
Oct 2011

78120 mi
lower control arm bushing, reprogramed flash memory 
Feb 2013

97340 mi

C $300
replaced both front sway bar links 
Jul 2013

106200 mi
growling noise from wheel bearing 
May 2014

117800 mi

C $700
car would vibrate at 85 km/h to 100km/h, tire balancing and rotation did not stop problem, worn right axle CV joint found - solved the problem 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Connecticut, United States
Feb 2008 - Oct 2013
Mar 2009

92000 mi
Faulty Starter. I would have paid to have it replaced but the dealer (my father) fixed it for me and did not charge me anything. 
Apr 2009

94000 mi

US $325
Radiator Started to gush coolant after a slow leak was detected and not further identified. 
Jun 2011

109000 mi
EGR solenoid control circuit malfunction, Part ordered will report price once fixed 
Jul 2011

109229 mi

US $285
EGR solenoid control circuit malfunction, Part replaced. 
Oct 2011

110000 mi

US $1760
Timing belt broke while on the highway. Car was un-drivable. Timing belt kit was installed. Also sway bar links, front brake pads and rotors.  
Sep 2012

130000 mi

US $127
Exhaust Manifold disconnected from the muffler. 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Alaska, United States
Mar 2002 - Apr 2010
Jul 2002

200 mi
Faulty A/C fixed. Apparently an "O" ring was installed wrong which let the refrigerant escape. 
Aug 2002

300 mi
Unknown component of steering system replaced. Car was gradually pulling more and more to the right. Dealer claimed there was a defective part. Car was at dealership for approximately one week (mostly waiting for parts). 
Nov 2002

600 mi
Windshield replaced. Weather strip around glass would curl away from car when below freezing. This allowed gravel(!) to collect. Dealer asked if rear window was leaking at the time, which it was not. 
Dec 2003

1700 mi
Approximate date and mileage. Instrument cluster replaced while trying to determine source of electrical drain that kills battery. The battery was replaced around the same time. 
May 2004

2200 mi

US $100
Approximate date and mileage. Factory cruise control was added by the dealer. Required computer update. Install and performance are as if the car came with it from the factory. 
Jul 2004

2400 mi
Approximate date and mileage. Rear left window regulator replaced due to squeeling sound while window is being lowered in warm weather. Other users reported that both rear windows do this, but the dealer wouldn't replace both because the right window was 
May 2008

30000 mi
Checking in. Six years of ownership. Need to take car in for multiple warranty repairs. A/C hasn't worked for years. Strange exterior rattle from right rear wheel. Some indications of rust under paint, not that this can be fixed. (Road salt is rare in thi 
Apr 2009

36000 mi

US $100
Bad "O" ring on high pressure inlet. Used dye in system to locate leak after two weeks of running A/C. Right rear window regulator replaced due to squeaking and creaking sounds. Still makes same noises. Rear shocks rattling like cans in a bag. Replaced and noise is mostly corrected. 
Jun 2009

36000 mi

US $130
What was thought to be rattling shocks during previous warranty repair turned out to be rattling rear brake pads. Replaced pads and cheap, warped rotors. Finally smooth stopping and no rattling. Did the repair myself...out of warranty. 
Apr 2010

42000 mi

US $65
Replaced MAP sensor. Original sensor had been failing, causing engine to surge when warm. 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Texas, United States
Dec 2008 - Jul 2010
Jan 2009

147000 mi
Electric fan motor not working -- checked and is burned out. Also had to have plug reattached under car. Connector is broken -- original connector, 6 years old. 
Aug 2009

167000 mi

US $300
cooling fan had to be replaced. $150 labor plus parts 
Sep 2009

173000 mi

US $55
new cooling fan failed and had to be replaced. Fan was covered under the LLR warranty from Advance Auto Parts, but had to get replacement from NAPA in DFW area. Labor may have been covered, but too complicated to file for it. 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2008 - Jun 2011
Jul 2008

51460 mi

C $60
Front electric windows intermittently not working; replaced with part from junkyard. 
Jan 2009

57660 mi

C $700
Clunk from front suspension; 1 lower ball joint plus front shocks replaced. 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Nova Scotia, Canada
Feb 2008 - Mar 2010
Mar 2008

90520 mi

C $1100
Dealer diagnosed catalytic converter failure. Would not cover under emmissions warranty (over milage) Dealer price was way too high, so I took it to an independent mechanic. Replaced the catalytic converter and had a performance cat-back exhaust system installed for the same price the Dealer wanted to replace just the catalytic converter. 
Nov 2008

97340 mi

C $5300
Transmission completely blown, got it rebuilt from scratch. Engine mount replaced and sepertine belt Front control arm bushings replaced. 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Alabama, United States
Feb 2008 - Apr 2015
Mar 2008

88000 mi

US $1200
Timing belt broke while exiting the interstate. No other damage was reported. Timing belt, idler pully, tensioner, and tensioner arm were replaced. The idler pully, tensioner and tensioner arm were replaced as routine maintenance. 
May 2010

120000 mi

US $535
TCM was defective and replaced. Dealer had to do it since it had to be programmed for the vehicle. 
Aug 2010

132000 mi

US $100
Replaced radiator fan. Bought the housing and fan assembly. The high speed part of the fan quit working causing the car to overheat when sitting idle. Problem was resolved by replacing the radiator fan. 
Jan 2011

139000 mi

US $250
Upper torque strut was completely broken. The owner ordered a new one and replaced it. Believe that this also caused the exhaust manifold to crack. It was also replaced. 
Aug 2011

146300 mi

US $100
Power steering high pressure line o-ring failed. Owner also found a stabalizer bar bushing had failed and was also replaced. The work was done at a local shop. 
Sep 2011

147000 mi

US $100
Scrubbing sound coming from rear driver side wheel. The self adjuster for the drum brake broke and the spring was scraping the drum. New self adjuster kit was installed by a local shop. 
Jan 2013

165300 mi

US $200
Shift cable broke, the sleeve closest to the cable. Moisture might have gotten in and caused it to rust or gunk up. Increasingly hard to shift, then stuck. Also noticed that both upper and lower motor mounts were broken again. 
Jul 2013

168000 mi

US $1050
The PCM went out. Car died while driving it, and it would not start. I thought the timing belt had broken, but it was fine. The computer was around $700 and the labor to program and install the computer was around $300. 
Nov 2013

170000 mi

US $80
Tensioner Pulley seized up and the serpentine belt broke because of it. 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Wisconsin, United States
Feb 2008 - Jun 2009
Nov 2008

62000 mi

US $178
Lower right ball joint worn. 
Dec 2008

63000 mi

US $200
Right front sway bar bushings replaced and right front wheel bearing(s) replaced. 
Feb 2009

66000 mi

US $80
Spark plugs replaced / Throttle body cleaned 
Chrysler PT Cruiser in Michigan, United States
Feb 2006 - Sep 2011
Sep 2006

52237 mi

US $509
Replaced all four chrome alloy wheels because corrosion around the valve stems caused them to lose 5-7 PSI per day. Chrysler picked up half of the tab. 
Oct 2006

53186 mi

US $1690
Torque converter fails, taking the transmission pump with it. 
Sep 2007

61427 mi

US $585
Front calipers (because pads very unevenly worn).  Front control arm bushings. 
Mar 2008

69000 mi
Front left wheel bearing replaced. Horn was not working. Replaced horn. Transmission solenoid pack was leaking fluid, had to be replaced. After returning from the previous repair trip, the suspension was making a loud popping noise around turns, which continued to get worse. Shop found loose bolt in suspenion, supposedly unrelated to wheel bearing repair. 
May 2008

71000 mi

US $290
Replaced radiator cap because seal not working, and coolant low. Right front wheel bearing replaced. 
Jun 2008

71722 mi

US $88
Recharged A/C. 
Oct 2008

75000 mi

US $250
Warning light came on again, indicating coolant was sometimes low. Shop found small crack in thermostat housing, replaced housing and (as preventative maintenance) the thermostat. The thermostat is difficult to access; most of the cost was for labor. 
Apr 2009

79139 mi

US $89
Replaced both outer tie-rod ends. A/C not blowing cold. No freon. Shop charged with freon, with dye. Will take it back later to locate leak. 
Sep 2009

84000 mi

US $450
Pads and rotors, all four wheels. 
Feb 2010

88821 mi

US $125
One front stabilizer bar link broken, other one badly bent. Replaced links on both sides. 
Jun 2010

92000 mi

US $170
Horn replaced for the second time. Recharged AC. Included dye to identify leak. Wheels replaced three years ago have corroded like those before them. Shop cleaned up corrosion, which slowed but did not stop air leaks around the tire bead. 
Aug 2010

93000 mi

US $400
A/C hose assembly leaking, replaced. Part fairly expensive because only OEM available. 
Nov 2010

93000 mi

US $85
A/C not working again. Compressor not coming on. Found corroded limit switch and cleaned it. Also recharged freon. 

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2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4-door

4-cylinder manual 2WD

Chrysler PT Cruiser in Great Britain
Feb 2008 - Jun 2011
Feb 2009

74000 mi

Track rod end on the steering rack badly worn Bushes on the front suspension wishbones badly worn and were "knocking" Have replaced all the bushes on the car with polyurethane upgrades 
Jun 2009

78000 mi

Both rear shock absorbers had failed, leaking fluid badly and offered no resistance to shocks at all. Replaced with new gas ones 
Oct 2010

89000 mi

Ball joint on the front suspension wishbone had failed, replaced with a new one 

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