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2007 Ford Explorer Repair Histories

57 TrueDelta members own (or used to own) a 2007 Ford Explorer. 28 of these members (49.1%) have reported repairs for their car. A total of 77 repairs to 2007 Ford Explorers--an average of 1.4 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently 2007 Ford Explorer problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Percentage of 2007 Ford Explorer repairs by problem area

Chart based on 77 repairs.

2007 Ford Explorer repair cost distribution

Chart based on 35 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2007 Ford Explorer 4dr SUV

292-horsepower 4.6L V8 6-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

Ford Explorer in Ohio, United States
Apr 2009 - Jun 2014
37000 mi US $50 power running board frozen and motor burned up 
46000   rear wiper motor replaced 
64300   Bad alternator, producing intermittent charging problem. Have to wait till Aug 1 to receive a replacement alternator..apparent shortage of cores 
65000   Replace sway bar link and set of tires. 
70000   Ac hose 
76000   Replace alternator that was replaced 9 mths ago, still under warranty 
Ford Explorer in Michigan, United States
Jun 2009 - Apr 2013
55000 mi US $400 RR Left Front Wheel Bearing assembly 

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2007 Ford Explorer 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 4.0L V6 5-speed automatic RWD

Ford Explorer in Texas, United States
Feb 2011 - Mar 2014
29000 mi US $50 Low on antifreeze. Checked for leaks and found none. Flushed cooling system and put in new antifreeze. 
35000   engine dampner fell off - covered under warranty.  Radiator is bad - not covered under warranty. 
54000   Thermostat housing gasket failed. The part failed close to home and was able to repair in my garage. Would not have been able to drive for another week. 

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2007 Ford Explorer 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 4.0L V6 5-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

Ford Explorer in Oregon, United States
Nov 2010 - Mar 2014
52000 mi US $240 Replaced both struts due to one going bad. Not covered under warranty.  
Ford Explorer in Maryland, United States
Jan 2011 - Nov 2011
87000 mi US $750 replace right tie rod replace front right wheel bearing 
98000   housing over thermostat cracked allowing slow leak of coolant 
Ford Explorer in Michigan, United States
Aug 2010 - Dec 2014
97000 mi US $40 Horn not working - fuse replaced. 
100000   Rear wiper motor stopped working, slowing stroke first, until it gradually stopped moving. Wiper motor replaced for rear window. 
105000   Front wheel bearing hubs getting noisy, need replacement. Rears also need replacing, but will wait until next summer. 
107000   Rear wheel bearings needed replacing. The bearings on these vehicles usually go about 75K. Mine went to a little over 100K. Replaced in January earlier than I was originally planning. 
124500   Dealer replaced the ignition switch and tumbler. When vehicle was turned off but key left in the accessory position - touching the key resulted in the drivers seat moving out of position as if the key had been removed. Rear window wiper motor stopped working. The arm froze in position. 
134700   Thermostat housing developed a slow leak. OEM part is made of PLASTIC! Repair takes about an hour. Replacement part I bought is made of metal - replacing the lower portion now and will reuse the plastic upper for now. 
141000   Replaced another driver side front bearing (hub unit). This unit lasted just 40k miles and was supposed to be an OEM part. This time I replaced with a Timken hub from Amazon. Cheaper and looks like a good quality part. 
Ford Explorer in Illinois, United States
Mar 2009 - Nov 2013
22000 mi US $56 Front tire was loosing air. Dealer found the tire valve was leaking and replaced valve. 
56000   Coolant leak at the thermostat. Replaced gasket and fixed the coolant leak. 
85000   Front driver side wheel bearing noisy. replaced as a wheel hub assembly. 
Ford Explorer in Ontario, Canada
Mar 2009 - Jun 2014
37200 mi   Rear wiper motor stopped working 
50600 C $2700 3rd row electric "stow" seats would not raise/lower. Some form of latch needed to be replaced on both seats. 
92600   Right rear stabilizer had disconnected 
Ford Explorer in New York, United States
Aug 2010 - Nov 2012
33000 mi US $700 Driver side front wheel bearing replaced 
51000   wheel Hub Assembly / Wheel Bearing Right Upper Control Arm Replaced Replaced Both Lower Ball Joints 

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